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Is 877-229-2313 Calling You? Learn How to Stop Them

Once you’ve read our call report below, learn how to block this phone number and prevent it from calling again.

Call Report for (877) 229-2313

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44 responses to “Is 877-229-2313 Calling You? Learn How to Stop Them”

  1. Wow – I get calls from these idiots just about every other day. Luckily I screen my calls and long ago gave up on wasting too much time trying to determine if a call is legit or not. If I have any doubt, I completely ignore it and don't bother checking voicemail. That's what surprised me about these morons – they actually left a lengthy voicemail recording (thanks for writing it down – your text message above matches almost to the T with the voice recording I received). Anyways – stay away people. When in doubt, it's probably fake. If it's really important, they'll come knocking on your door eventually.

  2. Thanks for this detailed report! It's nice to finally have access to a resource where I can lookup a detailed report, and get a verdict on whether a phone number is a legitimate call or not in a matter of seconds. Kudos and keep up the good work! I'd like to contribute if I can, a mailing address I dug up on this scammy debt collection agency, EOCCA: 700 Longwater Dr, Norwell, MA 02061

  3. Unfortunately I had already called back the number before finding this article. The woman on the phone said the overdue debt was from AT&T, and that I would need to pay the bill immediately. First, of course, I tried to find out a little more about EOCCA. However, when I asked, she said it was none of my business what EOCCA stood for! I hung up immediately – obviously a legitimate agent wouldn't be so rude!!

    • You say "obviously a legitimate agent wouldn't be so rude"!! Well let me tell you, I run a telephone training company and there are plenty of legitimate companies whose customer service and telephone training is awful. A total disgrace in fact.

  4. Here's a listing of phone numbers that have been used by EOCCA in the past and are still using. This listing has been compiled from complaint sites on the internet and may NOT be a complete listing: 888-266-6471 877-683-1155 877-208-4176 877-215-2634 877-294-5776 800-544-8026 877-611-1815 800-325-4389 877-229-2313 800-434-8681 800-268-9806 877-518-6509 866-800-9685 866-239-9557 877-528-3499 866-265-7927

    • 1/20/2011-1/25/2011(Each day we were called 2-8 times) in Paducah, KY, in the 6:45am to 10:30pm CST range. Here are the numbers they used: 1-877-477-0202 1-800-518-6139 1-877-698-3261 They left messages, similar to the ones listed in your article above, about debt we owed and asked us to call back.

    • In this case, the calls are being received from EO-CCA (notice the missing S). None of the reported phone numbers match up with those provided by the EOS-CCA.

  5. I called the Colorado Consumer Affairs Office. The said that EOCCA is a legal company. I was advised to call the 877 # and have my phone number removed. If they do call back then I can file a formal complaint. So, if you receive a call from EOCCA or EOSCCA, you can call your states Consumer Affairs or Complaints office and they can advise you.

  6. AT&T gave me the number 800-455-8026 to contact regarding a past due balance I had with them. AT&T sells all of their accounts to EOCCA. If they are calling about your AT&T they are legit and can give you the AT&T account number. I wouldn't ignore them if you truly owe. Contact AT&T to confirm.

    • I tried calling them under a different number of 877-388-1407. Once I got someone on the phone I was transferred four times and that was within the first 3 minutes of the call. After that, once I got someone on the phone to answer my questions she yelled across the room to another rep to ask my question during that call. After the rep answered I spoke to 3 more different people. They advised me what it was for and they will fax the information to me. I still have not received anything.

  7. Are they simply dialing random numbers? I got so sick and tired of dealing with phone calls from these people and several other scammer type calls, that I changed my phone number to a brand-new number that was supposed to have never been had by anyone else ever before. I thought to myself, "Whew! No more calls!" As previous people have said, these people call several times a day starting at 8:30am even on weekends and I got tired of constantly having to screen my calls. Yes, I could have just checked caller ID each time but since two or three of these type of scammers had managed to get ahold of my old number, I was inundated and these people are RELENTLESS. I have no idea how they got my new number. I've only had it a few days, and already I got one of the calls from this EOCCA company. I was so upset! I never use my home number for signing up for things anymore. I use my cell or work number. No one has my new home number except a few friends and family. Does anyone know how they found me??? This is insane!! I changed my number to get away from them and have some peace and quiet and its starting all over again!! There has GOT to be something we can do to make them stop!!!!

