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Frontpoint Security Reviews: Our Top Pick Explained

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After evaluating home security systems annually for nine years, we’™ve once again selected Frontpoint Security as our 2016 Best Home Security System! With a 3.89 out of a possible 5.0 Frontpoint Security continues to be the best. Let’€™s look at how Frontpoint Security holds onto their winning streak.

Call: (855) 902-0688 Visit Website After evaluating home security systems annually for nine years, we'™ve once again selected Frontpoint Security as our 2016 Best Home Security System! With a 3.89 out of a possible 5.0 Frontpoint Security continues to be the best. Let'€™s look at how Frontpoint Security holds onto their winning streak. Pros Excellent customer service 100% wireless, self-installation Interactive monitoring via your Smartphone Dedicated cellular monitoring service comes standard with every plan Redundant central monitoring stations 30 day money back guarantee Crash and Smash Technology Home automation using z-wave technology DIY installation Low-pressure sales approach Cons 3…

Review Overview

Customer Service & Reputation
Security Performance


Summary : Frontpoint is our #1 pick for the 9th year in a row. They excel at customer service and offer a variety of equipment. Where they could improve is offering lower prices.

User Rating: 1.85 ( 1885 votes)


  • Excellent customer service
  • 100% wireless, self-installation
  • Interactive monitoring via your Smartphone
  • Dedicated cellular monitoring service comes standard with every plan
  • Redundant central monitoring stations
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Crash and Smash Technology
  • Home automation using z-wave technology
  • DIY installation
  • Low-pressure sales approach


  • 3 year equipment warranty vs. lifetime from a top competitor
  • DIY could be a negative if you are looking for a professional install


Frontpoint Monitoring Packages Comparison (examples)

These packages described below represent many of the needs of the average home owner. However, the details provided are used for example purposes only because you will want to work with a Frontpoint salesperson/consultant to customize your system to best meet your specific needs for your unique home. So, be sure to ask lots of questions to make sure you are getting what you are hoping to out of your system at the price you plan to pay.

Monitoring Package
Equipment and Activation Fee
Monthly Price
Contract Length
Base / Console*
Motion Detector
Door or Window Sensor App
Keychain Remote
Light Control
Automated Door Lock
Glass Break Sensor
Smoke Detector
Flood Sensor
Freeze Sensor
Wireless Indoor Camera
Wireless Outdoor Camera
Monitoring Method
Protection Monitoring Package
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36 Months

1 Included

Additional Detectors are $64.99 Each

2 Included

Additional Sensors are $32.99 Each

Additional Cost

$29.99 Each

Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
Additional Cost

$74.99 Each

Additional Cost

$64.99 Each

Additional Cost
$44.99 Each
Additional Cost
$44.99 Each
Not Available
Not Available
100% Cellular
Interactive Monitoring Package
Visit Website
36 Months

1 Included

Additional Detectors are $64.99 Each

2 Included

Additional Sensors are $32.99 Each

1 Included

Additional Remotes are $29.99 Each

2 Included

Additional Controls are $49.99 Each

Additional Cost

Call for Price

Additional Cost

Call for Price

Additional Cost

$74.99 Each

Additional Cost

$64.99 Each

Additional Cost
$44.99 Each
Additional Cost
$44.99 Each
Not Available
Not Available
100% Cellular
Ultimate Monitoring Package
Visit Website
36 Months

1 Included

Additional Detectors are $64.99 Each

2 Included

Additional Sensors are $32.99 Each

1 Included

Additional Remotes are $29.99 Each

2 Included

Additional Sensors are $49.99 Each

Additional Cost

Call for Price

Additional Cost

Call for Price

Additional Cost

$74.99 Each

Additional Cost

$64.99 Each

Additional Cost
$44.99 Each
Additional Cost
$44.99 Each
Additional Cost

$129.99 Each

Additional Cost

$379.99 Each

100% Cellular

*Simon XT panel included in all base pricing – Qolsys touchscreen available for small upgrade fee.

Frontpoint Promo Code

Are you looking for a discount on a Frontpoint Security System? Visit our Frontpoint Security Promotions and Discounts page to see what is currently available.

Our Experience with FrontPoint

We shopped for nearly a dozen home security systems and most sales reps we encountered spent the majority of the call trying to sell us a system or pressuring us to take advantage of a limited-time offer. With Frontpoint Security, the rep spent more time asking questions and listening to our needs than telling us what we need, and less time pushing us into a sale. The interaction with Frontpoint was informative, conversational and laid-back, we never felt pressured into a rushed decision. This early interaction with Front Point set a positive tone and scored major points.

At our request, Frontpoint has provided us with free testing equipment we put to use and configure in as many ways as possible in order to help us conduct a thorough review.

SlideShare Summary: Frontpoint Security Reviews

Frontpoint Customer Reviews – What Do Homeowners Have To Say?

Our exhaustive review process includes an evaluation of online customer reviews. Compared with the other home security providers we evaluated, Frontpoint has a significant amount of fewer negative reviews.

Positive Reviews

I heard about Frontpoint through my daughter. I liked the features that my daughter has with her system and thought it would be good for us. I have them for about three years now. Installation was very easy and very simple. It didn’t take much time at all. The fact that it is satellite-based, I don’t have to have it tethered to any cables or anything in the house. I also use the mobile app. It’s very convenient and it certainly allows me to use it wherever I am. I can use it to check what’s been going on at the house while I’m away to make sure that I did activate the system. It’s a very convenient feature to have. I feel more secured. The experience has been very pleasing and I’m quite satisfied. -John, Consumer Affairs 12/6/2014

I have had my system since March 2013 and have always had excellent service. I have had a few issues during the time I have had my system such as needing a new battery for the control panel, needing a door sensor replaced or a sensor that wasn’t working. BUT every issue I had was addressed ASAP and the only time I have ever not had someone answer a service call was late on a Saturday night (it was not an emergency and I left a message) and they called me back AND sent me an email the next day. Any issue I have had they fixed (sending me a new battery, new sensor, etc). It is rare that the customer service I get anywhere else is as good as what I have had here so far. I have referred others to them and they have been happy as well. I love the app for my phone so that I can arm/disarm the alarm remotely and I love the peace of mind I have knowing my home is safe. -Leigh Z., Yelp 10/14/2014

Negative Reviews

We’ve had Frontpoint for just over a year. We had another provider before and Frontpoint is below par. We have two dogs and two cats so we don’t use the motion sensor because it sets off. Even though we’re supposed to be able to use the motion sensor for the animals we have in the house, it doesn’t work. There were also a time while we were away and we had the police show up when there was nothing. It just went off. There was nothing wrong with it. We had a hard time setting it up. The sensors for the doors, the sticky stuff, falls off. It doesn’t stick to the door that well. So we’ve had a bad time with it. At this point, we don’t really care about it. We set it just because we’re alone. It’s natural to set an alarm when we leave the house. Once we’re done with this contract, we are not going back to Frontpoint. It is a terrible system. -Tim, Consumer Affairs 12/3/2014

It doesn’t work. I purchased the system and had to return it with in two weeks because my alarm went off several times a day every day. Every time it went off it was their fault. I spent 5 to 6 full days on the phone with their support team trying my best to get it to work. Front Point mislead me when I purchased the system, nothing they told me was true!…How they got so many good reviews I have no idea. Their support team is very nice and they tried, but after two weeks into it, and at least one full week of my life wasted I had to give up and send it back. This was one of the worst experiences of my life. Front point is a joke, they suck! I’m really upset about the time and energy I spent trying to use a system that doesn’t work. First I was Mislead about their motion sensors, Then my door and window sensors went off every day several times a day. It is totally unpredictable and they have no solutions although they did try it doesn’t matter…It doesn’t work!!!!! -Steve B., Yelp 8/8/2014

FrontPoint Reviews on A Secure Life

We also suggest you take a look at our comment feed below. Many Frontpoint customers have posted their experiences below to help you find the best security system.

Key Features

Central Monitoring Station – Rapid Response

Front Point uses Rapid Response for their central monitoring (the call center that processes your alarm event and dispatches local authorities). With a state-of-the-art 40,000 square foot headquarters facility in New York, Rapid Response Monitoring is listed by Underwriter Laboratories and certified by Factory Mutual. Rapid Response is one of about eleven central stations approved to monitor fire alarms in New York City. In addition to fire alarms, Rapid Response also monitors burglary, supervisory & medical signals, and offers GPS tracking/monitoring. Rapid Response performs monitoring of military, commercial, and residential locations. Video, voice and data are processed by highly trained personnel to ensure error free handling of calls and signals. Check out the Rapid Response website for more information.

Dedicated Cellular Monitoring

The best communication method is a dedicated cellular line between your home control panel and the central monitoring station. (Dedicated simply means it is not going to compete with your personal cell phone connection.) No lines can be cut with cellular, which is why it’s Front Point’s standard for communication. Front Point uses broadband as a backup in case cellular services break down.

Interactive Security Monitoring

Interactive security monitoring allows you to control and interact with your security system remotely via your computer or a mobile app. You can disable and enable your alarm, turn on lights, and watch your home through security cameras.

Home Automation

This is an area that we are really seeing become an integral component of home security systems and we can see why. The ability to control your lights from your smartphone is certainly a nice security feature to make it look like you are home, even when you’re not. But home automation also allows you to adjust the thermostat temperatures, lock and unlock doors and more.

Qolsys Control Panel & Image Sensors

This spring, Frontpoint started rolling out a promising lineup of home automation products that started with the touchscreen Qolsys control panel (note: Qolsys currently costs a little more than the standard control panel so be sure to ask for details). It looks cool but the big news is that it will allow for a great deal of tech upgrades in the future. The first of these new products is image sensors which take a photo when the sensor notices movement and sends the pics to your phone so that you can catch a potential burglar in the act or your teenager sneaking out of the house. It is essentially a motion sensor with a camera feature added on, including night vision.

Crash and Smash Technology

This patented protection prevents a burglar from destroying or damaging your alarm system control panel before a distress signal can be sent to the monitoring station. Here is how it works: any time a system is enabled and motion is detected, the system goes on an alert status. If the alarm is promptly disarmed via your secret security code, all is well. However, if the system is not properly disarmed with your code and no other signal is received (because the control panel has been smashed), the system assumes an intrusion has happened and alerts the monitoring station.

Along with Crash and Smash, Frontpoint periodically “€œpings”€ the alarm system to ensure the connection with the central monitoring station is active and working. If the connection cannot be made, the system goes into “€œNot Responding”€ mode, but the local alarm will always work.


