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ADT Security Reviews

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ADT offers security for your home backed by a reputation of quality service that you can depend on. As a security provider for more than 100 years, ADT is well established as a company who takes their commitment to your home security seriously and is arguably the most well-known name in the security business. ADT also stands by its service, offering a Money-Back Service Guarantee, Theft Protection Guarantee, Relocation Discount Guarantee and a Homeowner Insurance Discount Certificate. For a limited time, they are even offering same day installation when you call the number below to set up service with them. Do all of these positives mean that ADT is the best choice in come security? We are not going to make that claim, because we have received many consumer reviews throughout the years from ADT customers who find their customer service to be severely lacking. See how ADT stacks up in ASecureLife.com’s Best Home Alarm System article.

Call: 855-305-9283 Visit Website: ADT ADT offers security for your home backed by a reputation of quality service that you can depend on. As a security provider for more than 100 years, ADT is well established as a company who takes their commitment to your home security seriously and is arguably the most well-known name in the security business. ADT also stands by its service, offering a Money-Back Service Guarantee, Theft Protection Guarantee, Relocation Discount Guarantee and a Homeowner Insurance Discount Certificate. For a limited time, they are even offering same day installation when you call the number below to…

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Summary : ADT is America's largest security system provider, but we have found that customer service can be varied depending on your local installer.

User Rating: 1.35 ( 52 votes)

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ADT Security Reviews

ADT LogoAs a security provider for more than 100 years, ADT is well established as a company and is arguably the most well-known name in the security business. Large national alarm companies like ADT may use authorized dealers to sell and install their alarm products. Unfortunately, lack of training and quality control can lead to low quality dealers, and as such there have been quite a few negative reviews on ADT we’ve received over the years. Fortunately, there are some ADT dealers that are quite good, it just depends on your geographic location.

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ADT Background and History

ADT was formed in 1874, when 57 district telegraphs joined to form a secure network under the name American District Telegraph. The telegraph system allowed for faster communication between clients and services than was previously seen. As time went on, ADT eventually became a publicly owned company in 1969. Today, ADT still uses advanced communication systems in order to allow their clients to communicate with them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One of ADT’s most obvious displays of their trustworthiness is the fact that ADT systems cover every Federal courthouse in the United States of America. However, as ADT has grown and it’s authorized dealer program was used to sell and install systems by region, their reputation for customer service has suffered.

ADT Security Monitoring Packages Comparison

ADT Security
Monitoring PackageBasic2-Way VoiceCellGuardPulse
Equipment & Activation Fee$99.00$99.00$199.00Starts at $199.00
Monthly Price$36.99$42.99$44.99$49.99
Contract Length36 Months36 Months36 Months36 Months

Control Panel

Base / Console

Green Checkmark

Green Checkmark

Green Checkmark

Green Checkmark

Motion DetectorMotion Detector

Green Checkmark

1 Included

Green Checkmark

1 Included

Green Checkmark

1 Included

Green Checkmark

1 Included

Door or Window SensorDoor or Window Sensor

Green Checkmark

6 Included

Green Checkmark

6 Included

Green Checkmark

6 Included

Green Checkmark

6 Included

Keychain RemoteKeychain Remote

Additional Cost

Call for Price

Green Checkmark

1 Included

Green Checkmark

1 Included

Green Checkmark

1 Included

Smoke DetectorSmoke/Fire/Heat Detector

Additional Cost

Call for Price

Additional Cost

Call for Price

Additional Cost

Call for Price

Additional Cost

Call for Price

Light ControlLight ControlNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableAdditional Cost

Call for Price

ThermostatThermostatNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableAdditional Cost

Call for Price

Glass Break SensorGlass Break SensorAdditional Cost

Call for Price

Additional Cost

Call for Price

Additional Cost

Call for Price

Additional Cost

Call for Price

Wireless Indoor CameraIndoor CameraNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available

Additional Cost

Call for Price

Monitoring MethodLandlineLandlineCellularCellular


Mover’s Guarantee

The company’s relocation service is referred to as a “Mover’s Guarantee” which will not necessarily allow you to move your system (especially if it is wired or hybrid wired/wireless), but does offer a comparable equipment package at no cost so long as you have been a customer for at least two years with no lapse in your current contract or payment. Any additional equipment needed for your new home would be provided at 25% off the normal price if you meet the same criteria (2+ years as a customer) and you will have to sign a new contract with any move of equipment.

