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(800) 609-5666

Once you’ve read our call report below, learn how to block this phone number and prevent it from calling again.

Call Report for 877-229-2313

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4 responses to “(800) 609-5666”

  1. I recently began seeing this number on Called ID and today there was a ‘gruffish’ message, claiming to be a debt collector, and I HAVE no debt to be collected.

  2. I think the debt collector they reference – First Point Collection Resources, may in fact be legit, even if this particular call is not. Here's the info I dug up on them: Website: firstpointcollectionresources.com E-mail: info@firstpointresources.com Corporate Headquarters: FirstPoint, Inc. 225 Commerce Place Greensboro, NC 27401 Mailing Address: PO Box 26140 Greensboro, NC 27402 Phone: (800) 288-7408 FirstPoint Collection, Information & Mortgage Resources (919) 787-5181 Management Resources No mention of any of the above mentioned phone numbers on their site, which supports your report that the call above is fraudulent. If anyone is concerned about this, you could always call the number above. Then again, even that might be fake…I myself am thankful for my call blocking feature!! I just hope I don't go through more than 16 #'s (only 1 (this one) so far)…

  3. I have received several calls from 800-609-5666 and when they leave a message they say the call is for [insert name in computer voice] (many different names have been used and none are mine) and if I am not [insert name in computer voice] then I should call 877-412-4704 and have my number removed from the list. Yeah, like I'm stupid or was born yesterday. The message states they are First Point Resources trying to collect a debt. I have no debts and the various names used aren't mine.

  4. I agree with blocking these calls which I have gotten regularly and have blocked, but before I blocked them I went to the FTC website and filed a complaint. When we called them back they tried to get information from us without ever telling exactly what their important matter was, so that was a red flag to me and I hung up. You can go to https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/ to file a complaint. Thanks

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