Geo-Services allows your phone to know your location so it can apply certain rules to your alarm system when you cross the “geo-fence” or the area you have set to be close to your home or office (location of your alarm). Some of the benefits you might enjoy from this service include:

  • Arm System Notification – If you leave the geo-fence and forgot to turn on your alarm, an alert will pop up on your phone to remind you to arm your system.
  • Thermostat Automation – You can control the thermostat when you leave or get close to your home to enhance your energy usage and savings.

Video: Frontpoint Security Review Wins Best Home Security System

Front Point Security Reviews

Do you have a security system? Tell us all about your experience with it. If you have any questions about providers, equipment, monitoring, etc. feel free to ask! We have quite a bit of experience in researching and purchasing security systems, which started with us installing and managing our own home and office alarm system. We chose Frontpoint but that doesn’t necessarily mean its right for you, so make sure you select a system and provider that works for your home, lifestyle and budget.

Our site's mission is to help consumers make more informed purchase decisions. This website accepts financial compensation from some of the companies mentioned which allows us to provide this free service to our readers. Compensation does not influence the rankings of products. More info on our disclosure page.

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Kimberly has always taken security seriously. Whether it's making sure she locks all the doors or using complex passwords, she tries her best to live a secure life. She has years of experience with testing, reviewing, and writing about security systems. One of her favorite parts of her job is being able to inform consumers of the best security products available.
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  • Margaret

    I have had the security system for about 8 months now. I had an alarm go off last evening when it was armed with no delay entry and didn’t know why. I canceled the alarm, but still called the Sheriff’s office who came out and investigated. There was no indication anyone had attempted to gain entry to my house. I called the company today and they found it was a possible faulty glass break sensor as that is the sensor that triggered the alarm. They are setting up a test to see if that is the case when I get home today.
    The alarm has never done this before and I didn’t know I could go online and see the timeline and which sensor caused the alarm.

    Other than above, I have never had an issue with the company. I have set off my own alarm several times in the past until I remembered I have to disarm the alarm before I open a door. The alarm company has called to be sure it is just a false alarm when I had gone outside after getting home and failed to turn the alarm off right away. I have a very well insulated house and it took me a moment to determine what the noise was I was hearing and realized it was my alarm. They had already called the local police department before I canceled the alarm so I know it works as they called me to let me know they were on their way.

    I have no idea what the issues are with the negative reviews of the company. They are very helpful when it comes to their service as well as their timeline to send the alarm to the local police or sheriff’s office. Since I live in a rural area, the response time is a little longer, but since I have a safe room, I’m not worried about that. AS far as installation issues, if you move the sensor numerous times to re-position it, the adhesive won’t stick as well. That’s the case with anything like that. Also, if you fail to clean the area you are adhering the sensor to will also cause issues. All they had to do was call the company and they would have sent out the adhesive tape to them.

    They are more expensive as far as start up costs, but they are easy to work with and there’s no pressure as there was with ADT who wanted to send out an installer just to assess the security needs and charge $99 just for that! You can often have that assessed just by calling the local police department who may assist in an assessment and make suggestions at a low cost or no cost.

    They were helpful in determining what I needed and when I told them I had cats, it was suggested not to use the motion sensors. Again, I don’t know what the real problem was with the negative review that mentioned the animals causing issues with their motion sensors. It sounds like they had placed them too low.

    Out of 10, I would rate them a 9.5 only because of the more expensive start up costs, but I would highly recommend them.

  • Staywme

    We have a Frontpoint system and all has been working well, albeit one unit on a sliding door keeps falling off, but that’s for another day.
    What REALLY irks me is that our Frontpoint system has been unarmed (today is 9/2/16). I have tried to arm my system from my iPhone as well as from my computer and the computer site is unreachable. When I call Frontpoint they tell me that their IT is working on the issue. I get all of that. The best systems in the world crash sometimes etc etc.
    When I asked them to arm my system for me, they can’t, they won’t or they just…. So here I am at my destination, some 400 miles from my home and the system is not armed. Of course they could, if they wanted, by simply getting into my account and hit the “arm” button, but they started hiding behind a legal policy … yada yada yada.
    Not happy with this customer service aspect from Frontpoint. Actually I am VERY disappointed.

  • Lia

    Frontpoint has been our #1 rated security company for the past 9 years, so they are our first recommendation. However, if you ever need a different system or something that fits other needs, I’d look at our ‘Home Security Systems Review’. We update the list quarterly based on our on-going reviews of national security companies and their products.

  • R. Paschon

    Loved that you had information about Frontpoint’s central station! I couldn’t find this information anywhere else.

  • Diane A.

    I love Frontpoint. They provide such amazing service. We just setup the alarm system that we ordered only 2 days ago and it only took 20 minutes! The young woman that activated our system over the phone was so sweet too. The best part is that we got extra components for free when we ordered. I read that Frontpoint has different promotions and deals based on the number you call. We tried about 10 numbers. We got the best deal by calling 855-318-0420. We found it on our 6th try and called it back at the end to order. I hope our experience with Frontpoint continues to be this positive.

    • R. Paschon

      We got a great deal thanks to your tip! Thank you for sharing!

      • Lia

        That is wonderful to hear! I hope you’re happy with your new system.

  • Mona the Guyanese!!

    I am very happy to pick Front Point as my system. They are the best in the business. Best customer service and support.

  • will

    I have been researching alarm companies for some time now. I am fairly intimate with alarm systems and how they operate. Like all companies, there are good and bad reviews so there is always a risk when making purchase. One of my hangups with this system (and others) is that the motion detection variables are set to 40 lbs. I have 2 dogs in excess of 40 lbs. The recommendation from the rep was to not activate the motion sensors when the alarm is in away mode. That defeats the purpose of a motion sensor in my opinion. I believe these offer the best “2nd’ line of defense if the door contacts are breached or bypassed all together. I’m not getting glass breaks as I think they aren’t worth the money. I’m sure I can flip the PIR upside down in order to change the direction of the beams but I’m not confident that will give me the desired results of having the. Has anyone had experience with this and what the possible resolution is?

  • Dorothy Robinson

    They have an excellent system and great customer service.Super easy to install even the cameras. You do need an electrician for the outside camera if you are installing cameras.

  • michael murray

    the system could never be activated. the hardware did not fit our home. The support staff was horrible and nearly impossible to reach. I have tried to return their materials and they said they would take the system back but never provide shipping information. The system never worked as advertised and when I said I didn’t want it. They sent the account to a collection attorney. Their system is terrible it doesn’t work and they are horrible business people. I would recommend better know companies like ADT etc.

    • J

      Recommending ADT….hope you were kidding!

      • Lia

        We aren’t. After testing them alongside other top brands, we qualified them as our #9 Top Home Security System based on their customer service/reputation, price, equipment and technology.

  • Dale

    Spent all afternoon on the phone with tech support just trying to get the wireless camera to work. Finally decided it was a bad camera and are going to ship out a new one. Then we move on to setting up the base unit. Couldn’t get a signal “because T-Mobile is bad in that area”. Had no idea when ordering there were options for carriers!!!! Would NEVER have chosen T-Mobile. So they are going to ship another base unit out. I work out of state so I am missing three days of work just to set this up!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I was just badgered for a good 25 minutes with exactly the “used car salesman” “one call close” approach from a FrontPoint salesperson. The salesperson failed to address my concerns for adequately and kept asking why I would bother calling other companies if I knew they were rated number one on ALL the review sites… I do think they have a good product, albeit for an expensive upfront cost compared to other companies, but I am almost scared to call back to ask any more questions unless I am certain I want to sign up. Let the product speak for itself and quit with the aggressive sales pitch!

  • rlsroyce

    I’ve just purchased a Front Point system based largely on it’s positive reviews. I would like to get feedback from others in regards to yard signs. It seems to me the yard signs serve two functions. 1) Advertisement 2) Warnings. I’m wondering if it would be more prudent to install signs that do not provide information on the type of equipment/service installed. Thereby providing the potential intruder with adequate warning but leaving them to ponder the risk of breaking into a home unaware of its security capabilities and or shortcomings. I found a generic sign I really liked. It featured a shooting range target, complete with bullet holes and text which read “nothing inside worth dying for.” Not sure my HOA would approve, however it does get the message across. I intend to install signs which simply warn that my premises is protected around the clock.

  • kellykellypete

    Can someone tell me if Frontpoint or any of the wireless systems have in-house sirens to at least potentially scare/annoy intruders? I know they all go to a monitoring center, but I can’t find mention of a good old fashioned siren that’s going to scream when they trip a sensor.

    • Frontpoint and the other wireless systems include an in house siren.

  • Jason

    Has anyone had experience adding a ZWave light switch to the FrontPoint system? We will definitely be getting a few outlet controls, but need to integrate a light switch for turning on the outside lights. Thanks.

  • Doug

    Location: Ohio

    The FrontPoint security system is a self-installed, wireless home security system that I have had for approximately 2 years. I would like to start out by saying that the support staff at FrontPoint are some of the kindest, most patient people I have ever dealt with. Additionally, I would like to say that some of the remote functionality of the FrontPoint system is fantastic. The user interface and ability to go back several weeks in history is just great. Unfortunately, this is where the love for the system stops.

    I originally purchased the system with the understanding that I could protect my out buildings along with my home. Once purchased I realized this was not possible given the distance limitations of the wireless sensors. Unfortunately, I found this out far too late, outside 30 day trial, given that the issues communicating with my outbuildings were intermittent. After weeks of complaints and more hours than I can count troubleshooting, it was determined that I needed a separate system for the out buildings. Given that I was now in a contract on the home system, it left me no choice than to purchase yet another system from FrontPoint. This was treated just like a second house and I was charged accordingly. My bill ran over $80 per month to cover my out building and my house. I was eventually told that if your house has metal siding, the likelihood of your system working with an outbuilding is very slim. I only wish I would have known this earlier on.

    After several months of paying $80 per month, I received a survey in which I complained the same way I always did to the phone associate. Finally, it came. A small reduction in my bill for having two systems on the same property. I thought that was a nice gesture however, it came at a cost. I was told I had to sign a new contract further extending my commitment to FrontPoint. Without any choice, I resigned.

    Several more months went by and the two systems met my expectations. Around November or December of 2013, the house system began to act up. At random times, the panel would beep 4-12 times when a door was shut. Up to that point, the panel never chirped at all when a sensor was closed. The chirping was excessive and started all at once. Both the home and the outbuilding panels began to do it around the same time. It occurred more often with some sensors than others. Recessed door sensors were the worst. After a door was closed, the panel would chirp nonstop for 2-10 seconds.

