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Our home security section encompasses all aspects of securing your home and safeguarding your belongings. We review security systems and provide home safety checklists, burglaries statistic infographics, and more to help you keep your family, loved ones, and property safe and secure.

Iris Home Security by Lowe’s Review: Cheap Price, Cheap Device

iris by lowe

The release of the second-generation Iris earlier this year prompted an uproar of disgruntled Iris users online. I thought it was a good time to dive into the affordable DIY home security and automation system by Lowe’s to see what all the fuss is about. What makes Iris unique? Iris focuses more on home automation. Iris’s a la carte format allows you to choose and pay for your devices separately. Read More »

Customize Your Smart Home: Z-Wave vs ZigBee vs Insteon

zwave vs zigbee vs insteon

The latest developments in home automation allow you to control almost everything about your home environment with the touch of a button—from turning on your coffee machine in the morning to adjusting your thermostat at night. Three big players in home automation are Z-Wave, ZigBee, and Insteon, and each company has its advantages for different types of users. Which one should... Read More »

Ring 720p Doorbell Review: The Best DIY Video Doorbell Available, If You Can Hardwire It


My wife and I both work and have extremely busy schedules, which means it’s completely hit or miss—mostly miss—when we have to sign for a delivery or someone is swinging by our house to drop off a borrowed movie. So, I was pretty excited when I came across the Ring Video Doorbell at ISC West, and eager to test its functionality and capabilities. I ran into a few frustrating design issues... Read More »

Utah’s Best Home Security System Providers

utah skyline

National Providers That Service Utah If you’re looking for a security company with the most up-to-date equipment and deeper resources, you may want to consider using a national provider for your home security system Take a look at our top 5 nationwide home security providers available in Utah: Our #1 Recommendation: Frontpoint View Plans Call (855) 902-0688   Frontpoint is about ... Read More »

Arlo Reviews: Among the Best DIY Security Cameras


You get ready for work and head outside to your car. You hop inside and see that someone has broken into it overnight. The new stereo system you just installed this past spring is gone, along with your GPS and iPod. This is not the best start to your day. Thankfully, you installed Arlo and have all the footage recorded so you can catch the criminal. Arlo is a lone security camera that works both... Read More »

Ultimate Guide to Security Equipment

security equipment

There are more than 20 elements to a security system and it can get confusing what all of the equipment does. To help you better understand your security system, we’ve created a table with our top 11 home security company picks from our Home Security Systems Reviews as well as the equipment discussed in this article. The table shows which ... Read More »

iCamPRO Deluxe: Light Bulb Camera Review

icampro camera on wood

Thomas Edison’s got nothing on the innovators at Amaryllo. In the name of science security, Amaryllo has developed a truly wireless camera that screws into—and is powered by—your everyday light socket. Blown away? Yeah, so were we when we came across the iCamPRO Deluxe at ISC West. Seriously, nothing like it exists on the market right now. It’s the only ... Read More »

Best Security Lights for Outside Your Home

security light on wood

UNC Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology conducted a study of over 400 incarcerated burglars to uncover what motivates them and if there were any specific deterrents that they encountered. One of the most commonly mentioned deterrents was a lack of hiding spots available on well-lit properties. After reading this study, I’ve been looking for a decent flood light ... Read More »