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Home SecurityWe conduct annual reviews (with quarterly audits) of all the security services and products we cover (these range from alarm systems to identity theft services, antivirus software, and more). We also provide regular tips on how to install your home security systems, safety tips, quick and inexpensive ways to make your home safer, security definitions so you can talk the talk and more to make your home safer and allow you to relax and enjoy life a little more with your family.

Below you’ll find our current winners in the security systems category, as well as the criteria and methodology behind our reviews, and how you can ensure that you’re getting an independent review (as well as how to spot a biased one). We also provide a little more detail on the other home security content you should expect to find on our site. And, should you be searching for something in this category and cannot find us, please contact us to let us know what you might like to read more about in the future.

Best Home Security Systems

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Protect America

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(866) 311-1331

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ASecureLife Rating: 4 out of 5 4.17 / 5.0

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You’ll find an in-depth review of each alarm company recover, in addition to an explanation of the review criteria we use on our best home security systems page. You’ll also learn about security industry definitions and terms, and you have access to a comparison table that will let you view features and price points at a glance.

Coming soon, you’ll be able to search for the best home security system providers by location (state and city). As always, we welcome your feedback and feedback as we strive to bring you trustworthy and cutting-edge research for all things security.

Home Security Tips and Terms

You will also find many tips on how to enhance your home’s security with quick and easy changes that will go a long way to keeping your family protected. Also, we will provide the definitions and terms needed to help you better understand this complex topic. We bring it down to layman’s terms so that you can go into the decision more educated and confident than ever before. You can make the best decisions for you when it comes to your home security and we hope we can help you get there.

How To Tell if a Review is Unbiased

One of the most covered and reviewed security products on the market today are alarm systems. The problem is, many of these reviews list their top security system providers based on how much they are compensated for these listings. Here at ASecureLife.com we are doing our best to gain our reader’s loyalty and trust by conducting independent and unbiased research before we monetize our content.

Why do we bring this to light? Simply because we want you, the reader, to be able to rely on our research, and we want you to return to our site and view it as a trusted resource in the security industry. Here’s some things to look for in a review site to help establish its legitimacy:

  • About Us and Contact Us pages
  • A Disclosure Policy that mentions if and how reviewers are compensated, how comments are handled, and more.
  • An explanation of how reviews are conducted
  • Look for each article to have an established author (you can also look in the Google results to see if a page has an associated author, this means they are participating in the Google authorship program, which is designed to establish a network of trusted writers).

Home Security Articles

Checkout our home security category for all the recent posts we’ve published on home security. And if you’re specifically interested in home security systems, I suggest you drill down into the security systems sub-category.