Which Homeowners Insurance Company Is Right For You?

American Family Insurance
Pro Bullet 24/7 customer service
Pro Bullet Medical payment coverage
Con Bullet No tornado or earthquake coverage
Pro Bullet Replacement cost coverage
Pro Bullet Military discounts
Con Bullet No medical payment coverage
Amica Mutual Insurance
Pro Bullet 24/7 customer service
Pro Bullet Mutual dividends
Con Bullet No vandalism coverage
Pro Bullet Tornado coverage
Pro Bullet Comparison tool on website
Con Bullet No detached structures coverage
Farmers Insurance
Pro Bullet Earthquake coverage
Pro Bullet Flood coverage
Con Bullet No basic weather coverage

Does finding a homeowners insurance provider overwhelm you? The process is incredibly involved, so we’ve put together a guide to make your journey easier.

Let’s chat about the best homeowners insurance companies.

An easier way to compare

    Finding coverage can be time-consuming and tricky. Normally we encourage our readers to be hands-on with their purchases. Homeowners insurance is one of the few areas in which we suggest going through a third party, Policygenius. Instead of submitting information to multiple insurance sites, you can submit it to Policygenius and receive quotes to compare.

    Compare homeowners insurance coverage

    All of our recommended companies include the following coverage:

    • Theft
    • Fire
    • Loss of use
    • Personal liability

    The table shows additional coverage for each brand.

    Data effective 1/7/2020. Offers and availability subject to change.
    Most homeowners insurance companies require personal information before providing policy details. We’ve based this table on the coverage advertised on the insurance companies’ websites. It may be incomplete.

    Depending on your situation, you may not need a homeowners policy with every type of coverage. But there are some kinds you always need to have, like personal liability coverage. We’ll talk more about what you should look for later.

    Prices for homeowners insurance change dramatically based on location, home value, home type, whether you have a pool, whether you have a pit bull . . . all kinds of things. So instead of using prices for comparison, we’re mostly going off advertised coverage. American Family Insurance advertises the most complete basic coverage.

    1. American Family Insurance

    American Family Insurance

      American Family Insurance has 24/7 customer service and some of the most complete basic coverage we’ve seen.

      American Family pros and cons

      • Pro Bullet24/7 customer service
      • Pro BulletMedical payment coverage
      • Pro BulletIdentity fraud coverage
      • Pro BulletRiot coverage
      • Con BulletNo tornado or earthquake coverage
      • Con BulletNo valuable items coverage

      Why American Family is our top choice

      American Family Insurance checks off more of the basic coverage we recommend than any other brand. Plus, of the companies that most impress us, it’s the only one that advertises medical coverage in case of liability for another person’s injury. That’s crucial if someone gets injured on your property or if you accidentally injure someone in another location.

      American Family also offers some rare types of coverage. For instance, riot coverage. If there’s a riot that causes damage to your home, American Family will use your riot coverage to make repairs.¹ Not everyone will need or want this kind of coverage, but if it’s something that concerns you, it’s good to have the option.

      You can also get identity fraud protection through American Family.

      Based on the website, though, there are types of coverage you can’t get through American Family. Earthquakes and tornadoes, for example, aren’t mentioned. So if you live on a fault line or in Tornado Alley, American Family isn’t your best bet. American Family also doesn’t say whether it covers high-value items, like engagement rings or expensive electronics, so you’ll want to specifically ask about them if you need that extra coverage.

      Customer service

      American Family has a decent reputation among customers and previous customers. Its reviews have been more negative recently than in the past, but it does respond to its BBB comments. The reps always keep customer information under wraps, even on the BBB. That’s nice for customer anonymity, but it makes it hard to know what solutions the company offers.

      Regardless of how good or bad the experience is, it’s easy to get in touch with American Family. If you want to contact the customer service department, you can reach the reps 24/7.

      ASecureLife’s recommendation: The comprehensive coverage and 24/7 service propel American Family Insurance to the top of our list.

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      2. USAA


        USAA has most of the basics plus earthquake coverage.

