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Alarm.com iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone App

Alarm.com logoAlarm.com is a home and business security provider that specializes in user convenience and control. It is well known that users can arm and disarm their alarm from a computer. Alarm.com really stands out with their mobile app, which puts this convenience with you everywhere you go.

Why is Controlling a Home Alarm through an App a Good Choice?

The alarm.com app is a great tool for homeowners on the go to use to keep tabs on their house alarm systems from their smartphones and/or their tablets.

Alarm Notification

One of the most important features of cell phone and iPad access to a home alarm system is that home owners can immediately receive an e-mail and text message whenever their home alarm is sounded. This warning gives users a heads up if they wish to return home to meet the authorities, or it can serve to warn home owners to call authorities (a double precaution for many home alarm monitoring systems since 24/7 central security system monitoring will have already done this as well). In the event of an alarm, it also gives the homeowner the heads up to stay away from the home until the authorities have cleared the scene.

Frontpoint Security

Activating or Deactivating the Alarm

Many of us lead such busy lives that we frequently forget the little things that matter including paperwork for that upcoming deal, turning off the lights, lunch from the fridge and turning on the house alarm. What is the point of having a home intrusion alarm if you forget to set it each time you leave the home? With cell phone access to the alarm system, this no longer has to be a concern because through the Alarm.com app, homeowners can press a button and turn on their house alarm no matter where they are. They can even use the app to turn off the lights they left on.

Deactivating an alarm can be just as important as activating the alarm. Whether a neighbor is dropping by to feed a dog, children are coming home from school or a house cleaner needs to come in to clean the home, deactivating the alarm is made easy with the Alarm.com app. Using the app in this way means that homeowners never have to give away their home alarm code and they don’t have to worry about setting up one time access codes either!

Setting up Access Codes

For homeowners that have regular visitors such as a maid service, access codes can be set up directly through the Alarm.com app. These access codes allow for unique identifiers of people entering the home and signal to homeowners when these codes have been used.

Monitor Comings and Goings

For homeowners who do have codes set up for access to the home by other people, entrance and exit from the home can be monitored via the Alarm.com app as well. This feature is particularly useful for working parents who have children that stay home alone after school while the parent is still at the office.

Live Video Access

The Alarm.com application allows for homeowners to view live video taken from within the home. Depending on how the cameras are set up, this service lets homeowners monitor who is accessing the home as well as what they are doing when they are inside the home.

Control Lighting

Controlling the lighting throughout the home remotely may not seem like a significant feature, but it is one that many homeowners wonder how they live without once they have it. Lighting control is useful in a number of situations: when days start getting shorter and homeowners find themselves returning home in the dark, when guests arrive to the home before the homeowner does and find themselves waiting in the dark and when going on vacation and needing to give the impression that someone is inside the house to deter burglars.

Thermostat Control

Thermostat control is a feature that allows for homeowners to turn the home thermostat up or down even when they are not at home. This feature can be useful when an unexpected freeze sets in and pipes within the house risk freezing. Thermostat control is also a good way to control energy use and heating and cooling bills within the home since homeowners can reduce heating or air conditioning when no one is home and turn them up prior to returning home.

Crash and Smash Technology

This technology prevents a burglar from destroying or damaging your alarm system before it can send an alarm to the monitoring station. It is a patented protected technology by Alarm.com. Anytime a system is enabled and motion is detected the system is carefully watched. However, if the alarm is disarmed with a code all is back to normal. But, if the system is not disarmed and there is no other signal received it will be treated as if an intrusion has happened and the proper procedures will follow.


Geo-Services are available through Alarm.com only. They allow your home to adjust based on your location and it’s all done automatically. All you do is create a geo-fence around your home and when you or your entire family has left (whichever you like) settings will be adjusted how you wish automatically.

Alarm.com Cost, Compatibility, Availability, and Providers

The Alarm.com app is free to download. These free apps are available in conjunction with various interactive security systems. The app can be used with the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Windows phones and other tablet systems too.

Alarm.com App Downloads

Use the link below to view/ download the Alarm.com apps for iPhone and iPad.

