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402-935-7733: Paypal or Scammer Calling?

Once you’ve read our call report below, learn how to block this number and prevent it from calling again.

Call Report for (402) 935-7733

Legitimate Call?
Caller ID
Lincoln, Nebraska USA
Call Report Details
Calls received from users are typically for the purpose of verifying potentially suspicious activity in the users Paypal account. On the Paypal user agreement page this number is listed in section 12: "Unauthorized Transactions" as their Customer Service phone number. However, it is possible for callers to spoof this number, so your Caller ID may show this number when in fact it is not Paypal.
Call Notes
While this is a legitimate call, many calls you receive will not be. As a rule of thumb, you should never give out personal or sensitive information over the telephone. We've received many reports from readers that this phone number, 402-935-7733, has been referenced on fraudulent credit card charge line items, fraudulent e-mails spoofed to look like they're coming from PayPal, etc.
Other Numbers Used by This Caller
Phone Number Variations
  • (402) 935-7733
  • 4029357733
  • 1-402-935-7733
  • 14029357733


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  • Tinker Belle

    I just noticed a $40.27 charge on my Credit Card Statement. I remember making the purchase on FB back in September. However, I never received it. This link has been helpful so I could file a dispute with my Credit Card Company.

  • beachmama

    CAUTION ~ CHECK YOUR CC BILLS CAREFULLY! I have a charge for $50.98 with a legitimate business that I purchase from but with this phone number. I did place an order but never received the items. I’ve contacted the seller a few times with not response. I’ve done business with this seller for years so it’s odd not to get a response. I have no choice but to now dispute the charge. Reading all of your comments has me think that it’s not just that my product was lost but that it’s a scam. I show the charge on my credit card bill but there is no record of the charge on my PayPal account . . . very odd . . .

  • This is an official PayPal site in Nebraska. They call to verify transactions made on your account and they use an automated system that cannot leave a voicemail message because it’s not programmed to do so. I just got off the phone with PayPal and they verified the number as one of theirs and there is no need for any alarm. They are just verifying transactions for your safety and they will do so periodically and if there is an “out of norm” expense against your account their computer algorithms generate as “strange”. It’s for your protection people…. Add the number to your phone as “PayPal” and you will not be alarmed when it appears.

  • evan1138

    And yet — we just got a cc charge from paypal with this phone number.
    Couldn’t remember, didn’t find a receipt in our email, etc. FINALLY
    remembered what the charge was for, and checked everything and it was
    LEGIT! And we’d gotten the merch in good order. And the vendor even
    stated what the cc bill item would look like and it matched, though they
    did not supply the phone number. Thoroughly confused by not defrauded.

  • MH

    Just spoke to PayPal and they confirmed that the 4029357733 number is not associated with the company and not to disclose any information because it is fraudulent. I got the calls two times in a row immediately following a transaction I made. I had no issues with my transaction and Paypal filed a report that the fraud was occurring… They recommended ONLY using 888-221-1161 for Customer Service issues. Scary thing is that if you call the 402 number back the intro recording is IDENTICAL to the actual PayPal intro recording.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for sharing this valuable information. It’s insight like this that makes A Secure Life what it is: a resource for all things security. When our community works together, we are able to share information to best keep everyone secure. We’re sorry that you dealt with this fraudulent call, and we hope that nothing bad came as a result.


  • Maria

    Update to the phone number: This call is in fact a scam and fraudulent. Yes the phone number belongs to Paypal, however the caller is changing / spoofing the number on your phone. i.e. the caller is not from Paypal. We called paypal and they too verified the information. The scammer wanted to verify your paypal information. instead we gave them incorrect information and the the scammer basically said yes that is correct. Either way, if you get these calls, dont give them any information on the phone. Instead tell them you will call them back, or even better call paypal to verify or login to your account online.

    • Hi Maria,

      This is awesome insight into the PayPal scam. We truly appreciate you sharing your story, as it will definitely help others out who are dealing with the same situation.


  • MrAwesomeMatty

    I had gotten called twice in the same day by this user. I’d recommend if people aren’t confident enough to see, that it’s wise to just ignore and block the number. These kinds of frauds want you to pick up the phone to get personal information or to record your voice in order to authorize charges. So, just don’t take the risk and avoid this number.

  • Lee Delany

    Their location comes up as Omaha in my iPhone.

  • john

    Just called customer service and got transferred over to the fraud department and they said it’s a fraud and I was smart to hang up.

  • Bandera

    I found two $40 charges on my credit card, with this PayPal number attached.
    Turned out it was fraud! Connected to a “donation” to Mexico.

  • lakechicky

    I just received a call from this number. It is legit, it is PayPal. I am a seller on eBay with multiple shipments a day meaning many PayPal transactions a day. The lady said she was my assigned customer service rep, and that she would just like to tell me about an exciting new offer that has become available to certain eligible PayPal members and left me her number to call her back.

    • Lee Delany

      No, it is fraudulent. There are some very clever hackers out there. Read the above replies.

  • Jé Be (Here but Gone)

    They’re back at it again it seems. I just got a call from this number.

  • Stephen

    I’ve got a charge for $15.83 on my bank account statement with the line item description “PayPal *Igottrade402-935-7733/VISA Purchase (non-pin)”. The charge does not appear in my PayPal account even though I’ve read accounts that indicate that this is an automated system set up by PayPal to cover insufficient funds. I’m guessing the latter is not true and that this is a scam, but want to make sure.

    • Alex Schenker

      Stephen, this definitely looks like a fraudulent charge. I would call PayPal customer support at (888) 221-1161 and ask them to investigate.

  • Anonymous

    Man's voice did not sound very professional. He was stating what should have been "alleged" and already had an opinion against me.

  • Anonymous

    I just got a call from them asking if I had made a transfer. I did but they should have it on their caller id. Just saying.

    • Anonymous

      This is one of the most annoying calls in the universe. Not only that, but I'm not a fan of Paypal to begin with, so why should I give them my business? Considering opening a merchant account at this point…

  • Anonymous

    Why do you never call again? I can't call you back, I have to pay… Call me again instead. Ok? Thanks.


      Based on our reports, it appears that this is a fraudulent attempt to collect a debt. No need to call them back, and don't provide them with payment or your personal information.