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Getting Calls From (210) 255-3192?

Once you’ve read our call report below, learn how to block this phone number and prevent it from calling again.

Call Report for (210) 255-3192

Legitimate Call?
Caller ID
AT&T, ATT, San Antonio, TX; Cell Phone,
San Antonio, TX, USA
Call Report Details
Callers report receiving calls from (210) 255-3192 on a repeated basis (all weekdays and weekends) and on a variety of phone numbers (home, work, cell). It appears difficult to actually get a hold of the caller, as they often simply hang up. The few callers that have gotten through have spoken to individuals described as having thick accents, mumbling, and asking about the respondents experience with AT&T services. The nature and pattern of these calls makes them appear illegitimate.
Call Notes
One respondent noted that the call originates from San Antonio from a Southwestern Bell telephone line. Another caller indicated that the caller ID spoofed AT&T's residential support number, which is (800) 288-2020.
Other Numbers Used by This Caller
Phone Number Variations
  • 210-255-3192
  • 210 255 3192
  • 2102553192
  • 1 (210) 255-3192
  • 1-210-255-3192
  • 1 210 255 3192
  • 12102553192

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