Other smartphones and tablets will have the app available in their respective app stores. To download the alarm.com app for your Droid, for example, visit the Android Market and search for “Alarm.com.” Once you have found the Alarm.com application tap on the button that says “free” and then “install” to download and install the app.

List of Alarm.com App Providers

The alarm.com app is available from the most of the security dealers that offer a wireless alarm system. These include but are not limited to:

For a full listing of authorized alarm.com security dealers, visit the alarm.com authorized dealer page.

The Ease of Using the Alarm.com App

Using the Alarm.com app is easy and very useful. Depending upon what type of device you use to access the app, the visual presentation of icons and features will be different; however, services will remain the same. The iPad and iPhone version of the application are among the easiest to navigate.

The top section of the Alarm.com app will show that you are logged in to the application and show a button offering you the option to “log out.” Underneath this section of the screen you will observe a status update that tells you whether or not your system is currently armed. Underneath this notification you will also view three buttons which offer various options for setting or disarming the home alarm.

Underneath the three easy access buttons, the Alarm.com application also features a section of tabs at the bottom of the screen. The first tab on this section is the status tab which tells you the current status of your home alarm system. Next to this is a history tab which allows you to view recent alarms, notifications and sensor activities. This tab also allows you to filter results to view specific occurrences. Next to the history tab is the video tab which allows you to view live and saved video clips. Last, you will see the settings tab which lets users control any home automation feature of their alarm system and activate or pause push notifications of the home alarm to their remote devices.

The Biggest Reason to Use the Alarm.com iPad App

While there are a great number of benefits to using the Alarm.com app, one of the most significant factor is the simple portability and display resolution. Certainly, home alarm users can access their account information directly through their alarm provider’s website on their laptop or personal computer. The problem with this is that these things simply are not as portable as cell phones and tablets like the iPad. The iPad and smart phones have a similar portability but for the weight of both devices the iPad is a better choice for many people because it offers a much better display resolution.

What People Are Saying about the Alarm.com App

One of the biggest praises that Alarm.com app users give is that it gives them the ability to arm and disarm their alarm at the push of a button. Many users claim that now that they have experienced the ability to monitor their home alarm through their smart phone or iPad they can’t imagine being without it. Not only do users rave about how easy the app is to use but they also rave about its ease to install which is a significant factor for the technologically impaired. Overall, those who have experienced the Alarm.com mobile app have very few, if any criticisms over the system and far more praises.



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9 responses to “Alarm.com iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone App”

  1. As a small business owner, the Alarm.com app has been a huge time saver. I own a retail operation and rarely am I the first in and last to leave, every day I have at least one employee turning off the alarm in the morning and turning on the evening. Every one of my employees has their own code, so I can see what time they came in and what time they left. With the app on my phone, I can quickly see if the alarm is set. If it is not set, I get a breakdown on what areas of the business motion is happening and what doors are opening. So while the app is great for homeowners, for business owners with many employees, it is a great way to keep an eye on what is going on without physically being there.

    • I can second this, I own a small business as well and the live streaming via iPad is amazing! I was just recently on a trip with a 4 hour flight and mid flight I could use the Alarm.com app on my iPad and see exactly what is going on. The security is great for preventing crime, but not exactly where I was expecting. We deal in a lot of small cash transactions and most of my employees are in high school and I know the temptation is there to snag a few dollars out of the drawer. Now the employees know about the cameras and know that I can be watching at any time. This has virtually elimated minro theft.

  2. I set up the Alarm.com app about a month ago, and I have to say, it is just as useful as you think it is going to be. For one, I can remotely let anyone into my home without having to figure out the tricky alarm situation (never give out the code, I say). Now if I go on vacation, I can leave my dog right at home and have someone come in and care for him rather than taking him to a pet hotel or a dog sitter’s house. I can also monitor when my children come home from school, just as the article suggested, because I get phone alerts when either of them has punched in the code. This has been such a relief, since they are just old enough to come home alone for the first time. And if everyone is gone for vacation, I can press a button to make sure all the lights are off and the thermostat is down, then turn the lights on for a few hours at dusk to pretend we are there. Then on the way home, I can turn the thermostat back so it will be comfortable upon our return.

