The Best Window Security Bars for Your Home Safety

Best Aesthetic Window Security Bar
Grisham Spear Point 7-Bar Window Guard
Best Multipurpose Window Security Bar
Defender Security Segal Hinged Window Guard
Best Adjustable Window Security Bar
Mr. Goodbar Swing-Away 8-Bar Window Guard


Even with the best security systems, locked doors, and window sensors, we know windows can still be a homeowner’s weak spot, preventing you from sleeping soundly at night. If you’re worried about your home’s safety, one security measure to consider is installing window security bars.

We’ve looked at price, convenience of installation and removal, and design to compile a list of our favorite window security bars, so you can find yours—whether you’re preventing kids from falling out of open windows or discouraging thieves from easy entry points.

Our favorite window security bars

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Data effective 5/22/2019. Offers and availability subject to change.

Grisham Spear Point 7-Bar Window Guard: Best aesthetic security bar

Grisham Spear Point 7-Bar Window Guard
Starting at $52
36 in. x 54 in.
Bar spacing
5 in.
10.5 lb.
Welded tubular steel
Installation placement

Pros and cons of Grisham

  • Pro BulletQuick-release function
  • Pro BulletSpear-point edges and decorative center design
  • Pro BulletPowder-coated finish
  • Pro BulletMatching mounting materials available (additional cost)
  • Pro BulletLow price
  • Con BulletNo adjustable sizing

Why we recommend Grisham

If you’ve been dreaming of functional and beautiful safety bars at a budget-friendly price, then you’ve probably been dreaming of the Grisham Spear Point 7-Bar Window Guard.

These window security bars mount on your window exterior and give it a distinct finish. Plus, the spear-point edges and swirling center design make the bars look more like an intentional design choice than an unfortunate prison cell, without sacrificing the tight bar spacing that keeps your home secure from intruders.

The guard also includes a quick-release feature so the windows can still act as escape windows or grant access to the fire department in an emergency. And it comes at a much lower price than other safety bars. In our minds, that makes the Grisham a steal for your ground- or upper-level windows.

The only downside is that the guard isn’t size-adjustable. Luckily, Grisham offers nearly identical designs at a variety of sizes, ranging all the way down to 24 in. x 36 in., so you have options for nearly every standard window size (but if you have a window with really weird dimensions, maybe steer clear from Grisham and its standard sizing).

>>If you want safety without losing the aesthetic appeal that bars on windows can hinder, Grisham is the choice for you.

Segal: Best multipurpose window security bar

21 in. x 22–38 in.
Bar spacing
3.875 in.
10.25 lb.
Carbon steel
Installation placement

Pros and cons of Segal

  • Pro BulletAdjustable sizing
  • Pro BulletQuick-release function
  • Pro BulletLow price
  • Pro BulletLess spacing between bars
  • Pro BulletTamper-resistant screws included
  • Con BulletPlain aesthetics

Why we recommend Segal

If you’re looking for simple security bars that can secure you (and your kids who keep leaning over the window ledge) inside and out, we recommend the Segal guard.

The device itself is not very fancy—simple black steel bars that go on the interior of your home. The black may make the bars hard to blend into your home design, but it also means that intruders definitely won’t miss them, which may make your house less of an easy mark for thieves looking for quick access.

Plus, Segal includes screws to mount the bars, so there are no additional costs. With its already cheap cost, that’s a big plus for us.

Segal emphasizes that its security bars are really about keeping small children—or small dogs, for the pet-lovers out there—from falling out of windows, and the close spacing between bars ensures that promise. In our eyes, this makes Segal the ideal choice for interior windows. The security bars work particularly well for windows where aesthetic concern is minor, like upper-level bedroom windows where you’re more worried about kids falling out, or shrubbery-covered basement windows that make ideal targets for intruders.

Segal security bars work particularly well for windows where aesthetic concern is minor.

The Segal guard also includes a quick-release feature in case of emergencies, but it requires a three-step process. So make sure you read the manual before you install these guards anywhere, particularly in your kids’ sleeping rooms.