Equipment Warranty

While most companies offer a one or two-year, if not lifetime, equipment warranty to back up the product they are selling, ADT charges for an extended warranty. And to further confuse matters, the pricing for this “Quality Service Plan” is not disclosed on the website so you will have to call to get more information on how this should be calculated in determining the true cost of your system.

Submit your ADT Security Reviews

Submit a ReviewHave you ever had an ADT alarm system? Would you recommend it?  Or would you tell someone to steer clear of this alarm system option? Do you use ADT Pulse?  How was the installation process for your system? If you have experienced ADT Security firsthand, we want to hear from you. When making such an important life decision as to which Security System will protect your home and your family there is no better way to research and to review other people experiences. Submit your security system review and get started helping other readers make a more informed decision in home security system.

Have Experience with ADT? Let us Know

If you’ve done business with an authorized ADT dealer in the past, we’d love to hear from you on your experience. Please submit a review above or post a comment below to share your stories.

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  • Larry Parker

    Had ADT for sometime before moving and contract had expired and we let them know we were moving and they went ahead after we moved and charged us for another 3 months rental and would not refund the money.

  • chip

    We have had ADT many years. Finally it was time for it to pay for itself. That didn’t happen, we were robbed. Lucky we have cameras because if it were up to ADT they would have gotten away. Guy broke in tripped motion we got the call 4 minutes later? Walk around your home for 4 minutes and see how much you can take in that time. Good luck to those with ADT they are gone from our home. Oh and after looking around which we never did because of having them so long our bill went from $175 every 3 months to $75 every 3 months.

  • Nick

    We got ADT after a break in. We were a bit scared and wanted to go with a big name security company. Little did we know that we agreed to a 3 year contract. Neither the sales lady nor the technician made that clear to us. We didn’t even realize we were in a contract until we tried to cancel 2 years later when moving. The cancellation fee is 75% of the remaining contract. At $47.99 a month, it was well over $500 for us to cancel but I just wanted to be rid of ADT for good. I switched to Simplisafe for $14.99 a month. Unlike ADT, the equipment is wireless and is super easy to install yourself. Plus, I can easily take the equipment with me if I move and just tell Simplisafe my new address. And no contracts or cancellation fees!

  • Tyler

    I would like to start off by saying that ADT security is a horrible company. If you live in IL beware of a sale person named Peter Alfini. He came off as a nice guy but he worded everything in his conversation to make me believe that if I was not happy with ADT for any reason, I could cancel my service and get all of my money back. He also said one thing to me and the techs told me something else. Also if you call ADT for any reason their customer service is awful and you are put on long holds and the reps on the phone have no knowledge of anything. I was double billed for services two days after my installation which was on 06/24/15 and I am still waiting for them to refund my money back to me. America, I would not be wasting my time trying to write this stuff about ADT if it was not true. Please avoid this company at all cost as they lie, cheat and don’t care about the customers. They are only in business to make money and provide you with the worst possible service at minimal cost to them. Remember, Peter Alfini is a sales rep that came into my home and lied to me and my wife. Also, keep in mind ADT only provides 3 year contracts and you can only cancel services 3 days before midnight after your install or you are charged thousands of dollars. It would be cheaper to allow your home to be robbed by someone other then ADT. Beware and make sure if you do decide to get ADT to read the contract and don’t just sign paperwork without understanding everything.

    • http://www.asecurelife.com/ Kimberly Kurimski

      We are so sorry this happened to your Tyler. We hope you can get everything sorted. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. We cannot express how important it is to read your contract. Again, thank you for sharing and let us know if there is anything we can do to help you.

