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ADT Medical Alert Review—Simple and Affordable

Overall rating

3.313/ 5

ADT offers good prices, simple plans, and quality equipment. The company loses a few points for its customer service reputation and the limited operating range of the equipment.

Customer service

Equipment quality



ADT offers good prices, simple plans, and quality equipment. The company loses a few points for its customer service reputation and the limited operating range of the equipment.


  • No annual contracts
  • ForevRate program
  • Affordable prices
  • Easy-to-use equipment
  • Cellular and landline options
  • 24/7 access to trained response team


  • Activation fee (can be waived)
  • Mediocre customer service reputation
  • No mobile app
  • Extra fee for normal pendant/wristband
  • Extra $10/mo. fee for fall detection pendant
  • Limited operating range

ADT is one of the most famous home security companies in the world, and it ranks on our list of the best home security companies. While the company is known for home security, it also offers medical alert systems.

These systems are pretty simple, but they give customers an easy way get help quickly in an emergency.

Is ADT’s system the right solution for you or your loved ones? Keep reading to learn more about what it has to offer.

What stands out about ADT medical alert systems?

ADT’s medical alert systems are quite similar to others on the market, but a few things stand out.

If you have an ADT home security system, you can pair it with your medical alert system. Most other medical alert providers offer only medical alert services, so they don’t include the option to integrate a medical alert system with a home security system.

ADT also offers the ForevRate, which locks in your monthly rate so your prices won’t go up if the company’s rates change in the future.

ADT medical alert vs. the competition

ADT falls short of the competition when it comes to range. Companies like Medical Guardian and LifeFone both offer systems with about 1,300 feet of range. ADT, on the other hand, offers only 300–600 feet. That means your pendant will work only if you stay within that distance. That still gives you plenty of space to walk out to your mailbox, relax on your front porch, or play with grandkids in the back yard, but if you want a lot of flexibility, you may prefer a system with longer range that lets you walk over to your neighbor’s house a few doors down.

Other cons concerning ADT’s medical alert system are issues throughout the industry—not downsides that are exclusive to ADT.

For example, most companies charge extra for fall detection, and many of them don’t offer mobile apps. We still think ADT could give customers a better experience by making fall detection more affordable and by making mobile access easier, but these aren’t reasons to choose another company over ADT.

Packages and pricing

ADT’s medical alert packages are affordably priced—in fact, while the packages aren’t the cheapest available, they’re less expensive than packages offered by many other medical alert companies.

You can get a $2-per-month discount if you order your package online instead of over the phone. You can also get discounts by paying quarterly or annually instead of monthly.

PackageMedical Alert BasicMedical Alert PlusADT On-The-Go
Month-to-month online price$27.99/mo.$27.99/mo.$27.99/mo.
View planVisit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit Website
Waterproof pendants
Fall detection available
Home temperature sensor
Wireless connection available
Mobile access
Month-to-month online price
View plan
Waterproof pendants
Fall detection available
Home temperature sensor
Wireless connection available
Mobile access
Medical Alert Basic Medical Alert Plus ADT On-The-Go
$27.99/mo. $27.99/mo. $27.99/mo.
Visit Website Visit Website Visit Website

Which package is right for you?

Fall detection is one of the most important features of a medical alert system, so in most cases, we’d recommend choosing either the Medical Alert Plus Package or the ADT On-The-Go package.

If you (or the loved one you’re shopping for) plan on spending most of your time at home or with others, the Medical Alert Plus package should work out just fine.

However, if you want a package that offers more independence and mobility, the On-The-Go package is probably your best bet. It’s also the best option if you’re concerned about getting lost since it’s the only package that comes with GPS. You’ll still have to take the mobile device with you, but it can fit in a purse or large pocket.

User reviews

Most of the reviews we found for ADT’s medical alert service talk about customer service, but the results are mixed. Some customers were thrilled with the customer support they received, while others were incredibly disappointed. We’ve seen the same theme with ADT’s home security services.


My mother has been an ADT customer for almost 2 years. We chose the company because of its name and the services it provided. We became customers after my mother fell in her bathroom as was lying on the floor for several hours with her arms pinned beneath her body. Because of that incident, it was essential that we find a service that offered fall detection. ADT is a wonderful company, and I have nothing but positive things to say about it. Is it the cheapest out there? I’m sure it isn’t. However, I have no problems paying an extra $10 or $15 a month for the fantastic customer service we receive. I have never had a rude or disrespectful customer service agent. Whenever we’ve spoken with one of their agents, either over the phone or through the base unit, we have had calm, respectful service. […]- Ella Perry, April 2017, Best Company


Very disappointed with customer service. Had medical alert plus for my Mom since Sept 2014; in November I called to have her medical alert device placed on hold while she was in the hospital. When I called back in November to re-activate her device I was assured that it has been re-activated and available for her to use. On Feb.6, I was testing her system, however, I was not getting a response so I called ADT and was advised that her system “HAD NEVER BEEN ACTIVATED”! My Mom has been wearing the pendent since November without any protection! Called CS again today and was advised that they were very busy and that someone would call me back within 48 hours. I told them that waiting for a return call up to 48 hours was unacceptable; the customer service rep stated that I could do whatever I had to do, cancel, wait on a return call, but she could not help me. […] – Debra E. February 2015, Consumers Advocate

Do we recommend ADT Medical Alert?

ADT medical alert reviewADT Medical Alert it is a solid option for customers who want an affordable, simple system. If you aren’t sure about ADT Medical Alert, check out our post about the best medical alert systems to learn more about other options.

In our opinion the biggest drawbacks are the equipment’s limited range and the company’s shaky customer service reputation. If neither of these things bothers you, ADT may be a good choice.

The company is well known, plans are affordable, equipment is simple, and contracts are only month to month. It is a particularly logical choice if you already have home security through ADT and want to stick with a company you know and trust.

Have you used a medical alert system? We’d love to hear from you. Share your experiences in the comments below.

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