>>Get the Segal guard for your windows.

Mr. Goodbar: Best adjustable window security bar

Mr. Goodbar
41 in. x 62–74 in.
Bar spacing
5 in.
38 lb.
Installation placement

Pros and cons of Mr. Goodbar

  • Pro BulletAdjustable sizing
  • Pro BulletVertical or horizontal installation options
  • Pro BulletSwing-away function
  • Pro BulletWhite finish and interior installation
  • Pro BulletTamper-resistant mounting materials included
  • Con BulletProhibitively high price—nearly seven times the price of other options
  • Con BulletLack of aesthetic design
  • Con BulletLocks (Mr. Goodbar locking system or padlock) sold separately

Why we recommend Mr. Goodbar

Mr. Goodbar is not the cheapest option on the market—not by a long shot. However, some features of the heavy steel bars really appealed to us.

The fact that the security bars go on the interior of the house and have a white finish means they blend in with most window designs and won’t detract from the look of the house.

And the fact that this guard is so large, with additional width and height adjustment options, makes a lot of sense when considering a house with a lot of large windows. Plus, nearly quadrupling the weight of Grisham’s and Segal’s guards, Mr. Goodbar’s guard is seriously heavy duty, which may be nice if you want to break out the big guns and get something harder for intruders to move.

We also love the swing-away function, which allows for easy window cleaning and emergency escape windows without becoming an easy entry point for thieves.

Swing-away functions
Swing-away functions mean that the security bars have a hinge on the frame, so the bars on your windows can swing back without being taken off. The bars are held in place and released only by a padlock or a quick-release mechanism, depending on the brand.
>>If you have a lot of large windows, especially on your ground floor, Mr. Goodbar window guards may be the best option for you. But the price is definitely steep, so don’t feel like it’s your only option for protection—as we’ve pointed out, Grisham and Segal have some flexible sizing at affordable prices.

Other brands we considered

In coming up with our rankings, we researched a lot of brands, including Unique Home Designs, Tru-Bolt, Gatehouse, and John Sterling, which offered lots of choices, from iron bars to steel bars. While each brand had good options at comparable prices, we didn’t see anything that made them stand out from our favorites.

However, if you’re not in love with any of the designs we’ve shown (we know that aesthetic is important when thinking about adding elements to your home’s exterior), there are other options within a range of prices. They all offer slightly different designs, from wrought iron decoration to simple steel frames.

Also know that we’ve just shown our top picks from Grisham, Segal, and Mr. Goodbar. Each of these brands offer window security bars in black or white, and at a variety of sizes. So if the ones listed here are your dream brand but not the right size, don’t lose hope. Do be wary though—some of the quick-removal features disappear as sizes change.

What you should know about installing window security bars

We know that adding this kind of semi-permanent change to your home—one that can block lights and make opening windows or accessing emergency exits difficult—will be a big deal, but we think the safety is more than worth it, especially with these choices.

With all of the security window bars we compared, there’s no need for outsider installation—you can easily install the devices yourself. However, mounting materials or locks are often sold separately. Luckily, both mounting materials (screws and brackets) and locks are inexpensive, costing only a fraction of the price of the actual window guards.

Window sensors are always a good addition to your window security bars. The bars we looked at don’t include any product-specific sensors of their own, but that’s because they’re physical devices that can easily be used in connection with other electronic home security options. Working together, they will be more effective than just any one on its own.

Our recommendation

Ultimately, we recommend window security bars that not only keep intruders out but also ensure that you can escape easily in emergencies.

  • For the best of both functional security and beautiful design, choose Grisham.
  • For something less obtrusive and more focused on keeping your kids inside and intruders out of your basement, choose Segal.
  • If price isn’t a concern and your windows are large, for simple, secure, and versatile options, choose Mr. Goodbar.

And if you’re interested in additional simple steps you can take, read up on other easy DIY home security tips.

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