    On top of that, we have consistent false alarms. The system will sound in the middle of the night indicating that a window was opened and immediately shut. We have been woken up countless times just to find out that a window sensor or door sensor has falsely tripped. This sensor malfunction is apparent when you view the history of our panel. I spent over 20 hours with support. Sending pictures, taking video, reproducing the issues multiple times over the phone with the associates. Nobody could determine the cause. The company switched out my panel and a couple of sensors. Problem still occurs.

    The toughest pill to swallow is the shear time commitment. I literally would spend 2 hours per night on the phone with the support team. This was difficult for my wife and I since our plans had to all be put on hold because it was a “FrontPoint” night. After all was said and done, the solution from FrontPoint is to turn off the chimes. Even though the chimes are what I use to be able to tell if one of my teenagers are leaving the house in the middle of the night or if there is anyone coming or going. I also like the chimes to make visitors aware that there is a functioning alarm system. This makes a difference to me because I don’t know every one of my son’s friends. Some associates understood my plight and my complaints of having to cover the issues every time I call in to a new associate. Two have offered to be a single point of contact until the issue is resolved, which made me very happy until the call backs stopped due to their departures. At that point, I would start all over again.

    Eventually FrontPoint’s solution to the false alarms was to tell the emergency response call center to not call authorities every time the system has an alarm and go into history and view the motion detectors and see if there is movement. If so, contact authorities myself. Really? For $60+ per month, I could have purchased an internet portal that would do the same thing.

    At this point, here are my issues and FrontPoint solutions:

    Outbuildings not protected due to system limitations – Frontpoint’s Solution: buy a second system
    Huge bill for two systems- Frontpoint’s Solution: small reduction in price if you sign another contract
    System chirps erroneously when doors closed- Frontpoint’s Solution: turn off chips normally only heard when door is opened
    Consistent false alarms – Frontpoint’s Solution:view motion detectors to see if anyone is really in house

    The net of all of this? I would recommend the base system only. If you have a large house like I do and several windows and doors to protect, please consider taking a deeper look into a hardwired system. I am constantly told by FrontPoint that my issues are unique to me and they never receive complaints like these. Maybe that is true but I do have two panels and both started having issues at the same time. FrontPoint denies making any system updates to the panel that would cause this behavior.

    Update: I have begun to fix the issue on a sensor by sensor basis. This involves not using FrontPoint’s sensors. It involves switching out the FrontPoint sensors with ION Security’s Plunger-G for the doors. I would not recommend this to anyone else for two reasons.

  • Me

    I do not want a call from FrontPoint (and I’m mildly annoyed that phone is the only contact method), so I’ll ask here: Is the three-year contract movable, as well? In other words, if I move during the required 36-month contract, will the contact simply follow me to the new location or will I be required to pay off the time remaining on the contract and start under a new contract?

    • No problem. We are happy to help! The FrontPoint contract stays with you so it doesn’t matter where you move. All you have to do is take your equipment when you move and there is no new contract. Keep us posted on how everything goes.

  • Dammit

    Are there any pan/tilt, Z-wave, outdoor cameras that are compatible with FrontPoint?

    • FrontPoint has many camera options including Pan/Tilt and Outdoor models. Z-Wave products are also compatible with FrontPoint systems. You can speak to a representative from FrontPoint at 888-268-6273 to learn more.

      • Dammit

        Jeff, do you know the make/model of FrontPoint’s Pan/Tilt camera?

        • Frontpoint’s Pan/Tilt camera is the Alarm.Com IP Video Camera Model ADC-V620PT. Specs:

          Panning range: 350° swivel capability
          Tilt range: up to 90° and down to 35°
          Live resolution options: 1280×800, 640×400, 320×200, 176×144
          Recording resolution options: 1280×800, 640×400, 320×200
          High, medium and low compression options, in H.264 and MPEG4
          Wireless encryption: WEP, WPA, WPA2
          Adjustable motion detection settings
          Dimensions: 4.0″ D, 4.3″ W, 4.4″ H
          Weight: 10 oz.
          Max power: 12V DC, 5.1 W
          9′ power cord
          Operating temperature: 32° – 104° F; 0° – 40° C
          Image sensor: ¼” CMOS, 1280×800
          Video motion detection: 3 windows, adjustable sensitivity and threshold
          Image adjustments: brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, exposure
          Low light sensitivity: 0.3 lux at 1/5 sec.
          Wi-Fi 802.11 support: b/g/n
          Digital input trigger
          Simultaneous viewers: 10
          Privacy button

  • Brandon Ryan

    Actually, this affects the system in a more detrimental way — if there is an intrusion into your house while the system is armed — the system will not be able to report to Frontpoint and they will not be able to send the police.

  • kelly

    Can you buy extra sirens for FrontPoint systems, I don’t see that as an option…

    • Yes you can get an extra siren, FrontPoint sells a hardwired siren from GE or a wireless siren from Z-Wave. Also if you go with the touch screen control panel, it has a siren built in (so you really get two with the system).

      • Most of the Z-Wave equipment FrontPoint doesn’t sell directly, but you can purchase any Z-Wave device (such as a siren), and it will work with your FrontPoint system. The techs will even help you set it up at no additional charge.

  • Dwain Meyer

    I’ve had FrontPoint monitoring for about three months now. While I’m generally pleased with the service, I do have one unresolved issue.

    Having read that FrontPoint is compatible with Z-wave locksets, I purchased a Kwikset 910 TRL ZW 15 SMT CP SmartCode Z-Wave Deadbolt and installed it.

    After having difficulty pairing it with my GE Simon XT, I contacted FrontPoint support. After 10-15 failed attempts to pair it with my controller, FrontPoint pushed a firmware update to my controller. We made several more failed attempts to make a connection. In the end, FrontPoint stated this lockset is not compatible with their hardware/software.

    Hard to believe since it is one of the most common lock sets available today. This is a problem and it remains unresolved today.

  • Aticdn

    Anyone know how to find out prices without having someone call you?

    • Alex Schenker

      Great question. Check out our Home Alarm Comparison article for a break-down of pricing by home alarm company, as well as the various plans they offer (some have more features than others).

      • atlcdn

        Thank you…I appreciate the info.

  • Chris S.

    Location: Wisconsin

    After doing some research I ordered a FrontPoint security system. It's going on a few weeks now and I am so pleased with everything! Set up was a breeze (15-30 min tops) and I was on the phone activating the system. Not only does FrontPoint have a quality security product, but the customer service is awesome. The tech support department was very knowledgeable about every device they offer. I started off with a pretty basic package, but have since added a Z-wave light module, a Z-wave dead bolt lock on my front door and 2 pan/tilt wifi cams. Locking/unlocking your front door from a smartphone is convenient with a mega cool factor.

    But, out of everything the feature I love the most are the rules you can customize from the website. For instance, from 7pm until 5:30am anytime I disarm the alarm and enter the house, my lights come on. No more walking into a dark house! Andthat's just one of the many rules I have set. We travel a lot and have a cat, from now on when we have a family member check in on the cat, all they will have to do is call to let us know they are on the porch, and we can unlock the door and turn off the alarm right on the spot, from where ever we are, then a quick call letting us know they are done and we lock the door and set the alarm again right from our cell phone. I could go on and on, but you get the point. I am Frontpoint and this is my story!

    • Dan

      Thanks for the great information on FrontPoint. I am very interested in the Z-Wave Dead Bolt Lock and I was curious about the installation process. Did you self install this lock or did you hire a handyman? It seems to me like this is a pretty major undertaking and I would love to hear from someone who has done it.

      • A Guest

        I recently upgraded to a Z-Wave Dead Bolt and installation was a snap. I've changed dead bolts before, so I figured it couldn't be much different. All you really need is a screwdriver. Once you take off the old deadbolt, it is just like installing a new one, with basically one more step. I think just about anyone could do it, but if you are feeling unsure I would suggest a handyman or locksmith for a better piece of mind.

  • Hillary

    We installed a FrontPoint system about a week ago. So far we're pretty disappointed in the equipment. The door sensors weren't communicating with the main control panel, so first we moved the panel to see if it was an interference problem, then FrontPoint gave us these super-strong signal new door sensors. Our house really isn't that big. There's no reason the sensor signals shouldn't have been able to reach the control panel. And honestly there's nothing spectacular with the electronics in our home so interference should not have been an issue.

    Even with the new sensors they are still buggy. Somehow it says my side door is open (it's not).

    We also bought a touch screen keypad, that's not working either. We keep getting a red screen of death on that. And when it is working, it lags behind the main control pad. For instance, when I deactivated the system this morning, it took a good two hours for the touchpad to update with that info.

    Customer service is nice, but the equipment stinks. So there's not much they can do. Considering a switch before my 30 days are up.

    • FrontPoint

      Hillary – We appreciate you taking the time to detail your experience with us so far! We know Jake, one of our Customer Support Specialists, has been talking to you for the past week in order to help get your system running at full capacity. We see that there is a range extender included in your latest package, and that will help all your sensors properly reach the control panel, no matter what is causing interference in your home.

      The GE sensors are some of the most reliable equipment throughout the industry, and we are fully confident your system will be running in no time. Every home is a little bit different, and that’s where our Support Specialists come in to make sure everything is configured to work properly.

      We appreciate your patience while we help you get everything running, and rest assured, we will make sure your home is completely protected for in no time.

  • privacy

    So I've had my Frontpoint system for a while now (and am very happy with it), and recently decided to upgrade to some video cameras. The pan and tilt camera is cool, but the night vision camera blows me away (it's really good quality). My question is, if I log into the website to check my video feeds (conversely checking them on my phone), how am I ensured that I am the only one seeing these feeds? For example, I don't recall assigning any kind of privacy\disclosure that guaranteed Frontpoint would not be accessing my video feeds. Can anyone shed light on this?

    • Alex

      Great question. We'll contact Frontpoint and see what they have to say. Meanwhile, you can create an alert that will send you a text message (or email) whenever someone successfully logs into your website (which they would need to do in order to access your video feed).