        USAA pros and cons

        • Pro BulletEarthquake coverage
        • Pro BulletIdentity fraud coverage
        • Pro BulletReplacement cost coverage
        • Pro BulletMilitary discounts
        • Con BulletNo tornado coverage
        • Con BulletNo valuable items coverage
        • Con BulletNo medical payment coverage
        • Con BulletUnclear customer service hours

        Why we recommend USAA

        USAA covers some things American Family doesn’t but at the cost of medical payment coverage and clear customer service hours.

        Customers of USAA can get earthquake coverage with their policies. Like American Family customers, they can also get coverage for identity fraud. Most usefully, they can sign up for home replacement cost coverage.

        What if my entire house is destroyed?

        Replacement cost coverage gives you the funds you need to get a similar home. The coverage accounts for changes in the housing market so that you won’t be stuck with, say, the same amount you spent on the home in 1985. But your insurance company will calculate for depreciation, and the appraiser’s estimate might not match other estimates you’ve received.²

        Like with American Family, USAA doesn’t advertise coverage for tornadoes or valuable items. Unlike American Family, it doesn’t have medical payment coverage. So if you accidentally injure someone, you’ll be on the hook for their treatment.

        Customer service

        Based on online reviews and BBB comments, USAA’s reputation is similar to American Family Insurance’s, maybe even slightly better. While there are typical ongoing complaints, overall, the company seems to be a safe option.

        The USAA website isn’t clear about customer service hours. But in addition to calling, you can try the super-convenient live chat option.

        ASecureLife’s recommendation: If you want earthquake coverage and don’t mind going without 24/7 service, USAA’s a good choice for you.

        Do I have to be in the military to join USAA?
        Our Experience

        While USAA has discounts for soldiers and their families, you might be eligible even if you have no military affiliations.

        3. Amica Mutual Insurance

        Amica Mutual Insurance

          Buying into a mutual company like Amica Mutual Insurance can help you gain discounts in the future.

          Amica pros and cons

          • Pro Bullet24/7 customer service
          • Pro BulletEarthquake coverage
          • Pro BulletIdentity fraud coverage
          • Pro BulletValuable items coverage
          • Pro BulletMutual dividends
          • Con BulletNo vandalism coverage
          • Con BulletNo tornado coverage
          • Con BulletNo medical payment coverage

          Why we recommend Amica

          Amica Mutual Insurance has excellent coverage, and its mutual insurance company structure could benefit your wallet in the long run.

          Mutual insurance companies are owned by the policyholders. If you go with Amica, you might pay more initially for the privilege of “buying a share” of the company. But down the road, you also might get money back from dividends, essentially earning you a discount.³

          Just like USAA, Amica has earthquake coverage. It also offers identity fraud coverage, which is beneficial to everyone, and valuable items coverage, which is a must if you have any costly possessions.

          Amica has earthquake coverage.

          We ranked Amica under USAA because of the lack of vandalism coverage on the website. For most people, vandalism is much more likely to happen than, say, an earthquake. It’s hard to justify going without that kind of basic coverage.

          Customer service

          Amica’s responses to BBB complaints are courteous and thorough. They’re the kind of responses we’d be happy to receive if we’d filed a complaint with the BBB.

          Like American Family, Amica has 24/7 customer service.

          ASecureLife’s recommendation: Amica Mutual Insurance’s ownership structure could land you some discounts.

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          4. Progressive


            Progressive’s coverage is good, and the quote tool on the website is even better.

            Progressive pros and cons

            • Pro BulletTornado coverage
            • Pro BulletValuable items coverage
            • Pro BulletComparison tool on website
            • Pro BulletOwns Homesite
            • Con BulletNo vandalism coverage
            • Con BulletNo earthquake coverage
            • Con BulletNo detached structures coverage
            • Con BulletNo medical payment coverage
            • Con BulletUnclear customer service hours

            Why we recommend Progressive

            You might be sick of Flo’s commercials, but Progressive almost lives up to its hype. This is one of a handful of well-known insurance companies that offer coverage for tornado damage. It also has valuable items coverage to protect your heirlooms and expensive toys.


            Progressive owns another home insurance company we considered recommending. Homesite advertises higher levels of coverage than Progressive, including vandalism, earthquake, flood, and medical payment coverage.

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            Be aware that Progressive isn’t advertising coverage for detached structures. So if you have a shed, barn, or garage that’s not directly attached to your house, it may not be covered.

