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Home Security Systems Cincinnati: Are You Safe in this Unsafe City?

Cincinnati SkylineCincinnati has a history of helping people and proactively creating new services to make them feel safer. In fact, the first ambulance service was created right here in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1865. The first professional fire department also started up in Cincinnati. It seems like people truly want to help others out, and it’s apparent why. When you look at the crime statistics for Cincinnati you see how big of a problem it is and why there was a need for an ambulance system and fire department in the first place. Maybe more than just a little. Cincinnati is safer than only 2% of U.S. cities. Your reasons for installing a home security system will only be increasing as you read this article.

Cincinnati Crime Statistics

The numbers don’t lie and the numbers clearly show that Cincinnati is a dangerous city.1

  • Population: 296,223
  • Safer than 2% of all United States Cities (ie. more dangerous than 98%!)
  • Chances of Becoming a Victim of Property Crime in Cincinnati: 1 in 14 (1 in 30 Ohio)
  • Property Crime Rate Per 1,000 Residents in Cincinnati: 70.59 (33.55 in Ohio and National Median 29.1)
  • Crimes Per Square Mile in Cincinnati: 302 (41 Ohio and National Median 39.6)

Local Home Security Systems in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Bell – Cincinnati Bell is the largest provider of home phone, internet and cable in the Cincinnati area. They offer multiple security packages that you can bundle with their other services. They are UL certified and they send you notifications via text.

201 E. 4th St
Cincinnati, OH  45202

Dial One Security, Inc. – Dial One is locally owned and has been around for over 34 years. They promise to keep you connected to your family and home wherever you are.

6114 Madison Road
Cincinnati, OH 45227

Trident Security Solutions – Trident covers Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky with their security services. They offer security, energy, and home automation which you can access via the web and any web-enabled device like a smart phone or tablet.

P.O. Box 181670
Fairfield, Ohio 45018

National Home Security Systems in Cincinnati

We rank these home security companies yearly and our Home Security Systems Review article explains how each company ranks this year.

  1. FrontPoint Security - 888-369-1952
  2. Protect America - 877-778-8423
  3. LiveWatch - 888-255-7812

Avoid These Neighborhoods

Here is a list of neighborhoods you may wish to avoid in the Cincinnati area. They have high crime rates and are known to be dangerous.

  • East End (Eastern Avenue)
  • Over the Rhine
  • Madisonville
  • Hawaiian Terrace
  • Winton Terrace
  • Evanston
  • Parts of Price Hill
  • College Hill
  • Parts of Clifton
  • Avondale (by OTR)
  • Lincoln Heights
  • Bond Hill
  • Parts of Walnut Hills

No matter where you are in the world, remember to avoid any dangerous looking areas. Places that are dark and have few people around are most likely places you don’t want to be in.2

References: [1] Neighborhood Scout; [2] Virtual Tourist

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  • John Howard

    There’s certain neighborhoods in Cincy I would definitely get a security system in. If you have a security company monitoring your house then you don’t have to. That peace of mind is priceless IMO.