      You'll also want to make your login password to your portal as secure as possible. Some tips on creating a secure password:

      • Use at least 8 characters
      • Use a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters (@$%)
      • Use both uppercase and lowercase
    • Alex

      Here's the official FrontPoint Security response to your question:

      There is a safeguard in place for users that prevents, FrontPoint employees, or anyone else from accessing their camera feeds.  The customer is the only person that has access to the password.  The only way to login to the account to view feeds is with the password.  FrontPoint employees cannot view the password. They can only fulfill customer requests for the password to be reset which is emailed to the customer and cannot be viewed by the representative.  If a new password is requested, the customer will be notified separately informing them that  a new password was requested.  Such requests or any changes to the MyFrontPoint account will be emailed to the customer (much like any changes made to an online bank account).  I hope that this helps.  Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

  • Tim

    I have a 3,500 square foot home plus a full basement with 8 exterior doors and a 2,100 sq ft workshop with 2 entry doors 150' from the home. I need 8 exterior cameras to cover the entry locations and need to know how many control panels and what their range is.  I have seen some security systems that offer a hard drive that records and wondering if this does that.  Also, I don't really want a monthly fee for monitoring.  I like the idea of using my iphone to monitor. Any advice will be useful. Thanks

    • Alex

      Are you comfortable wiring your own hardware? And are you looking to do motion capture or any kind of self-monitoring on the video footage? The more info we have the more we can give you feedback that will actually be useful to you.

      We're also preparing to launch our security expert consultant service, where for a fee you'll be able to speak one on one with our security expert and get personalized advice. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when this launches.

  • guest

    We've been with FrontPoint for years and love them. My only peeve is occasional glitches with the app. Over Christmas, for example, we had a period of 48-72 hours where the system itself was working, but the app wasn't reporting (ie. it would stop showing history at a certain time, and report an old arming state).

    It just happened again last night and meanwhile is working again. I'm wondering what might be causing this though. Any ideas why this might be happening?

    • A Secure Life

      We called Frontpoint tech support on your behalf and they said the provider for the notifications (Verizon) was experiencing an outage. This is most likely the same thing that happened around Christmas time and I don't think is under Frontpoint's control.

      The good news is that your alarm system itself is not affected, save for the fact that you can't use the app to arm/disarm when it's in a frozen state (you would need to do so manually).

  • andy

    I have been reading lots of Frontpoint security reviews and have found mostly good. They are one of the most expensive companies though… is the extra cost really worth it? I have trusted GE for years so I like the equipment they use and know it is high quality. I also know that I want a wireless system because I am in the military and move around quite a bit. Can anyone shed any light on the cost/benefit aspect of this company? 

    • Anonymous

      Yes, Frontpoint has been worth every penny. They helped me set up my system, even when I needed a few sensors I did not anticipate. They also have cellular monitoring which means the distress signal if my house were in trouble would always reach the emergency people to respond quickly. I have an iPhone app that I can use to keep an eye on my house and can even watch my security camera from it when I am away. I do not worry with them in charge of keeping me and my family safe.

    • Connie

      Since you are in the military, I think you will be very happy with how easy it is to move with Frontpoint. I recently moved and was just a matter of letting Frontpoint know and they sent me a moving package. I just took all of the sensors off the walls (remember, everything is wireless) and putting them up in the new house. Worked like a charm and customer service was there to help me along the way.

      • Duane

        I'll second Connie's notes here. I have also moved with a FrontPoint system and I can't believe how easy it was. If you have a professionally installed, wired security system is going to require getting a technician involved. Not only will you need help disassembling the system, but also re-installing it at your new home. Every piece of equipment from FrontPoint is wireless. So it is as simple as taking the sensors off the walls/doors/windows, putting them in the box, and install them at your new home. The setup is perfect for renters too, because no damage is caused when you leave. If you need additional sensors or adhesive at your new home, give FrontPoint a call and they will provide you with what you need. 

  • Meg

    Thank you for writing this frontpoint security review… it is so helpful for someone who is new to home security systems but needs to get smart quick. My neighbors house got broken into a few days ago and it reminded me that I need to get on this asap. Frontpoint is the company I have heard the most about when I ask around for good recommendations so your article confirmed this… now time to call and see.

  • Anonymous

    I have never thought about doing my own security install until I read about what you have been sharing about Frontpoint.  They really sound like a good company and when I went to their website, I was impressed.  Being a single mom, I really felt like I could do this myself.  I was surprised.  But they make it very easy.  One thing that they have on the site are how to videos that are well put together and easy to follow.  I like that. 

    They really seem to understand that their customers are going to feel somewhat intimidated and opt for traditional set ups simply out of fear instead of considering what the best system might be for their needs.  I'm like that.  I'm going to go with whatever's easiest.  I hate to say it, but I don't have a lot of extra time to fiddle around with something I don't understand, yet need set up immediately for my safety.  So that's why I wasn't considering a DIY install at all.  With Frontpoint though, the system is wireless so there's no need for power tools or anything like that.  So they say it's cheaper and easier.  Hmm.  Interesting.

  • Anonymous

    I can't tell you how many articles I have read that discuss how every home is different and how cookie cutter security solutions are bogus and can leave your home insecure during a real burglary. It was so refreshing to read that a company that I thought was a cookie cutter solution actually offers ways for you to customize your home security set up. You can do a self-install which makes a lot of sense. You know your home better than anyone else out there. You also care about securing your home. Even though you might not be an expert in electronics, I bet you'll go the extra mile.

    It is very promising to know that there are so many positive reviews on Frontpoint. The customer is always right and if customers are pleased, that means that families feel secure. I used to live in an apartment that had a weird little security system on it and I felt a little insecure with it. I vowed to myself that when I get a security system for myself that I would make sure I felt safe. It sounds like Frontpoint might be great.

    • a seeker of security

      In reality, the information provided on the FrointPoint website is actually promoting a "cookie-cutter" home alarm system installation.  Their instructions show how to set-up the entire alarm system in under 15 minutes.  Most consumers will follow the exact same instructions step-by-step and then set-up their own alarm sytems identically as to what is being portrayed in the FrontPoint Instructional DVD.

      If everyone is following the exact same instructions, that's cookie-cutter.

      The FrontPoint DVD's focus is on ease, simplicity and quickness of installation – no mention is made of how this DVD is a guideline for you to set up your own security system in a manner that suits your residence, and which doesn't compromise your security.

      Information as to what a "cookie-cutter alarm system installation" actually is, and why the practice should be avoided, is NOT being provided by FrointPoint since they believe they have everything "completely under control" with the Crash-and-Smash technology of their GE alarm products (which does have limitations to actually performing as expected).

      If you've read about and understood what a "cookie-cutter house alarm system installation" is, you probably didn't hear it directly from FrontPoint.

      If you do understand exactly what the limitations are concerning "Crash-and-Smash" technology [which is absolutely essential to know to ensure that it does work by installing the alarm components properly], you absolutely didn't hear about it from FrontPoint

      • FrontPoint

        FrontPoint takes anything but a “cookie cutter” approach. The video that is referenced here is only an overview of the simplicity of how easy the setup is. The truth is that FrontPoint provides systems with a higher average number of sensors than the other nationwide alarm companies – we just don’t charge as much for the equipment, so our customers can actually buy the peace of mind they need, and not worry about what they can afford. That’s because we customize every system for the end user, by discussing with them in detail how the home is laid out, and how the customer plans to use the system. FrontPoint has actually earned a lot of respect for this consultative approach, since it’s becoming more and more unusual in today’s alarm industry. There are plenty of “free” systems out there (they are seldom free) that offer a very basic system – what we refer to as a “teaser” system, that really does not do the job.

        As for the set up process, FrontPoint provides the videos as a starting point, but also sends full documentation with each system for the best way to mount each sensor, and where the sensors should go. We also provide written instructions on the use of the system. When the customer is finished with the setup process, they must call FrontPoint for an “Activation” process, which is required before the system will be monitored. During the activation we check every sensor for active communication, confirm the cellular link to the monitoring center, and instruct the homeowner on operation of the system. If a customer has questions at any time, they can call us, and we’ll walk them through the situation – and our reviews speak directly to the quality of our support team’s refreshing approach to making our customers happy.

        Now add the fact that FrontPoint customers can add any sensors at any time – on their own schedule, and affordably. They can even move the system with them, and if they move to a larger home, simply add more sensors. In other words, the “cookie cutter” accusation simply does not hold up to scrutiny.

        Hope this helps! Thanks for reaching out!

        • a seeker of security

          Thanks for the reply.  You got off topic quite a bit.

          To be perfectly frank, you haven’t addressed my concerns at all.  You haven’t explained what a “cookie-cutter alarm system installation” actually is, nor how FrontPoint’s installation guideline for self-installation by the client is any different.

          A “cookie-cutter alarm system installation” is defined as a repetitive process by the alarm installing company in which the alarm system’s components are installed in exactly the same way in each home that they service.  This speeds up the installation time, but has a security shortcoming.

          The security shortcoming only concerns the placement (location) of the alarm communicator.

          With a traditional security system that has an independent and separate communicator control panel, if the alarm installing company has the “habit” or pattern of installing the alarm communicator next to the basement electrical panel (because it is convenient to do so), then an experienced burglar quickly learns to run immediately to the basement electrical panel once he enters the home to attack the alarm equipment’s most vital component – which is the communicator.

          Self-contained alarm systems, such as the all-in-one GE keypad offered by FrontPoint, have the communicator built into the keypad.  Instead of an alarm installing company, the client is doing the installation (with all knowledge and instructions of alarm systems coming directly from FrontPoint).

          If the FrontPoint installation video instructs clients that they should be placing the GE all-in-one communicator keypad at or near the front door, how is this not a “cookie-cutter alarm system installation” since the most important element of the home security system (communicator) is being placed exactly in the same location (front door) of each home?

          To avoid a “cookie-cutter installation”, the communicator must be placed in a different and hidden location of each home, to prevent or slow down an attack from a criminal intent on destroying the alarm communicator.

          Enter “Crash-and-Smash” Technology:

          Since it’s obvious that the communicator is exposed with all self-contained alarm systems, FrontPoint’s use of a cellular communicator within the keypad combined with “Crash-and-Smash” technology was specifically designed for, and intended to reinforce, the vulnerability of this type of installation (exposed communicator at the front door).

          This is a HUGE improvement over first generation self-contained keypad products which communicated by telephone line.  There are several comments on this site from unfortunate homeowners who had those products and were easily burglarized by criminals who ripped the self-contained keypads off of the walls.

          However, there are limitations with the “Crash-and-Smash” technology, which if not properly understood at time of installation, will prevent the product from performing as expected.

          I don’t want to see a client who is dependent on “Crash-and-Smash” to work be disappointed when it doesn’t, because they didn’t properly understand the limitations at the time of self-installation.

          This may happen, because once you tell people that they’ve got everything covered by “Crash-and-Smash Technology”, they don’t think twice about installing the all-in-one keypad next to a window, without proper consideration of the window.

