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Time Warner Digital Phone Call Blocking Service

Unsolicited Telemarketers CallingExcellent News for Time Warner Digital Phone Customers! To ours, and those receiving a deluge of spam calls on a daily basis’ delight, Time Warner Cable has finally added a call blocking option to their services. To access the call blocking feature, which lets you block calls from up to 30 numbers simply by adding them to a list, browse on over to My Services on the Time Warner cable website, and register to create an account if you haven’t already. Then, log in and click on “My Home Phone.” From there, you’ll see a “VoiceZone” section. Click on the “Go to VoiceZone” button, and then browse down the list and select “Selective Call Blocking.”

On this screen, you’ll be able to enter up to 30 numbers that will not be able to reach you. Their calls will not appear on Caller ID, go to voicemail, or get forwarded. They will simply hear a pre-recorded message that says “The called party is not accepting calls from this phone number.”

Once you’re done adding phone numbers you’d like to block, hit the “add changes to save queue” button. Finally, in the right-hand column of the screen, you’ll see a list of changes waiting to be saved. Click on the “Save” button to confirm the changes.

If you ever want to remove a number from the blocked list, browse back to “selective call blocking” and select the “remove” button next to the phone number you wish to remove. You’ll need to re-save your changes.

This is a huge step forward as far as preventing calls from your most annoying phone spammers is concerned, and we’re hoping other phone companies will take a queue from Time Warner’s action.

Reverse Phone Lookup Services: Do They Work?

Time Warner has really taken a step in the right direction since they decided to provide call-blocking services to their customers. Unsolicited calls are a nuisance to many of their customers, and it is great that the company decided to take notice and provide such a practical service (and free no less; AT&T offers a similar service via their parental controls, but that costs $5/ month).

Countless people receive up to 10 unsolicited phone calls every day. If you find that one particular number is a bigger nuisance than others are, it can be helpful to find out exactly who these people are that are calling you. Sometimes, these people have the wrong number, yet are trying to collect money from the people that they think they are calling. More often than not, unfortunately, the calls are being routed through so many channels that you won’t be able to track down the source.

Many reverse phone lookup services will provide you with information regarding land lines and cell phones. You can get names and addresses as well as alternate numbers listed at the same address. Many people think that they can just do a web search and find the information, but some people choose not to list their phone numbers in standard phone books. Standard phone book listings are the only listings that you can get online.

Reverse phone lookup services are able to get access to private listings databases that you cannot find anywhere else. This information includes files from landline phone companies and directories from cell phone companies.

They update their listings regularly and they do their best to combine information from several different sources so that the records they have are as extensive and thorough as possible. That being said, there are a lot of reverse phone lookup services that are a scam, or merely a website to created to serve ads and try to incentivize you to click on them.

Our Recommended Provider

InteliusIntelius is one of the more reputable companies in this space. They offer not only reverse phone lookup services, but also background checks, neighborhood checks, and more. For a limited time, readers of A Secure Life can get 30% off Intelius reverse telephone lookup services by clicking here.

How Do These Services Get Their Information?

In order to provide you with this information, these services have special agreements with the phone companies that allow them to have legal access to information that no one else can be privy to. Since they have to pay money for access, this protects general customer privacy. However, anyone with money can have access to many unlisted phone numbers, which may not be entirely fair.

The information is not publicly available online though and in local phone books, so that is somewhat of a relief.

Most reverse phone lookup services offer one time searches and subscription plans. Most subscription plans are very affordable and even if you only think that you will have do one search, chances are, a few months later, you will want to search a new number. It is good to have the ability to look up numbers whenever you are ready to do so. Most services will cost you less than a few dollars a month and you will save even more if you pay for a year’s access or access for multiple years.

Most people seek out free reverse phone lookup services before they eventually choose a paid service. Though some services claim to be free, for the most part, any free service is just going to be a glorified search engine. You can probably get the same results by typing the phone number into Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Though the website might call itself a reverse phone lookup service, it is not an official one with official access to private records. Some companies will provide you with a free trial, and these companies are legitimate, but as far as we can tell there are no completely free reverse phone lookup services worth their own salt.