  • Will Partridge

    ADT is a so-called “security” company that sends completely unprofessional, obnoxious salespeople to your door who won’t leave when asked. I told one of their employees to leave my property three times and he just kept on talking. I had to get right in his face and scream at him before he left. Can’t imagine a universe where I’d trust my security to such a sleazy operation. I would hire a better security company just to keep these people away from my door.

    • Emma

      ADT doesn’t have door to door salesman. They never have. What you most likely were dealing with was a deceptive sale (a scam company) trying to get you to sign a contract you can’t get out of. I know most companies have a legal department or something like that. Maybe you should call them and let ADT know there’s a scammer in your area trying to rip people off.

  • Anonymous

    Forget about getting ADT installed in your home. Had nothing but trouble with ADT. I would leave the house thinking the alarm was activated and then find out many times that the alarm was not activated or set. In my opinion ADT is not a good company to do business with. I do not have ADT now, and after all the B.S. they gave me, and the problems I had with the alarm not working, I would never have an ADT alarm system installed in my home.

  • Rosemary

    ADT has just provided one of the worst customer service experiences in my life. I sold my home and weeks prior called ADT to discontinue my alarm effective June 6, my move date. An agent confirmed that would happen. I came back a few days later to clean the house prior to the buyer’s final walk through and noticed my alarm was still active. I called ADT again, and another agent told me they would discontinue it immediately.
    Today, nearly two weeks later I received an urgent call from my real estate agent saying that the buyers of my home had set off the alarm and needed my code. I had to provide my private code for them to turn the alarm off. I immediately called ADT and was told that I should have given 30 days notice and that for the next 30 days there was nothing I could do. I asked to speak to a manager and as I was waiting I was disconnected. I called back and was switched to 3 different departments. After waiting on the line for 30 minutes, I was connected to an agent who said not to worry my alarm was cancelled but said I should talk to the monitoring department to have the alarm powered down. He gave me the number of monitoring and when I eventually reached someone there I was told that my account was still active. I asked to speak to a manager who said he would personally discontinue it.
    At this point I have lost all trust and who knows if it’s discontinued or not! I can’t believe a security company of all companies does business this way. I will never do business with ADT again and wouldn’t recommend this company for a million dollars. Thank goodness I wasn’t experiencing a real emergency!

  • Nick

    Rotten company, scam artists, subpar equipment, many false alarms, hundreds of dollars paid in false alarm fees from the city, company advised, no effort to correct problems. All these clowns are concerned about is milking you for more cash, they suck, their personnel are too stupid to understand simple requests, steer clear of these con men.

  • foramerica

    We canceled with ADT because we found a cheaper company. In changing we learned that when I had taken down one of the motion sensors in our house about a year ago, ADT should have called us to find out what was going on. Never did. Also, when we switched companies, they had to turn off ADT’s equipment in the house to do it. Even with it turned off, ADT still never called to find out what was going on. It makes us wonder if someone had broken in, would ADT have done anything about it. Lastly, when we called to cancel, we found out the bad news that they require 30 day notice – not sure why. It must have been in the fine print of the several pages of the contract we had to sign. The woman on the phone said it would cost us another $50 to cancel. Really? Then she said they would only charge us $3. I have no idea why she would reduce it. But then we just saw today that they debited our account $50. So either the woman was lying or offered something she could not deliver. Will never go back to ADT. Seems like it is just a scam.

  • jill

    Terrible! Once you move to a new location, you have to start off your contract from beginning.