          Their belief is that the door contact will be opened first.  But – if the window is “Crashed” without an alarm being signaled, the keypad is now exposed to attack.

          Proper installation of any security system is dependent on several factors, including sufficient security devices to detect intrusion and supervision of the alarm communicator, especially if it’s exposed at the front door.

          Ideally, the alarm’s communicator should be supervised 24/7, not only when the panel is ARMED.  Consumers believe motion detectors can be used to supervise the communicator, but then don't take into account that most, if not ALL motion detectors are inactive when the panel is armed in STAY mode.

          The problem that I envision is that self-installing consumers are not trained security professionals.  They need additional information concerning the limitations of "Crash-and-Smash" Technology to ensure the most reliable alarm system installation of the GE self-contained product.

          Otherwise, as history has shown, criminals will take advantage of a badly installed security system and slip into an unsecured "crack", even if it is a very small one.

          • Joe B S

            I thought you could position the alarm communicator wherever you want.

            • alarm guy

              Joe: You're correct, you are able to position the alarm communicator wherever you want.

              However, you're missing the point of the discussion: Do you think that the average homeowner with no knowledge of how security systems work, and who has no knowledge of criminals' techniques used to defeat home alarms will disregard and ignore the installation instructions which state to place the communicator at the front door or on the kitchen counter?

              How many homeowners trusted and willingly let national alarm companies install self-contained keypad alarm units in their homes monitored only by telephone line?  How was it that they were not able to immediately recognize that this "first generation" was a crap product?

              Some had to learn their lesson the hard way when a criminal broke into their home and quickly disabled their "self-contained keypad alarm system" by simply yanking it off of the wall at the front door during the entry delay. This resulted in zero alarm siren ringing (once the buzzer inside the keypad was smashed) and zero transmission to the monitoring station since the telephone connection was disabled when the self-contained keypad unit was thrown on the floor.

              In order to understand the improvements, as well as the limitations, of this "new generation" of self-contained keypad/alarm communicators with more secure cellular transmission, you must first understand the weaknesses and design flaws of the previous generation of self-contained units which were only telephone line monitored.

              Criminals examine all alarm systems very carefully and will take advantage of any fault in product design or any weakness in the "installation technique", which will provide them with an opportunity to enter the home without an alarm being made and/or transmitted to a monitoring station.

              This vital information is only being provided on this website through comments from readers who have related their unfortunate experiences with the "first generation" of telephone monitored self-contained keypad communicators.

              Additionally, there are a couple of guest writers on this site who are professional alarm technicians who do not use or sell this product to their own clients, but they are providing additional safe-guards and advice to readers to help ensure a better, more secure self-installation by homeowners who have no security training.

              What these professionals are saying is: "If you decide to self-install this product, spend just a little more money, hide the communicator/keypad and put another keypad at the front door."  Which makes complete sense if you examine the faults with the previous generation of product.

              The people and firms who are actually selling the product should be the ones providing this information to their clients who are self-installing their product.

  • Anonymous

    Interactive monitoring is such a great invention! Not too many years ago, having a system like this was for the super secretive government building or the eccentric millionaire with the huge, creepy mansion. Now the technology is available to we the mere mortals, although it does not make it any less cool, or less useful, either.

    Looking through your smart phone at your house and knowing that things are fine because the security camera showed the motion sensor was only activated by a raccoon is quite reassuring when you are away on business. (We have to do something about that raccoon later! But that is not the issue here.) My friend had interactive monitoring installed in her nursery to keep track of the baby while she was in her crib, how neat is that?

    When I was younger, that was the kind of thing you would see in movies or read in science fiction books. I have not personally used my system for spying yet, but it would be fun to see what goes on while I am away. Technology has come a long way, and interactive monitoring is just one of the neat new things that make life better.

  • Anonymous

    Even though I don’t know much personally about home security systems, I do know that they can help people feel more protected. After something like burglary, fire or flood, a family needs peace of mind and home security systems help their peace of mind.

    Everybody needs something to make them feel more secure. Whether it’s a home security system, a dog or someone awake/coming and going at all times in their house. 

    It helps a person’s mental health to have something that provides peace of mind. I can understand someone getting a home security system especially if they’re living in a huge city and nobody’s home a good majority of the time. My friend lives in a nursing home, so she loves the security of having someone who works there and is awake at all times.  The facility also has a pet dog barking. The doors there lock after a certain time of night as well.  Since I live with others, I don’t have a security system right now, but soon, when I move alone, I will get one.

  • Anonymous

    One thing that really stood out to me from this article was when the author pointed out how much the “used car salesman” mentality has taken over the home security industry.  This is a disturbing trend that I have seen in the overall marketplace for home improvements and I really have to believe that by breaking from this practice, FrontPoint has only helped their chances of reaching more customers and preserving their already solid reputation.

    It seems that nowadays, you cannot ask for any kind of advice or even worse a quote from an industry professional without getting the whole sales-pitch/spiel from whatever rep you may be talking to.   I understand that it is a very competitive industry, but things have gotten to the point where the “one call close” method is just plain getting beaten to death. 

    FrontPoint certainly seems like they want to avoid this kind of reputation and I think it is highly commendable.  A good product or service should speak for itself.  You shouldn’t have to badger somebody into buying what you have, but let your reputation precede you and they can make their own decision.

  • Anonymous

    Frontpoint Security looks like a company I would like to check out. They offer all the services that I want in a home security company and they even offer great customer service. Seriously, I have a hard time getting great customer service from the bagger at the grocery store who can look in my eggs while he crushes my eggs, much less any service provider that I can only contact online or over the phone.

    I need home security where I live. I need to know that I can contact my home security provider and have an issue dealt with right away rather than having to wait until someone will even talk to me about an issue. This is not the first place I have heard about their great customer service either. I do my homework and check several places before I actually do any kind of ordering. I want to hear the good and the bad. I had a hard time finding authentic bad reviews about this company, so I think this is probably the one I will end up going with. The fact that I can instal it myself was also a big seller for me.

  • Anonymous

    What an awesome thing that you can put sensors on your cabinets and monitor your house from your PDA or smartphone!  This is great and I can think of so many instances where it could be useful.

    I think back to when I used to let people stay with me and I was kind of suspicious of what they did when I was gone.  One girl I thought was stealing from me.  I shouldn't have been hanging out with people like this in the first place, but when you're young, it takes you awhile to figure that out sometimes. 

    Anyway, there are so many times when you just want to take a quick look back at your house, like to make sure that you that you turned the TV off, or to see if you got a package.  If you have latchkey kids, you want to see them get home okay, and if you have a babysitter or a housekeeper, you want to keep an eye on him or her.  I'm surprised that no one thought of this thing sooner, without the need for smartphones, just created walkie talkie-like things with screens.

  • Anonymous

    I decided about five or six months ago that I wanted to invest in a home security system for my residence.  I live in the suburbs and not really in a very bad neighborhood or anything but I thought the extra peace of mind for road trips and the ability to more closely manage my home’s energy usage would be a good thing so I went for it. 

    The first company I went with, which shall remain nameless, really turned me off in a big way and ultimately drove me to try out FrontPoint security and I am really glad I did.  The big difference between the two is that the first company I went with made me feel like a stooge anytime I had questions about how things worked or what to expect as a new user.  Their customer service representatives were just plain uninterested and rude. 

    FrontPoint, as their reputation indicates, has always been more than happy to help me with any issues or questions I’ve had since I started with them.  The service differs very little technically speaking, but the way they treat their people stands out.

  • Anonymous

    I am pretty impressed with this article. Not only did you share some great information about FrontPoint, but yo also shared some handy tips for security as well. I much prefer to read reviews and information about companies from someone who is actually lookin to share information rather than someone who is just looking to get the attention of the company itself or something. The Internet is full of misinformation and redundant tips, even on security. It's nice to know there is a source I can go to that actually offers some vaulable information.

    As for FrontPoint, I have heard some great things about them. People seems to be most impressed by the customer service. I supposed they expected the security system to work well since it is a sold product, but we all know you don't usually get a decent product and great customer service from the same source. It truly is usually one of the other. Very rarely is it both.

    Customer service is a major component for me. I don't want to give my money to someone who does not care about keeping a customer long term. I have actually had companies come and get their product from my home just because their cutomer service sucked so bad. For me it's part of the deal or there is no deal.

  • Anonymous

    One of the top rated security systems is offered by Frontpoint. This article gives a really excellent overview about some of the more interesting features and options which are offered by the company.

    The main principle of the company is that each home and alarm is unique. In fact, they offer a self install option that gives homeowners the ultimate in flexibility. To my way of thinking this is probably the best thing about the company. After all, being stuck with another cookie cutter system is not really a great way to go about putting in a security system. Not only is a standardized system easier for a burglar to figure out, but it is not really possible to change.

    A self installed system, on the other hand, gives you the ability to try different configurations and make changes on the fly. If you want to add a few more sensors or another camera or two, go ahead.

    FrontPoint also offers an interactive monitoring system. This is provided through, which is the top monitoring company in the nation. And the equipment is made by GE.

  • Anonymous

    I have been looking at security systems for a couple years now. While I'm not really concerned about protecting the home that I'm renting, I definitely want a great service when we own our own home. Obviously, my first consideration was ADT. However, after reading the reviews, I would never even consider the company.

    FrontPoint was a company I hadn't heard of, but am impressed by. I absolutely love the fact that the service is 100% wireless. I also love that it has self-installation because I don't like letting strangers into my home more than I have to. The interactive monitoring is also a nice touch. I was a bit annoyed that there wasn't an easy price guide on the company's website. But, it was nice finding out that the company offers services to renters in case we end up living in a rental for longer than we expected.

    All and all, I think this would be a great company to work with, but I'm concerned about the price. Most of the other companies I've looked at make it easy to find the cost without having to go through and get a quote. It almost makes me wonder if the price is too high.

  • Anonymous

    Reading through this review, it proved a lot to me regarding the reputability and reliability of Front Point Security as a service provider.  I have been in the market for a security system for the past two months and in going through all my research, I found myself a bit overwhelmed with tall the terminology that goes with the industry and that the salespeople seem intent on drowning you with every time they get the chance.

    At the end of the day, I realize that as long as the equipment is reliable, there is a developed installation process with options, and the customer service aspect is there to my liking, I really cannot make a bad decision.  A good business is just a good business. 

    Front Point Security runs a very clean business and their reputation on the internet is evidence of that.  In this day and age, you can bet with relative assuredness that if you slight a customer or group of customers, they will take every opportunity to share that experience with anyone they can and the internet is perfect for that.