            Customer service

            Progressive tends to make unauthorized changes to policies. Multiple customers complained, for instance, of Progressive automatically adding drivers who supposedly lived with the policyholder. But the Progressive BBB responses were some of the best we saw in the home insurance space. They were gracious and personalized, and they offered satisfactory solutions.

            Progressive’s HomeQuote Explorer is unlike anything we’ve seen on a home insurance website. Most home insurance companies are keeping their info close to the chest. But this resource lets you view and compare home insurance quotes, sort of like Policygenius. Though we’re not sure this will get you the absolute best deal— we suspect it looks only at companies that are owned by or associated with Progressive.

            Progressive’s HomeQuote Explorer is unlike anything we’ve seen.

            Unfortunately, like with USAA, Progressive’s customer service hours aren’t entirely clear. Currently, it looks like the only way to connect is to call.

            ASecureLife’s recommendation: Progressive has a tool to compare policies before you buy.

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            5. Farmers Insurance

            Farmers Insurance

              Farmers Insurance has thinner coverage than some companies but has clear customer service hours.

              Farmers pros and cons

              • Pro BulletWide customer service hour range
              • Pro BulletEarthquake coverage
              • Pro BulletFlood coverage
              • Pro BulletIdentity fraud coverage
              • Con BulletNo vandalism coverage
              • Con BulletNo basic weather coverage
              • Con BulletNo tornado coverage
              • Con BulletNo detached structures coverage
              • Con BulletNo medical payment coverage

              Why we recommend Farmers

              It’s curious that Farmers Insurance, a well-known homeowners insurance company, doesn’t seem to offer basic weather coverage. But in spite of that deficiency, this company has more going for it than J. K. Simmons’s endorsement.

              Farmers offers its own flood coverage, which is a rarity in the home insurance world. It also covers earthquakes and has an identity fraud offering called Farmers Identity Shield (not to be confused with IDShield or Identity Guard).

              However, based on the website, Farmers doesn’t currently cover vandalism, detached structures, medical payments, or most weather, including tornadoes.


              Farmers owns Foremost, just like Progressive owns Homesite. But Foremost doesn’t have very good reviews, and it has less coverage in most areas than Farmers does.

              Customer service

              Farmers isn’t overly lauded or overly criticized in the current reviews. Its BBB responses are incredibly detailed, giving complainants as much info as possible.

              And Farmers has set customer hours. It’s not 24/7, but it’s close. The hours are 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (CT) on weekdays and 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (CT) on weekends. For most individuals, that’s more than enough time to reach out.

              ASecureLife’s recommendation: Farmers Insurance is for you if you need flood insurance and long, clearly set customer service hours.

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              Other brands we considered

              Not every brand we look at made it into this review. Here are a few other noteworthy companies.

              Erie Insurance

              Erie’s a runner up for us. It has 24/7 service and coverage that lets you rebuild a destroyed house in a more eco-friendly way. But it appears that Erie doesn’t cover theft, something we think every home insurance policy needs.


              Lemonade’s one of the more unique homeowners insurance companies we came across. The coverage is average, though the website does offer a possible lowest price ($25 a month).

              Lemonade stands out because of its payment structure. When you pay your insurance premiums, you select a nonprofit. Lemonade will donate any money you don’t use for claims to your nonprofit of choice.

              How we chose

              We looked at 29 different homeowners insurance brands, read reviews, and examined offerings.

              Most of the brands we looked at won’t give potential customers a quote until they receive personal information about the customer and the customer’s insurance history and property. For that reason, we didn’t get quotes from each company. Instead, as stated before, we compared the coverage advertised on the company’s website.

              Some companies may offer greater coverage than what’s lauded on their sites; we just can’t know for sure without signing up.

              Homeowners insurance for newbies

              What should I look for in my homeowners insurance policy?

              Here’s the ideal coverage we recommend:

              • Theft
              • Vandalism
              • Fire (smoke too if possible)
              • Weather (generally should cover storms, hail, and lightning; may not cover tornadoes or earthquakes)
              • Personal property
              • Valuable items (for expensive personal belongings that don’t qualify for personal property coverage)
              • Other/detached structures (such as sheds or detached garages)
              • Loss of use (covers living expenses if you have to go to a hotel during home repairs)
              • Personal liability (in case anyone is injured on your property or you accidentally injure someone elsewhere or destroy their property)
              • Medical payments to others (ditto for injury coverage)

              Some of this coverage will be included in basic plans, while others will come at a premium. In our research, we noticed that basic features varied wildly from company to company.