  3. Technology is getting so cool these days! I wish I had known about the Alarm.com system a week ago while I was on vacation, because it would have been so fun to check on my place while I was away. Not that anything happened, but there are always those moments of panic I get when I think I might have left the back screen door unlocked or something. The app would have made it easier to see through my cameras whether an important package was delivered to my doorstep so I could call my friend about picking it up as soon as possible so it would not risk getting stolen.

    It also looks a lot safer to have remote control over your alarm system. Just a few months ago I had to instruct my neighbor on how to deactivate the code while I was at work because my dog seemed like he was in distress. It would have been so much easier and faster to just deactivate the alarm through my phone! I definitely want to look at switching my alarm system over to a company that is compatible with the Alarm.com app.

  4. This is great that it works with whatever system you have and that you can control it from your smart device. I think when it comes to security and computers as well, things just start getting really complicated really fast and when things are simple and you just have one go to application to download that's free and without restrictions, you have really provided an excellent product. There are so many things that people have to deal with every day when it comes to work, family and other things, time wasters are almost cruel for the consumer. I always like to take notice when a company is really doing something right and commend them when good words are due.

    I'm actually moving soon and will need a security system. That's when I'm going to jump into this full force. I think having this app is probably like driving a car for the first time after taking the bus. It's like you never, ever want to get on the bus again. I can see why users love this product so much. I definitely think this is the future of security.

  5. It's amazing just how much a smartphone can do. Sit back and think about everything you can do with something so small. With a touch of a screen, you can access your email, update your Facebook status, check the balance of your bank account, send money to your friend through PayPal, and now – control your security system. It's mind blowing! If you take your smartphone for granted, sit down and show your grandmother how you're able to arm and disarm your alarm from her house and how you're able to access a video feed of your home. Chances are she'll be amazed.

    Just when you think that technology couldn't get any better, something like the app from Alarm.com comes along and raises the bar. I'd always planned to install a security system when I purchase my first home, but this has truly sold me on getting a system that allows me to monitor everything through my smartphone. I will certainly be signing up with Vivint as soon as the papers are signed and I have the keys in my hand. I want my home secure from the moment we start moving in and now I'll be able to monitor our new home before we get settled in.

  6. This is one of the coolest things I have ever heard of. Being able to have all of these great features on your smartphone or iPad is absolutely excellent. I love all the benefits that this app has to offer and would love to be able to use it when I install a security system in the home I purchase. I was so happy to also see that this app works with Vivint because that's the company I plan to use in the future. This would give me ultimate control of my home security system and offer a bigger peace of mind.

    The only question I have is what happens if you lose your iPad or iPhone? Could someone access the app and use it to break into your home? Which leads to another question. Are we depending on technology too much and placing too much information on our smartphones?

    However, I still feel that this is a wonderful app and will definitely use it when I get service from Vivint. I can't believe it's free to download, too. You would think an app this awesome would cost at least $24.99 to download. The people at Alarm.com have certainly made an app that any homeowner would find useful.

    • I had concern of a misplaced iPad or iPhone before installing the Alarm.com app as well. When you first launch the Alarm.com app, you have to login using the same credentials that you use for your online account. There is a checkbox 'Keep Me Logged In', so if you check that box you will always be logged in to the app. Users who chose this should proceed with caution. If you choose to stay logged in, you should definitely have a passcode on your phone. Personally, I have a passcode and I stay logged out. The extra layer of security is very important to me.

      • I can agree with you completely. Also just to keep in mind using alarm.com app those people have access to your alarm info (kind of a scary thought to me when they are not your personal security company). Although that is why I appreciate what JGMIA home security offers with their cellular monitoring plans (this app is linked only and directly to your monitoring company). How it works is you download the app to your device and if you choose to stay logged in then whenever you want to arm or disarm the alarm you still have to punch in your security code on your phone. Plus it is a lot cheaper than others. Their packages start at $19.99/month.

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