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree with you about the used car salesman approach most security companies take with us customers.  It gets old.  I feel like they are selling me life insurance that I didn't ask for. 

    That's what really captivated me about this article and kept me reading.  I like the idea that Frontpoint treats their customers differently.  I think with home security, we are already vulnerable and we want to feel as safe as possible.  I think when a company is in this industry, they should really be aware of that and respect us. 

    They should not take advantage of our feelings and our ignorance of crime prevention.  Companies that take advantage of us when we feel like that are no better than skeevy guys that try to hook up with girls on the rebound. 

    I have very little respect for people like that, so the fact that Frontpoint Security is different really means something to me.  I also like that you guys establish yourselves as credible.  Not by saying, "We're credible," but by leaving the floor open for anyone to chime in.  It shows you're confident in your research.

  • Anonymous

    There are so many security and monitoring agencies out there now, the competition level is getting higher and higher every year.  Technologically speaking, there is only so much of an edge that one company can gain over another especially when they are well financed for capital.  

    Where a company can still set themselves apart, and where FrontPoint really sets a high standard, is in the arena of customer service.  It may seem like a cliché these days to boast on your customer service acumen, but it really does make a tremendous difference in the overall buying decision for a customer and their satisfaction with the service once they have it. 

    FrontPoint really generates a customer-first type attitude amongst their employees and in an industry where “no news is good news” this can be difficult to maintain.  Subscribers that pay for security and monitoring services hope against hope that they never actually have to put them to use and the company hopes for the same thing.  When trouble does arise the difficulty of the job grows exponentially but it is in those moments when the client needs the reassurance from their agent the most.

  • a seeker of security

    Frontpoint is a great service, we've been with them for years. Recently, however, our  control panel needed a new radio. Apparently they install either a T-Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon radio. Make sure you get one that gets the maximum coverage in your area. I think by default they try and choose one that suits your area, but in our case our updated control panel arrived with T-Mobile when what we really needed was Verizon.

    True to FrontPoint customer service, they have overnight FedEx'd us an updated radio for us to install. If you're unsure about the signal your control panel is getting (varies by location in your home), call FrontPoint and ask them to check it for you.

  • Anonymous

    According to this article, FrontPoint Security is their top choice among all home security companies. That is certainly quite an honor, considering the huge number of choices which are available these days. I think this article does a good job answering the question why.

    The author points out the undeniable fact that every home is unique. This is really why having the option to install the home security system yourself is vital. How is the installation company going to be able to implement a cookie cutter approach for your home that is exactly the same as everyone else?

    Another problem with cookie cutter installations that the author does not mention is that this makes things easier on burglars. If each house alarm system is installed the same basic way, then a criminal simply has to figure out how to defeat a single system and design, rather than hundreds.

    I also really like the approach of this best home alarm article in that it is not pushy at all. In fact, the author actually encourages people to look around and even go out and find negative reviews just to see what is out there!

  • Anonymous

    The customer service that some of these companies provide is just sad. I was calling around so I could try to get some information so that I could make an informed decision when I finally decide on the security company I want to go with. Quality built devices are only half the battle. I need to be able to get the help I need when I need it. I don't have time to be browbeat by a salesman.

    What I found when I called these place is that most of them had no interest in giving me any information. In fact, some of the places I called would not give me any informaton at all until I gave them my contact information. The last thing I need is to have 5 different security companies calling me because I just wanted some simple answers. I think this is the new trend in customer service.

    When I called Frontpoint, I did not have any problem. The customer service rep I talked to was very nice and was willing to give me information without trying to pressure me into buying something I did not need.

  • Eurydice

    Of course, the ideal home security system set up will probably be different for each person and each home. In fact, one of the things which true security professionals say (not those who are just trying to sell you a system) is that it is a bad idea to just have a cookie cutter or straight out of the box type of standard set up. That way, all a burglar has to do is figure out how to defeat one type of set up and they can have access to a number of different homes.

    Every system should have some type of monitoring component. It is probably best if this is offered wirelessly, since a criminal cannot disable it by simply cutting a few wires. The signal should be transmitted over a secure cellular network. This limits the possibility of any down time to virtually zero.

    The brains of your system will be the control panel. This is what helps to communicate between your alarm system provider and the monitoring station. This will usually be placed somewhere near the main entrance so that the entry code can be easily entered within the allotted time.

  • Anonymous

    Whenever you are considering a big decision like choosing and installing a home security system, it really pays to do your research. According to this article, there are a number of things which should be thought through before making your choice.

    One of the first things to decide is whether to hire a professional or go with a self installed option. The truth is that each home and situation is unique, so you want to find a system that is tailored to your situation. There are many companies out there which are simply not very flexible. If you decide that you need (or want) 20 sensors, but a particular set up only comes with six, then you might have to consider something else. On the other hand, a self installed option can be totally customized to your needs and wishes.

    The author also points out that should think about the company behind the system. Make sure that they stand behind their equipment. Look for reviews, both positive and negative to get a better picture. Do the same thing for the monitoring company (which may be even more important).

  • Anonymous

    I have been looking for a good home security system that I can install myself. It just does not make sense to me to have a security system put in and have it done by someone I don't know or have it done the same way that everyone else has.

    I've checked into Frontpoint a bit because their name keeps coming up when I look at reviews or just shop for security systems. Like the person who commented before me, I have not been able to find any bad reviews on them and to me, that means a lot. I mean, human nature is to focus on the negative, so when someone get bad service, you know that they are all over making sure the world knows about it. Frontpoint must be doing what it is supposed to do because I have yet to read a rant on them being a bad company to deal with.

    I have to admit, in my quest for a house alarm, this one is leading the pack. I really like the fact that their customer service is not pushy and that I can install the system myself. So far I have not found a security company that looks as good as this one.

  • Anonymous

    I found this article to be particularly useful as I am right now seeking to find a new home security service provider.  I have had home security in my residence now for about five years, but I am thinking that I can find similar services with another provider for a lesser cost.  However, I do not want to have to sacrifice too much in the way of quality with my service.  I truly value the security of my property and my family, and I just want to get the most bang for my buck.  This article really helped me make some decisions about which way I would like to go.

    I think based on what I read here, I would prefer a big-name company that I know will stand behind their products and services with a solid warranty and an explicitly detailed account of what they will provide and what I am responsible for.  If there is anything that I have learned in my days as a consumer, it is that you do not want any surprises when you are embarking on an agreement with a big company.

  • Anonymous

    What I liked best about this article was the descriptions of the various systems and how each individual security system is set up and how they can be customized according to your preferences and requirements. Since most security systems today are wireless, they are all quite easy to install, even for a beginner or someone who would not really consider themselves to be all that handy.

    The recommended system set up the author speaks of is very reliant upon sensors. For the most part, I think this is sound reasoning. There should certainly be sensors on each door and window which sounds an alert (in the form of an alarm or siren) to notify that there is a possible intruder. Additional motion sensors are placed within the home to cover all of the main areas and keep track of exactly what is going on in the home at all times.

    The most important part of the system is the monitoring company which stands behind everything. This company will have people monitoring your signal around the clock. If one of your alarms is triggered, or a motion sensor is activated, they will know about it immediately.

  • Anonymous

    Frontpoint sounds like a home security system that is worth looking into. You are right though, the Internet is a great tool for doing research on companies like this. Home security today means something totally different than it meant years ago. You don't have to have a fancy home these days for people to want to come in and take what you have. In fact, even the idea of theft these days is completely different than it used to be an until something drastic happens with the economy, it does not look like it is going to get any better any time in the near future.

    Companies like Frontpoint have the right idea. They make the system to fit your house rather than every house in the neighborhood. I do not even know why someone would want to have the same security system as their neighbor. Do you give your neighbor your pin to your ATM card or your social security number? Even if you do trust your neighbors, do not think for a minute that a robber is not going to notice that there are a multitude of homes all set up with the same security systems. With this company, it sounds like everyone on the block could be with Front Pointand have completely different setups. Sounds good to me!

  • Anonymous

    There is quite a variety in terms of what can be used to create a reliable and working home security system. Many systems can be completely customized. At a minimum, you should have a control panel (which is there to communicate with the monitoring company) and some door sensors in order to be able to detect a break in. Of course, having such a basic system will leave a lot of areas uncovered and should be considered in extreme circumstances.

    The control panel is really the brains of your system. It is used to communicate with both the monitoring company and the alarm system provider. In some cases, you may need to have several different control panels. This will usually depend on the size of your home.

    Door and window sensors are the next aspects of a good system. These are pretty self explanatory; they will detect any type of unauthorized entry through your door(s) and window(s). You can usually choose how many of these you want, depending on the make up of your home.

  • Anonymous

    Frontpoint sounds like it just might be the security system I am looking for. I need something that is easy to use. For me, ease of use includes ease of installation. It also means that I have great customer service available to me if I happen to have any problems using the system or installing it. I want to be able to call the company and talk to an actual person who knows the details of what I am working with.

    Of course I also need it to be affordable and able to keep my home secure. It really sounds like Frontpoint has all of these things and possibly more. I've read some of the other articles on this site and it doesn't look to me like the things you write are just lip service. It looks like you did your homework and got some valuable information out of it.

    Oddly enough to most people, another reason I like the sound of this system is because I have never heard of it before. That means that the people around here may not know how to get around it. And that is good news for me. Thank you for the review!

  • Anonymous

    I love the idea of sticking a sign out front that says you have a security system when you actually don't! Too funny. Seriously, I'm a fan of security systems, so I'm not saying not to get one. I've also read some of the security comparison articles on this site that outline the various features that every security provider offers, so I love that you went a step further and gave some details about this security system inparticular. But if you can't afford a security system, the illusion of one won't cost you anything and might even be kind of fun to set up. There are a few things you can do to fake out would-be thieves.

    You can at least post a "Beware of Dog" sign. If you have friends who know you don't have a dog and question this sign, I would urge you to not share the truth with them. No one can be trusted 100% and if your friend happens to get into some bad things and knows you post signs like this to deter thieves, they won't believe your security system sgn either. You can just tell them you were going to get a dog and worried about legal issues.

    And if you do install signs that say you have a security system when you actually don't, don't tell your friends about that either. Just let them think you have a security system set up. Change the subject to avoid details about the system.

    • Matt

      I have been reading countless security system reviews, trying to decide which house alarm is best for my family. I am thinking I like the 100% wireless aspect of Frontpoint and that they have cellular monitoring. This seems the safest route in finding the best security system company to keep my house safe. Thanks so much for doing all this research.