              Some plans even cover the appliances in your home and systems, such as service lines or plumbing. Whether you need these benefits might depend on the type and nature of your home warranty, if you have one. If you don’t have a home warranty, we recommend at least looking at these kinds of coverage.

              Other coverage

              There’s almost no limit to what a homeowners insurance policy can cover. Some plans we looked at included identity fraud protection, food replacement if the freezer goes out, data retrieval after a computer virus, smart home upgrades, and lock replacements, to name a few.

              How can I lower my homeowners insurance cost?

              Some insurance companies offer you a discount on your policy when you install a home security system. We also have a piece that shares additional ways to save.

              (If you’re looking for renters insurance, check out the best security systems for renters.)

              Should I bundle my homeowners and auto insurance?

              Some, but not all, companies offer this option. It might save you money if you get home and car insurance with the same brand. But it also might not. Get a quote before moving forward with a bundle.

              How do you get homeowners insurance?

              As we mentioned, to get insurance, you have to provide your personal info before receiving a quote. While this unfortunately can’t be avoided, it’s frustrating to find and contact different brands, then gather the right information to compare services.

              While this review should help with some of that, we also suggest trying Policygenius. You submit your info just once (to the Policygenius team), then let them do the legwork for you.

              Full disclosure: Policygenius earns commissions from the brands it works with. But that means the company has a dedicated interest in finding the right provider for you since it’ll get paid if you use its recommendations. Those commissions also make Policygenius free. Since the revenue’s coming from home insurance companies, homeowners don’t have to pay anything.

              Compare insurance quotes

              How does homeowners insurance work?

              When you sign up for home insurance, you’ll work with a dedicated insurance agent. Once damage occurs on or to your property, contact your insurance agent. The agent will work with you to have the damage appraised and determine whether it’s a covered loss.

              A word of warning: the insurance model is frustrating because the fewer claims the company fulfills, the more money it makes. Your agent might not always seem on your side; part of their job is to look for reasons to deny your claim. If your claim is denied, you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket expenses for the property damage.

              Policy cost
              By The Numbers

              Theoretically, your homeowners insurance policy is there to help you. But in reality, the more claims you make, the higher your insurance premium becomes. This might happen even if the company isn’t approving your claims. Your rate might also increase for market reasons or because the company had a bad year. Luckily, if the price gets too high for you, you might be able to get a better deal as a new customer with a different company.

              You’ll also have a deductible, like with a health insurance policy. And finally, your insurance company might subtract for any perceived structural deterioration. So even if you have insurance, you might still end up facing a financial loss after repairs. But you might also get all or most of the damage covered. It can be a toss-up.

              Does homeowners insurance cover flooding?

              Your policy might include water damage, but if that water damage comes from a flood, you’ll want specific flood insurance coverage. Confusing, huh?

              Not many insurance companies cover floods, so we suggest getting additional coverage from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) if you’re in a flood zone.

              Does homeowners insurance cover natural disasters?

              We’ve seen it both ways. Things like horrible windstorms, earthquakes, and tornadoes may or may not be covered depending on the company and policy.

              Even if your company has the coverage for such perils, you may not be able to get it. For instance, if you live on a fault line, you might be refused earthquake coverage (we know someone who was).

              That sounds silly, since you need it more than the average Joe. But since earthquake damage is all but guaranteed in that situation, it’s too big a risk for some companies. If they do grant it to you, the cost will be exorbitant. Less exorbitant than replacing your entire house out of pocket, though.

              Our recommendation

              Remember, prices for coverage vary based on lots of different factors. You’ll have to get quotes specific to your home to make a final decision.

              An easy way to do that is to try Policygenius. Otherwise, visit our top five companies’ websites to get quotes:

              Disclosure: The author of this article once wrote safety training for Farmers Insurance while employed by a third-party vendor. This association hasn’t affected our rankings, but we want to make sure folks know.