Some people feel that there is enough access via web searches, social network listings, white pages and other public directories, that they do not need reverse lookup services. What they do not realize is that most of this information is out of date, and that cell phone numbers are often recycled since people like to change plans and carriers so much. The landline listings and names are often several years out of date as well when you search public directories.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some online resources are wiki, meaning anyone can modify or change the information there. This is another thing that can lead to inaccuracy.

In addition to names and addresses, some reverse phone lookup services will give you extra information like family members that live at the residence and additional phone numbers linked to the address. Some of them will provide you with a full profile of name, cell information, landline information, address and resident stats. Scary right? This is one of the reasons privacy legislation is so important, but unfortunately so behind.

Using these services is always easy. They are all located online, and once you have purchased your membership, you would just log in as you would to any membership website. You just do your search as you would in the browser of your favorite search engine, and you can usually look things up by name, phone number, or address, to get to the listing you are seeking.

Most of these websites will search for a number even if you do not have a membership yet. They will then ask you for the membership fee if they have access to the data you are looking for. Once you pay, then you just log in and complete your search.

Expect Better Results From Companies Like Time Warner Digital Phone Call Blocking Service

Though it can be tempting to go with a company that is on the cheaper side, if you want the best, most accurate data, then you should go for a moderately priced company.

Because these companies provide you with such useful information, many people wonder if the services are legal. The good news is that these companies are legal operations that provide information that they have retrieved through legal means. The bad news is that your own information is subject to being indexed as well. And just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean it’s right. As we pointed out, legislation has a ways to go in this industry.

You cannot use the information that you get from these services to make telemarketing phone calls or to harass the people whose listings you have retrieved in any way, but many of these services follow legal guidelines and, for the time being at least, it is legal for you to take advantage of them. If you are unsure as to whether a service is legitimate, contact them and ask for proof. If there is no contact information listed, that’s a red flag.


Our site's mission is to help consumers make more informed purchase decisions. This website accepts financial compensation from some of the companies mentioned which allows us to provide this free service to our readers. Compensation does not influence the rankings of products. More info on our disclosure page.

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  • doloresbanegas

    how do i unblock a number that has been blocked from my phone

    • Hi Dolores,

      In the same section you blocked a number, you can unblock a number by following these directions:

      If you ever want to remove a number from the blocked list, browse back to “selective call blocking” and select the “remove” button next to the phone number you wish to remove. You’ll need to re-save your changes.

      Please let us know if you have any further questions!


  • Guest

    As Peter Blood stated, 30 numbers is not nearly enough when we are being deluged with that many numbers in just one week! I would like to know how, short of having the phone service disconnected, to simply STOP the calls. They come at all hours. If I try calling back to vent my frustration on them the number comes up as a number no longer in service. There has got to be a way to stop or block these calls with no limitation to the quantity of unwanted callers.

  • BigTasteGrill

    It worked, only I put a little twist on it. I found my nearest FBI Office and put their number in. It forwards these un-wanted calls to them. Haha. Stopped the calls within 2 days. Wonder what they thought when the FBI picked up?

    • Candace Alward

      hahaha..I love that. Lots of info here. but none I can use. I just want to unblock someone from my landline and cannot find an answer anywhere..but yours is good for those annoying calls i get. YAY

      • Candace, do you still have the instruction manual that came with your landline phone? Maybe there is something about unblocking callers there? If not, perhaps you can call the company who made the phone? Good luck!

  • PeterBlood

    30 numbers is pathetic with the volume of 800/866/877 robocalls, charities, contractors, etc. people are besieged with. TW CEO needs to get his head out of his posterior and get real. And don’t tell me it’s a “storage” problem as the amount of data is infinitesimally small compared to other services. Time Warner needs to do better by it’s customers.