  • Anonymous

    A wireless security system offers another benefit besides the security of no lines to cut.  It is much easier to install in most homes and therefore can be done by homeowners who wish to take on the task.  Previously, most components of an in-home security system would need to be wired into the home’s power supply and therefore needed some legitimate technical knowledge about electricity in order to do so properly and safely.  With wireless components, they can be placed in any area needed without fear of having to get too involved for the average homeowner. 

    What it all comes down to though, and Front Point Security seems to do exceedingly well in this area, is the service you feel you are receiving from the provider itself.  No matter how many bells and whistles the system may have or how high of quality the hardware and components are, it will mean nothing if it is not properly installed, maintained, and the homeowner feels comfortable using it.  All this is on the shoulders of the sales and support staff of the individual companies.  You should shop around to find who makes you feel the best.

  • Anonymous

    Who knew they had so many different types of sensors?! Seriously, I didn't even know there was a glass breakage sensor. Of course, that could be kind of inconvenient of you have animals or small children, but I suppose a rush of police officers knocking on the door after your child broke a glass would be one way for her or him to learn that they need to be more careful with glass objects! lol

    I really like the cellular feature. I am very rarely away from my house. Part of the reason is that I have been robbed before and every time I pull in my driveway I have this awful knot of anxiety that I'm going to walk in my house and everything be gone again. It's a horrible feeling that I wouldn't wish on anyone.

    The cellular feature might actually make me feel like I could leave my house again though. At least I could check on it while I was gone and that might make me feel a bit better about ever leaving it at all.

    I don't know about installing the system myself though. If it was too easy I would think I had done something wrong. If it was too hard I would end up hiring someone to do it anyhow.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this is one of the best and most in-depth articles I have read about home security systems.  I think people have a tendency to think of home security just as window sensors and alarms, but the technology has advanced so much further than that now, people really need to educate themselves about what it is they need and what constitutes a good security system and service.

    That is probably the most important thing to realize these days, is that home security is no longer just a system that either rings a bell or summons the police or fire department.  Although those systems still exist, the more modern and effective application for home security is a system that works hand in hand with a twenty four hour monitoring service that keeps everything under close watch.

    This article got far more in depth about the different configurations that are available and I think they touched on some good points.  One thing I have learned is that wireless systems have started to really gain some traction in the marketplace.  There is some benefit in being wirelessly connected so that no lines can be cut to interrupt the service


  • Anonymous

    Great article! I love the part about great customer service. Most of us don't really think about customer service until we need it, and by then it's too late to back out. I might be able to deal with poor customer service at a fast food restaurant, but when it comes to the security of my home and family, I want to know that I'm being taken seriously. I think it's ridiculous that we even have to have companies like this around at all, but if we have to have them, they need to take their job seriously.

    One feature that I loved reading about here was the remote access. I've had a home that was robbed. I can't help but think of that now every time I leave my house. Of course, possessions can be replaced, so home security is more important to me when my family is actually home and might get hurt, but it would be reassuring to know that I can check on the security of my home even when I'm not there.

  • Anonymous

    I like that the author asks the question about what should a good home security system include. I was slightly disappointed to discover that my Greek fire was nowhere to be found, but overall I feel that good recommendations were made. The minimum requirements included sensors for each exterior door, window sensors for windows that were not viewable from the street and motion sensors to cover large common areas of the home. Of course, this is a minimum recommendation. Personally, I would not be happy with just this. I would want sensors on all the windows and motion detectors throughout the home. Additionally, I would want the whole thing to be able to be controlled from my smart phone.

    The article then talks about the various types of wiring and access available. The cheapest are those systems that are actually hard wired. The problem with these, of course, is that they are not very secure. Any thief could come along and simply cut the exposed wires and then you are out of luck. They also connect to a land telephone line, which may not be a bad thing but it is certainly not state of the art. The next step up is a wireless system, although this still uses a telephone line. Then there are cable based systems which relying on your internet connection for communication. Finally, the most state of the art system uses a dedicated two way cellular network. This is much more secure than your local cell phone network. Additionally, there is also a battery back up, so it is virtually impossible to disable such a system. If such an attempt was ever made, the system itself is smart enough to recognize this and would immediately dispatch help.

  • Anonymous

    Good article.

    While this article is more of a review of the Front Point security system, there were also a number of great ideas in here which really made me start to think. The first take away I had was the idea of choosing a system which has a self install option. This way, the system can really be customized to fit whatever requirements you may have. It would also be a great way to include just the particular features you were looking to include. You may even be able to add stuff off the shelf, as it were. Of course, being a neophyte at this installation stuff, I am not even sure what kind of technical or mechanical skill would even be required to do this.

    Another interesting thing is the fact that most burglaries occur through doors and not windows. This leads me to believe that even if you did not want to go the whole way and actually get a security system, you could start by reinforcing all of your doors. This led me to think a little about how I would do this. Maybe start by getting some new doors that were a little more break in resistant (is that even a word)? Another option might be electronic locks and a deadbolt or two. I also might start considering some good old fashioned Greek fire perched on a ledge above and rigged to drop when the door was unexpectedly opened with an excessive amount of force, but somehow I imagine that would be against the building code in my neighborhood! I guess that for now I might have to be satisfied with maybe just adding a few fake (but real looking) cameras in some very conspicuous places.

    The author also points out something which I have always thought. That if you do not want to get a full blown security system, you should at least get a sign advertising a security system. Put it in your front yard. The name of the game here is pure deterrence. Statistics show that a sign like this will deter about 60% of burglars on its own. That sounds like cheap insurance to me. Personally, I would also try putting another sign or decal in my window.

    Another really cool feature of many security systems these days is interactive monitoring. Actually, I think this is probably the top reason to consider such a system. Accessing your system remotely through your phone or PDA is really cool and very convenient. Turn your lights on and off right from your phone, set the system or even turn it off as you are about to walk in. You can even access your logs to see who has been in and out. Combined with internal motion detectors, this can really give you a ton of information about exactly what is going on in your home, even when you are hundreds or thousands of miles away. You can even add sensors to certain objects or areas that you want to closely monitor such as a cookie jar, or a computer room or home office.

  • security system owner

    I just wanted to answer some of the rumors I've been hearing about equipment warranties and the varying policies between alarm system vendors. A couple of my FrontPoint (FPS) window and door sensors failed after 3 years (because I had been using them on my garage doors – turns out there's dedicated garage door sensors for this which I'm now using). Despite their being no official equipment warranty on these, Front Point called and said they'd be Fed-Ex'ing out brand new sensors at no charge.

    In the 4 years I've been with FPS I have yet to experience a lapse in their terrific customer service.

  • Anonymous

    The only point that isn’t factual in the article is that crime rates are on the rise. Crime rates have declined from a high of nearly 15 million in 1991 to 10.3 million in 2010. In fact, robberies are down to levels last seen in 1970. None the less, I think a good security system can give piece of mind, especially for ancillary features like smoke sectors and quick access to emergency personnel. (statistics source:

  • Anonymous

    Burglars are roaming these days. Many have been murdered and some sexually assaulted. Me and my family want to protect our home with security against such thieves. The systems you point out here really caught our attention. I would like to suggest these to my family.

    • a seeker of security

      Please edit Denzel's comment.  It sounds like he's saying that "roaming burglars have been murdered and sexually assaulted" – – which personally, doesn't offend me at all!

      Thanks for the laugh!

  • Anonymous

    I love the fact that I can arm/ disarm my system via my cell phone. It’s so handy that I don’t even bother with the Control Panel or keychain remote anymore. The only thing that would make this even cooler is if I was given the ability to program a button on my car dashboard/ rear-view mirror like I have setup for my garage doors.

    • a very impressed thief

      WOW!  You press a button on your car's dashboard to open your garage doors and now you'd like another little button on your rear-view mirror to disarm your home's security system.

      How cool is that?!?

      Where exactly did you say you live and where do you park your car?

      P.S. Is your cellphone password-protected?  I hope not, cause I just hate it when they are.

  • Anonymous

    In my book a top security firm will give you the option of installing your own system. In my ten year experience with security systems, I’ve seen way too many installations botched. Unless a security representative takes a couple days and becomes intimately familiar with the construction of your house, they’re bound to miss a couple “dead” spots that experienced burglars will be able to exploit.

    Save yourself the headache and go with a system that you can install yourself. Who knows your home better than you?

    • Anonymous

      I recommend the wireless alarm and monitoring system I purchased a few months ago, easy to install do it yourself, you purchase all you need as per your budget. It consist of a Panel and you choose the accessories and it’s micro camera-sensors, then the system will send you a sequence of verification images to your mobile in case of triggered alarm, so you can verify immediately that you are home.

      We have tested and good quality photo received took in darkness area.

      And very important NO monthly rates, I’m very satisfied, good quality and fast delivery, I purchased it on line.

      I let you know the brand name for you take a look on

  • Anonymous

    Is currently being dominated by a few giant, old school companies (ADT, Brinks, APX, etc.). Companies like Protect America, Life Shield, and FrontPoint are the new breed of home security…but are they as reliable as the old? From what I can tell the basic problem with the old, brick and mortar systems from the larger companies is that the technology hasn’t changed much over the years. The result? Thieves have learned to bypass the systems. I’m leaning towards smaller, more technologically efficient alarm companies, but I’m also hoping that they’ll still be around ten years from now!

  • Anonymous

    One thing that you definitely need to get with your alarm system is a control panel system that can’t be disabled. In other words, the CP should send a signal when the house is breached (ie. door or window open), and another one when the system is successfully disarmed. This prevents the ability for an intruder to disable your home security system by smashing the control panel (old systems send a signal only when the “time delay” ends – you want one that requires a second signal, when the system is disabled, thereby preventing a smashed control panel from sending a disarmed signal).

    Hope that makes sense!

    • Jmoore

      This problem is the reason that FrontPoint (and some others) uses a cellular link. It transmits an alarm very quickly (apparently, a couple of seconds) so that smashing the control panel in time is hard to do – if it's in the right place. The cellular link is part of the higher cost (similar to ADT), but worth it in my book.

  • Anonymous

    Intruder home alarms and other types of professional security services will be a worthwhile investment to safeguard your property or your business. It is absolutely true fact that you are less likely to be burglarized if you have some professional maintained and fitted house alarm system or other type of modern security systems.

  • Anonymous

    We repair and install sensors in Colorado all the time. If your door got busted up by a break-in, visit us at to get your door repaired, and if you have questions regarding automatic door sensors.