  • Barry Charnay

    This is a first report. The person who installed was obviously sick and not up to par and admitted. The installation itself was flawless although either the motherboard was defective or a person at one end or the other wasn’t entirely competent (see below). Prior to the installation I had given a credit card number for the cost of that and refused to allow its usage for monthly billing and refused to give the card number for monthly billing prior to installation. [This prevents a number of billing errors and is based on experience. Pity it didn’t work.] I gave him the number after installation. He got it wrong. I gave it to him again. He got it right. Now, this was my debit card I gave him. The number given prior was a credit card. The next day I got a letter in the mail stating my method of payment was invalid and I needed to contact them. I did, and they said that the installation person had failed to note which card should be used for payment. I made it clear. They then billed my debit card (which wasn’t prepped for $400 as opposed to $99 installation and wasn’t supposed to be…used for the installation in any case) for $400 which resulted in an overdraft. I had to call them again (it never happened, apparently) and called the bank–which had not charged me for the overdraft, apparently because the daft I mean ADT had credited it back quickly enough. I have now changed my debit card information enough that they can’t use it. Point is, I would maneuver them (should I live in the Pacific Northwest, at least if I use Gaylord–refrain from unfunny puns, thank you–that “I” being, perhaps, you) so that they do not have access to my bank account, since they have exhibited utter incompetence. In my opinion only although said opinion was fostered through experience. I also added that last from the experience of seeing other sued for not adding the little phrase.

  • Roy L.

    Location: Bella Vista, Arkansas

    We have had nothing but problems since installed. No one will return my calls. We have only had system since Feb 15, it only worked about two weeks.

    We were suppose to have 3 day trial to make sure was working properly, and it never happened. The installer could not figure out why it was not working and he left without it working. I have called and talked to people at ADT and State Home Control about the problem, they always say someone would get back in touch with me and they never have. I have now tried to cancel and either they hang up or will not return my call.

  • Stephanie

    I had my own alarm system installed and contracted service with ADT while my deceased father’s house was on the market. I specified it was month to month. They agreed verbally that was the deal. When I tried to cancel, they said I was obligated to stay 3 years. It was total verbal fraud. Review your contract carefully. They blatantly lied to me and I’m contemplating legal action.

  • Gabe Quintero

    Just had Pulse installed; was never told it was a portable control unit with a power cord plugged into the wall. Not good in a house that has tons of kids coming and going! Not to mention we only got one panel (now an eyesore in our foyer on an entry table), and the two deactivated old panels were never removed/replaced. I would continue to complain (although the house at least has an alarm system again) but waiting for investigators from MDPD to look into the missing jewelry box from an upstairs closet! Honestly, salesman was great, but really?!

  • Vicky

    I have been with ADT for about 5 years and it started at $39.99 or something like that and now its $44.00. They used the old equipment on the house they only used a new key pad. I’m looking for a better service and price. I had a problem with one window and they took too long to come out here, and the first guy did not fix it so I had to call again.

  • Dissatified customer

    ADT is BAD. I have had the system for more the 12 years and now it is falling apart. They will charge me to change the equipment! I pay close to $35 a month and have done so for over 20 years. This is ridiculous.
    I had a appointment with them to come look at one of the zones. I took a day off work. Confirmed my appointment the day before. They never showed up and did not call. When I called to ask, the operator said they had left a message, on talking to the manager, they finally said there was a mistake and they had only called the headquarters but no call to my home. After 20+ years of being a GOOD customer (I usually don’t call even once a year), one would think they would want to keep you. I am changing!

  • Andrew

    Signing up was the worst decision I’ve made as a home owner. Bait and switch sales, horrible customer service, awful response times. Their sales agent, Safe Have Security, is even worse. ADT has already paid out one major class action suit for fraudulent sales tactics in California, and a national case is pending.

  • Kevin O.

    Location: Brewster, NY

    I have had this ADT system in my business for about a year now. I should have never switched from Sonitrol. Since day one this has been a nightmare experience. From day one installers show up at 3PM to do a full day installation. Finally after three days at 9PM it gets installed. Three visits in the next month to get it working. Ok, finally it works for a few months. Then I start getting calls at 3 & 4 AM about “Faults”, not motions or doors opening, but “faults”. In other words the system is failing. The next thing I know I see sensor on the floor in the warehouse no one knows where they came from. They’re literally falling from the sky! Parts of this ‘security system’ are all over the floor.

