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Is 877-229-2313 Calling You? Learn How to Stop Them

Once you’ve read our call report below, learn how to block this phone number and prevent it from calling again.

Legitimate Call?
Caller ID
Toll Free Number
Call Report Details
This phone number appears to be a scam “phishing” call from a source masked as a collection agency. Phishing calls try and extract sensitive personal information or money from you by deceiving you. Reports indicate that you may hear a pre-recorded message, and that if you try and call back, the caller will attempt to collect payment from you. In this case, the caller, reportedly a debt collection agency (EOCCA), will tell you the following using a pre-recorded message: Pre-Recorded Message Hello, this is a message for [First Name, Last Name]. If you are not [First Name, Last Name], please hang up and call (877) 229-2313 to remove this phone number from our records. If you continue to listen to this message, you are acknowledging that u are [First Name, Last Name]. This message contains personal and private information. There will now be a three second pause. This is EOCCA, a collection agency, and this is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Please contact us about this important business matter at (877) 229-2313. When calling please reference account number [Random 7-digit Number]. Again, the telephone number is (877) 229-2313 and the account number that is needed when calling is [Random 7-digit Number]. Thank you.
Call Notes
This pre-recorded message appears to be fabricated, and the callers are merely trying to get your personal information and collect payment from you. There are several clues in the message indicating that it is fake. First, a legitimate debt collection agency does not leave any personal information on your voicemail, as this one does (name and account number). Second, the linguistic style of the speaker indicates that they are not a professional caller from a legitimate corporation. Third, The pre-recorded female voice used to generate the phone and account numbers does not appear to originate from legitimate text to speech software, but rather, has been altered using vocal filters.
Other Numbers Used by This Caller
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  • (800) 203-1552
  • (800) 268-9806
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  • (877) 206-5207
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Phone Number Variations
  • (877) 229-2313
  • 8772292313
  • 1-877-229-2313
  • 18772292313

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