  • Anonymous

    This is a great post, I like your suggestion about searching for negative reviews on the Internet. I used to look for positive reviews for something I was buying but found that the most value was gained from reading negative responses, like people clarifying that such and such isn’t actually what it claims to be or a kettle which takes about half an hour just to boil despite it’s fancy other functions.

    People need to keep in mind, of course, that competitors can just as easily post negative reviews that are in fact false. I think if you spend enough time Googling and researching you’ll get a fair overall picture of a company and its products. And then of course there’s, which I always check before purchasing a product (they didn’t turn up ratings on alarm system providers however because I think they mostly focus on consumer products).

  • Anonymous

    Smith and Wesson Security services provides advanced, customizable security solutions to homes and businesses across North America. We are committed to protect you and your loved ones with the best security products and service.

  • Anonymous

    It really does not have to take a lot of time to put into practice some preventative measures for your home security. No matter what type of monitoring video door intercom system you decide you use, there is at least one more easy item you can do that will make a big difference in the event of a tragedy. I trust it never happens, but in case it does you will be glad then that you took the time now.

    Yes, take precaution and preventative measures before anything does happen. Make a video recording of all your electronics along with their serial number, make and model. Record anything that is of value to you. You could also be talking about where you bought it, how much you paid, or any other important information while you are video recording each item. Don’t just tape the big money items either. In just a few minutes you can walk through your house and make a recording of your valuables which then can be safe guarded outside your home in a safe deposit box, or in your fireproof safe.

  • Anonymous

    In order to protect the most valuable assets in your home, you’ll want to go with none other than Brinks Home Security. Not only are they committed to providing exceptional protection, they are dependable and therefore a Brinks home security system is a wise choice.

  • Anonymous

    I love all the sensor options that are possible with a DIY home security system. One of the most important features I’m looking for is the ability to add a video camera – both indoors and outdoors. We live on a large piece of land, and it’s often difficult to tell if people are approaching the house from the hillside due to heavy forestation. So I’d like to mount a wireless camera in a nearby tree. I’d also like to mount a couple cameras behind each of the main entries to our ranch.

    Can you tell me which security companies offer wireless video surveillance?

    • a secure life

      FrontPoint has launched a new suite of home automation products, including wireless video surveillance. You can use a wireless security camera for live video and real-time video clips (sent to your PDA while you’re away from home).

      Some features/specs on the wireless security service:

      • Live Streaming Video – online & via cell phone/PDA
      • Motion & Alarm Triggered Video Clips (500 MB monthly upload limit per 50 MB storage)
      • Archived Video Clips Storage Online (50 MB standard; 250/500/750 MB upgrades)
      • 100 monthly text/email clips per 50 MB storage
      • Receive instant Video Clips by Email, or by MMS to a cell phone / PDA

      And technical specs on the security camera itself:

      • 802.11 b/g wireless or ethernet connectivity
      • 640×480 resolution
      • 0.4 lux low-light sensitivity
      • CMOS technology
      • 4.09mm, F2.0 lens (i.e. 35mm wide angle)
      • 5V Max power consumption; 6′ power cord
      • 1.1″ (D), 3.5″ (W), 3.5 (H); 4.3 oz
      • Operating Temperature: 32 ° – 104 ° F
      • WEP, WPA, WPA2 wireless encryption
      • Adjustable motion detection settings
      • Adjustable resolution and compression
      • Convenient Privacy Button

      There’s also outdoor security cameras (designed for outdoor real-time video and video clips). Specs:

      • Direct Ethernet connection to router required
      • Camera is weatherproof
      • 0 lux @ F1.8 lux low-light sensitivity
      • 4.00mm, F1.8 lens
      • Operating Temperature: -4 ° – 122 ° F
      • Adjustable motion detection settings
      • Adjustable resolution and compression
      • Dimensions: 5.9″ x 2.3″ x 2.3″
      • Weight: 22.2 oz.
      • Powered via 10′ power cord or via Power-over-Ethernet injector
      • Total distance between camera and router cannot exceed 300 ft.
      • No-light infrared range is 30 ft.

      Finally, there’s a wireless pan/tilt camera that will let you actually adjust the angle of the camera so you can cover a broader area for viewing/ capturing. The features of the wireless panning/ tilting camera are:

      • Live Streaming Video – online & via cell phone/PDA
      • Pan and Tilt online camera controls for remote viewing of multiple locations from one camera
      • Motion & Alarm Triggered Video Clips (500 MB monthly upload limit per 50 MB storage)
      • Archived Video Clips Storage Online (up to 50 MB standard; 250/500/750 MB upgrades)
      • 100 monthly text/email clips per 50 MB storage
      • Receive instant Video Clips by Email, or by MMS to a cell phone / PDA

      And the technical specs, including the range of the pan/tilt feature:

      • Pan/Tilt Range: +/- 45° Pan and +22/-35° Tilt
      • 20 Viewing position presets available
      • 802.11 b/g wireless or ethernet connectivity
      • 640×480 max resolution
      • 1.0 lux low-light sensitivity
      • 4.5mm, F2.0 lens (i.e. 35mm wide angle)
      • 12V DC power consumption; 6′ power cord
      • 3.2″ (D) x 3.3″ (W) x 3.9″ (H); 10 oz
      • Operating Temperature: 32° – 104° F
      • WEP, WPA, WPA2 wireless encryption
      • Adjustable motion detection settings
      • Adjustable resolution and compression
      • Convenient Privacy Button
  • Anonymous

    Very valid points raised within your article. It does sound as though FrontPoint are a good little security company. I too have found it difficult to scrutinize them nor have I found any negative reviews about them across the web. I would struggle to believe that any kind of “aggressive” sales strategy would work. Especially the way ADT went about it. What I would like to know is if they have a system for those with home automation.

  • Anonymous

    Is there any way to order this security system as a gift? I have a kid that is moving into a somewhat “shady” area for her first post-college job, and while my daughter is very responsible as far as payments and money management is concerned, we’re a bit worried about her safety. We can’t afford to move her into the adjoining, “nicer” neighborhood, but would feel safer if we could give her a quality security system as a Christmas present.

    Is there any way to order these things as gifts – ie. set up payments from our account, but have the system installed, configured, etc. at our daughter’s address?

    • a secure life

      I don’t think it should be a problem setting up a specific financial arrangement (ie. specifying the account that funds the system and the monthly fee) according to your needs. I would discuss this with your security systems rep or provider.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard that there are two basic “revenue” models as far as security companies are concerned. In the first, security firms make money primarily via a higher monthly fee. In the second, they make money by selling accessories, and are able to offer a lower monthly fee. Which ones does FrontPoint fall under? It seems that their monthly fee is very competitive, but that their accessories are a bit overpriced…

    • a secure life

      Every alarm company makes money by selling accessories as well as maintaining a monthly fee. While one may lower one and raise the other, at the end of the year you end up paying more or less depending on the type of system you get. Cellular tends to be the most expensive (but also the most “break proof”), and if you buy from small local providers you can often get a very low monthly fee.

      But as with anything, you get what you pay for. FrontPoint may not be the least expensive option out there, but they’re one of the best security system providers we’ve run across.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, it is true today’s security systems protect our assets as well as our family members. But before we use these systems we should discuss our security needs with a professional security consultant.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that some security system providers are better than others. But don’t rely on them to take care of all your security needs for you. It’s just as important for you to establish basic security measures when you’re considering the safety of your home, family, and valued possessions.

    Hire a professional security consultant, in addition to installing a home security system, to provide a consultation as to the safety and security of your home, neighborhood, etc. and things you can do to improve your security setup.

    Sentinel Consulting Group, based in North Carolina, comes highly recommended. But don’t take our word for it – give them a call and ask for Greg. You, and your family, will be happy you did.

  • Anonymous

    FrontPoint isn’t bad. We installed them in our house and are happy so far. I agree that the techs were fairly pleasant – they didn’t show their sales pitch down my throat. At the same time, my guy almost sounded non-complacent, like it didn’t matter to him either way. If I were FPS, I would want my guy to hype my system at least a little.

    That being said, installation and activation was fairly painless. Now I’m just waiting for my city to send me my alarm system registration confirmation. Once that’s done, I’ll need to be careful not to trigger any false alarms (my wife getting up to let out the dogs, for example). So far, we’ve set it off just about every morning.

    One really nice feature is that I’m able to adjust the volume of the beeps on the Control Panel so they don’t blow our ears off (the panel is fairly close to our master bedroom). Even nicer is the fact that I can disarm it remotely before I enter the house (on my iPhone – there’s an app!). That means I could theoretically kill the time lapse that happens when someone opens the door, effectively taking all time away from any burglary. If you’re going to take this approach, however, I strongly recommend that you don’t forget to disarm (because the alarm goes off instantly)! And trust me, the alarm siren is loud as heck and you can’t (and wouldn’t want to) lower its volume.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got a question on the interactive monitoring feature ( How exactly does this work – you access a website on the Internet and are able to arm/ disarm your alarm system? Isn’t that insecure? I don’t want anyone else being able to access my system and potentially disarm it, go into my house, and steal my brand new flat screen TV!

    • a secure life

      The security of accessing your system online will depend on the password you choose. Just as with any online access (your bank, phone account, Facebook, etc.) your security hinges on picking a secure password. We recommend a password of at least 8 characters, made up or random letters, numbers, and special characters (such as $*&% – but only if the website supports special characters – it should throw an error if it doesn’t). It also helps to add capitalization. Whatever you do, don’t use a dictionary word.

      Finally, you also have the option of installing a security system with traditional monitoring only – that is, without the interactive option. I believe this will also result in a discount in your monthly cost.

    • Anonymous

      As with any website, your password is only as secure as you make it. I don’t think the thieves will make the connection between your website login and your home security company. If they’re that sophisticated, they’ll probably find a way in anyways. And if you’ve got that pimpin’ of a pad that someone that high tech would want to break in, you can probably afford to hire an armed guard. Just sayin’ 😉

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this article. You raise some very valid points. At first I thought the whole thing was biased a bit towards FPS, but after doing my own research I can fully back what you say. I had spoken with an ADT rep from Gaylord security, and the guy was a total @sshole. He went as far as to say I’d be putting my family in danger if I didn’t order ADT. It was almost impossible to get him off the phone and by the end of the call he had his supervisor on there and everything and all I wanted to do was get off the phone. How can that possibly be a successful sales tactic in today’s day and age?

    FrontPoint, on the other hand, was friendly and laid back. My “sales” rep didn’t push too hard, and even gave me the chance to think about it and call back. So that’s what I’m doing now, but I’m leaving heavily towards ordering an FPS system. And like you said, I can’t find a negative review on them! Can anyone?