    Then they won’t give me credit on my bill until the get it fixed! What? Three months later it’s still not working and now my bill is delinquent because I’m not paying for something that doesn’t work.

    We’ve had countless appointments where the technicians haven’t shown up at all! Then they are scheduled for 8-10 AM then at 3PM they say oh they’ll be there by 5PM then they show up at ten minutes to 5. How can they fix this mess in 5 minutes? So I have thrown them out when we close at 5. NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE ADT. And I have several businesses.

  • Marie

    I had my ADT sensor go off at 3am. I grabbed my gun and stood in my hallway letting my alarm system continue to go on with the noise. I got no response from ADT. No call and no police. I finally turned it off and carefully walked through my whole house and garage. Yes if someone had broken in they would have been shot. The next day l reported this they gave me a reduced monthly charge. No, l do not feel safe. My dog and my gun are my protection. However that leaves no secure feeling when not at home. So l have to keep my system. Good luck.

  • Beutiqueen

    ADT is good company but they need to hire nicer and friendlier salespeople. They suck at that.

  • Elaine

    Location: Houston, TX

    Overall I am very happy with our monitored home burglar service with ADT. We pay about $40 a month for it and have had it for 10 years. We have a wired system which requires us to have a land line. We never use the land line to make phone calls anymore, so we looked into getting a wireless system. It was pretty expensive to get this installed, plus since we bundle our TV, Internet and phone service with AT&T, it is actually cheaper to leave the land line on our plan.

    We previously had instances where the wind would cause the door to our garage to open and trigger the alarm. We would be notified the alarm was going off and since we could not get to our home at that time, we did agree to have the police check it out. It costs about $100 each time the police are dispatched. Now we make sure to lock the garage door!

    There was another time we noticed our alarm wasn’t working. I called ADT and they told me it would be $80 to come to our house. I asked to speak to a manager because I thought this was ridiculous and they changed a $5 fuel surcharge. The reason ended up being an old wire. The technician replaced it and was on his way in 20 minutes. Unfortunately the control center for our alarm is in the master bedroom closet on the third floor of our town home. It is kind of annoying having the technician go through our master bedroom and bathroom in order to service our system.

    All in all I am very happy with our service with ADT. I can sleep at night knowing I have an alarm. Plus being on the third story of a town home helps…and a French bulldog that barks at anything.

  • MJ

    Location: PA

    I called Blue Light and scheduled an appointment for someone to come to my home and determine what I would need. The day arrived, and no one came or called. I called Blue Light, and the representative was extremely apologetic. For my hours of waiting, she offered me some free equipment in addition to the promotion that I had seen advertised. Installation day arrived and once again, a no call/no show. I called and the representative said she would investigate and call me back. A few hours later, I called again and spoke to a second person. She said she would follow up and call back. Needless to say, no one ever called. I cancelled the next day. So much for “White Glove Customer Service”.

  • Guest

    Location: Old Forge, NY

    My ADT alarm system started making my phone fail back on June 19th. I had to wait until July 2 to get a repairman here. After waiting all day for him, I got a call at 7:30 PM saying he wouldn't be here today and I would have to reschedule. So obviously, he's coming first thing tomorrow, right? Nope. Nothing before July 16. It seems to me that if you can't service your security systems with less than a two-week lead time, either you make really bad security systems or you just don't give a damn about customer service. Which is it, ADT?

  • Carol Gee

    Location: Stone Mountain, GA

    My family and I are a long time ADT users. When I moved into my house over 20 years ago, home security companies ran the gamut in our 272 home community. However, the majority of the homeowners had an ADT sign in their yards. I had seen commericals for the company for a long time and had gotten recommendations from friends who had it and were happy with it. I wanted a securtity system that was tried and true, so I went with ADT.

    They bill us quaterly, which is convenient, and I like their rapid response when an alarm sounds. In fact, a couple weeks ago my husband made a mistake, setting it when we were heading out of town, causing the alarm to sound. Immediately ADT called to see what was the problem. The lady who called was very pleasant and thanked me for being a long time, valued customer. A year ago we upgraded our system and it went smoothly. After all it was ADT, so I expected no less. 