    The only other way to deal with this is to buy a call blocking device or use the one on some phones. But it’s better to do it at the TW source since the phone can still ring once before the block sets in locally. We need UNLIMITED blocking of calls. It’s our right and way overdue. We pay enough for these services. Please make it happen, and sometime this decade.

  • JON

    I’m getting delinquent notices in the mail, and it hasn’t even been turned off yet. Phone calls every day. As long as I pay by a certain day they won’t turn it off, but instead harass the **it out of me daily, either with a phone call, which I have now blocked, or mail. And my bill is only 160 bucks.

  • Betty

    I have been on this phone and online for over an hour trying to register to block a phone number. I finally got registered and went to voice zone, and my request got rejected. It said my info couldn’t be retrieved. Then I went to live chat, they told me to call 611 to block my phone number and I now am back where I started, on hold! What is wrong with these people? Do they think I have time to waste? I pay all this money for cable and this is the service I get? I am one unhappy customer, but what does Time Warner care as long as they get their money!

    • Do you have an iPhone? The iOS 7 update included a block/unblock feature that makes it easy to block phone numbers. I’ve used it since it’s been available, and it works great! I even tested it by blocking then unblocking my brother’s mobile number and landline number. Don’t pay for this service if you don’t have to!

    • Candace Alward

      Oh great. I have T/W. I dont want to be on the phone forever just to unblock someone. My daughter blocked somone on my phone and now I cannot get calls from her. So mad!!! Controlling children. OMG

  • Anonymous

    Ahhhh, finally! Call blocking lists on my digital phone. This is soooo money – I have been waiting for this foreeeeever. Cu later scumbag telemarketing and scam artist phone callers – I look forward to never hearing from you again.

  • bababooey

    My only complaint with this service is: I wish they would allow 500 numbers instead of 30!!!

  • Carolin Barwick

    My neighbor tried calling my telephone number three times on Friday night and said my number was blocking her call. 

    How do I unblock her blocked number on my list?

    • Michelle

      Hi Carolin,

      We would recommend calling you phone service carrier and discussing this with them. Be sure to have your neighbors phone number on hand for this conversation. They should be able to identify and solve this issue.

      Best wishes, Michelle @ ASecureLife.com

  • micheal

    I want to stop these call from coming in…

    • michael krupski

      I want to stop calls 2064652980 and 4144652980

      • micheal

        I want these calls to stop.

  • Anonymous

    I need to block this number 281-973-6394 thank you !

  • Anonymous

    Neither direct instructions nor four months of unanswered, un-returned calls has clued a rejected suitor in to the fact that I no longer wish to communicate.  I was delighted to discover that TWC had this service. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Call blocking is okaaay… but that only works if you know who you want to block beforehand.  Better would be to implement a Call Screening feature that forces all callers (except perhaps those on a white list) to identify themselves.  Then when your phone rings, you get to press 1 to accept the call, 2 to reject it.  I get so many calls for surveys or for donations, and I just can't handle them anymore.  If Google Voice can do it, why can't Time Warner?

  • Anonymous

    The 800 service will by pass your block by using an alternative number and eventually fill up your 30 slots. To either kill their business, make people stop using it or just to harass the harasser. Go to the tab for "Call Forwarding" right next to the "Block Callers"tab and go to "Selective" Call Forwarding. Select the 800 Service number called and enter it. Use a blocked 800 Service number and enter it as the forwarding number. It will have telemarketers talking with telemarketers. I have filed over 30 complaints with the FTC's DoNotCall site against 800 Service and it doesn't stop em…so screw em instead.

  • Anonymous

    Time Warner's call blocking list is by far the coolest thing I've ever come across. You have no idea how many fake spam calls I was getting before on Bellsouth (landline). And, Bellsouth was almost twice as expensive as the digital phone. I don't think people realize how few telemarketing calls actually come from legitimate telemarketers. Based on the phone numbers here on this site, I'm seeing just how many spam calls are being made. It's no wonder the Do Not Call list isn't having much effect!

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