  8. Received a call (not my first) for someone looking for my 81 yr old mother, who has been having strokes for the past 6 months and is currently in the hospital and not capable of speaking with anyone. The number I got from him today is 866-239-9526, Jose, extension 43447. He wouldn't talk to me because I'm not the power of attorney for my mom. He said it was a personal issue.

  9. I'm confused why people are saying it's a scam? It's a collection agency. How can they be a scam company? Are people really saying there are fake collection agencies? They throw out relevant facts so I doubt it's a scam company. I think they just buy really really old accounts that we all forgot about. Also their voicemail is stranger than that of other collection agencies.

    • FYI, they called my brother starting they were collecting for a T-Mobile bill for a line he currently uses and gets bills for. They called me saying that I owed money for an account I don't have. Then cursed me out when I confronted them about it.

    • Based on the research we've done, fake collection agencies do indeed exist, and this appears to be one of them. Phone calls impersonating legitimate agencies have been on the rise recently.

  10. They called my cell phone number, saying they were looking for my ex-husband for unpaid MA taxes (which he does owe a decade or more worth of unpaid taxes). They left an extension # and a name to call back. I called back, and listened to a recording saying they were a collector for the MA revenue services and the call would be recorded for training purposes. Sounded very legit. I gave them the ex's number. I hope they bug him and leave me alone!!

  11. Complaints to the FTC about debt collection agencies are for LEGITIMATE companies. This is NOT a legitimate debt collector. Therefore, file your complaint about these phone calls to the FCC. Use the business name EOCCA in the complaint. A flood of complaints will get noticed; the agency keeps statistics. Lucky me – Frontier can't block calls from 877 numbers in this area, their equipment is so outdated.

  12. I’ve been getting calls from a company that identified itself as EOCCA, with a recorded message that asks for “Diania Acievedo.” I’ve pressed the “does not live here” option on their interactive voice system, 30+ times. I’ve called at least 5 times to ask that my number be removed from their system, and I’ve spoken to both operators and managers. I was promised each time that this would be done, but the calls keep coming.

  13. This company is a real pain in the bum. I am waiting for the refund back from Verizon that is owed to me. They said it takes 30 days since I over paid my account. This EOSCCA says I'm refunded because Verizon is sending back the check because it in collections. I called Verizon in Providence and they said no, and is so sorry about this matter and a check will arrive within 30 days. This company is low low low. I will follow up with the AG office here in NYS. They should not be doing business this way.

  14. Received a call from "EOCCA, a collection agency". They called from 800-203-1552 and asked that I call them at 800-903-1431 regarding "this important business matter" and refer to this — 8 digit account number–. A call report on this site said word for word the call I received, including the "3 second pause". I have gotten 3 such calls on my cell over a period of 3 months. I do not have any debts and never have. So I know this has to be a scam/fraud. These calls started soon after I discovered an unauthorized charge and credit on my credit card and I put a fraud alert on my credit card.

  15. I called Tmobile after speaking with a live person (dumb me) they tried to get money from me. Called Tmobile and they said I am glad you didn't pay them. They also called my 80 year old mom in another state asking for me. I informed Tmobile of that and they were shocked. Investigation underway do not give them any money or talk to these people whoever they really are.

  16. I received a call from them, looking for someone I haven't seen or heard from in over 15 years!  How desperate are they?  They claimed that they will remove my phone number and not call me again (I honestly have no idea where this person is).  Let's see if they leave me alone or not.

  17. I also have received calls from this number supposedly for collections on a defaulted student loan.  The obnoxious woman who started calling me at home, on my cell phone and she was calling me at my work number.  Supposedly she had court documents also on a loan that I had supposedly taken out in my former mother-in-law's name and I had defaulted on those loans and had placed my former mother-in-law in a financial jam.  This woman had with information supposedly received from a private detective and they had arrest warrants for me unless I gave them bank information/credit card information "they could clear this matter up right away and prevent my being arrested."  I finally told the woman to send the Federal Marshalls to come and take me away….let them provide me with room/board and let them pay for my medical bills.  They got so bad at calling my job that they told a coworker a horrifying story about trying to desperately reach me to notify me of a horrifying event with my son.  I have contacted an attorney through my job who asked me to get the address for this company and they would handle the situation from then on.  These people are apparently slick to have avoided prosecution thus far.  They will apparently stop at nothing to get the information for your accounts.

    Thanks for the research.

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