  • Nicole Dunn

    We are a current ADT customer. We recently had just about the most awful experience with one of their sales person who was sent to our home. We got a notice that we could upgrade to the newest system that is controlled from our iPhone. The saleswoman came to the house and we were horrified. On the ad it had a certain price advertised and when we spoke to the woman about that price, she told us a higher price. When we showed her the flyer, she proceeded to tell us that "Her customers are rich and they don't care about price, they just install." She then insulted my fiance by saying, "Why did you send me all the way up to this mountain if I was going to WASTE my time!" As she walked out the door she said that she wouldn't have that white Mercedes without her rich customers.

    My fiance was horrified. I was not here when this happened, but I called and got the top managers on the phone to discuss this. I wanted a formal apology and a letter explaining that this person was spoken to about the proper way to treat a customer in their home. I did get a phone call from a top manager, explaining that this salesperson was spoken to and the matter was dealt with. We did not want her to lose her job but wanted the company to know that this was unacceptable. The fact that she said we were wasting her time really got us peeved.

    They have since reduced our monthly bill, I would have rather switched to another company, but my fiance wanted to stay put for now.

  • Lisa

    Recently, I met with two salespeople from ADT (a new recruit and his manager) at my home.  The manager did not allow the recruit to say too much, so it was the manager who did the majority of the talking/selling.  I was quoted $200.00 for the Essentials Package which included two sensors, a motion detector, and a keypad.  Since I already have a previous system in place, I presume that the existing power supply box would be used.  Although the manager kept urging me to sign on the spot, I politely refused and informed him that I wanted to research the offer before I made a decision. 

    That evening, I visited the ADT website and discovered that the exact package was being offered for $99.00.  I called the ADT number and several customer service reps confirmed the offer.  When I asked if I would be eligible to receive the $99.00 rate, they referred me back to the local manager and sales recruit.  

    To my surprise, the two salespeople refused to match the internet price and claimed that they were unaware of the $99.00 offer.  When I suggested that they visit the ADT website to confirm the advertised $99.00 offer, there was absolutely no cooperation.  Instead, the young sales recruit shouted at me to stay with my present home security company if I felt so strongly about the $99.00 offer!

  • Anonymous

    Location: Brooklyn, NY

    I was told several times by the salesperson if we moved we would be able to get out of our contract. After over a year and a half of service we needed to move for work purposes to a new state and they sent us a bill for $572.55.

    When I called to complain and tell them about their sales person's miss information, they told me I should've read my contract more closely. Being that they are a security company and they were in charge of keeping my home and family safe I took the liberty of assuming their sales people were trained to be honest about their product offering and their companies services. 

    I was told if I sign up for new service in my home with a new contract for three years they would avoid these fees but clearly do not want to do business with the company as dishonest as ADT. 

    Starting to look into possible class-action suit against them via social networking for others who have experienced this robbery of funds for mystical services.

  • Anonymous

    Location: Iowa

    I've been a customer of ADT since 1995. And the service used to be good. Now, I would never recommend ADT to anyone! Stay clear of this company, your house could be burning down and they would put you on hold and an hour later tell you that they could maybe answer your questions the next day or soon after. ADT has the worst customer service I've ever experienced, and that's saying something. The fire alarm was going off in my house for over an hour while I was on hold and treated very rudely by the support teams. One lady told me it was hard for her to hear me and told me very rudely to go outside since it was kind of hard for her to hear. I live in Iowa, it's freezing, literally. After being hung up on numerous time, being put on hold for who knows how long, and being told that maybe I should try calling back tomorrow during normal working hours, I was beyond frustrated. They only started listening after I threatened to call my lawyer, then they suddenly became more amicable. I don't pay that much to be ignored while my house has alarms blaring so loud that I still have tinnitus. Once again, worst service, I'm currently looking to replace them.

  • Anonymous

    Location: Dickinson, Texas

    My house burned down.  However I am complaining that even though my house did not exist anymore ADT still was charging a monthly fee until the end of the contract. They were very rigid and did not work with me to resolve this issue. Once I move into a new house I will not use ADT. Beware of signing contracts and ask questions about the company policies if you move or a tragedy happens to your house.

  • Angela

    ADT and Protect Your Home sucks! I would not recommend either of these companies to anyone. The have the rudest customers service representatives. My husband and I have been hung up on twice because we have a system that has been going off for the last 5 nights with a troubled zone. They do not want to service the system because they know we want this system out of our house. The agents have little training on how to treat a customer I'm beyond upset. Check with other companies who will give you better customer service because it worth it  Why pay $2,200 for a system that is junk and has the worse customer service available. 

  • a guest

    When I sold my business in 2007, ADT hit me with five hundred dollars in fees when I canceled the service.  I will never use ADT again.

  • Elizabeth

    ADT Customer services here in orange county sucks.  I work with special needs gentlemen that live in a home that has ADT.  We've had our smoke alarm of the system go off. It now reads that it needs service. I tried contacting them. They will service it ten days from today.  I requested emergency services since these are special needs people.  I was told I needed to speak to a supervisor to get someone out sooner, so I would be on hold for 2-3 min.  It was longer than that, with the rep explaining there was no supervisor available to speak with me.  He took my number saying one would get back to me within an hour.  I'm starting on my third hour with no response.  Brinks was our original provider and they were outstanding.  This company has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • a Security Professional

    I don't understand the reasoning behind your request for "unbiased" reviews from real ADT customers.  There are already plenty of reviews of ADT scattered about this site and elsewhere.  Any more reviews will only produce the same results as those which you've already seen and read (both good and bad).

    Good reviews need no further discussion.  Bad reviews are actually very useful.  It's important to read, understand and learn from other people's experiences.

    For example, I've read several "bad reviews of ADT" complain how alarm equipment (such as a smoke detector or a sump pump overflow sensor) failed to perform in an actual emergency.  Is this installer error or equipment failure?

    The lesson to be learned from these "bad reviews" is to test your alarm equipment on a regular basis.  Electronic components of alarm systems can fail at any given moment, yet most consumers expect the security system to continue working perfectly 5 years later without once having tested it after the installer left. 

    What exactly are you trying to discover or learn about ADT?  If you write back with some specific questions, perhaps someone can help you.

    • An ADT Employee

      I have worked for ADT now for the past 2 years. I have been employed as an emergency dispatch operator and customer representative. ADT equipment is not reliable nor is ADT concerned with the impact a failing system has on their customers. They rarely meet the needs of customers with technical services and technicians. Employees for ADT hate their jobs and I’m tired of staff complaining, so I quit. When the system is installed, customers are not being entirely informed of what services they are buying.

      • ATL

        I just encountered a service provider dispatched by ADT that seemed to be angry with me or to dislike his position.  The young man was so disenchanting, that I refused to allow him to perform the service.

    • Chris Barber

      Water sensor at Sump pump failed to activate and thus water is in the basement.

      I insisted that a tech come out today and they told me two weeks. If I wanted someone today it is $375, after arguing for a while they are sending a tech but he will only verify sensor failure. I would like them to be on the hook for the cleanup bill. What should I do?

      Regards, Chris

  • Anonymous

    Helpful article with lots of details but I would love to hear from some real ADT customers on their experiences. It seems to be so all over the map – some good, some great and some horrible. So I need to know the true pros and cons from real customers. Anyone out there who can help?

    • An ADT Employee

      As a current employee for ADT, I advise strongly against purchasing their services. I feel horrible for customers whose systems don't function properly. Quality assessment of ADT equipment is done so that, for example, you have a large bag of 50 sensors. They check the quality of only 2 or 3. The rest could be duds, that is not acceptable. Again, I advise against going with ADT.