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Canary Reviews: Can This Device Stop a Burglar?

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Canary is a DIY security device that records footage and monitors air quality, temperature, and smoke. Canary can be used as a single device, or you can connect multiple Canary devices to monitor an entire home through the app. We have tested Canary out ourselves and are excited to share our experience with you.


  • 1080p HD video
  • Automatic night vision
  • Motion detection
  • Tracks temperature, humidity, and air quality
  • Free cloud storage from the past 12 hours of activity
  • 1-year warranty
  • Great customer service
  • Ability to watch events up to 12 hours later (or more, depending on your plan)
  • Add on emergency contacts
  • Can integrate with Google Home


  • No battery backup (must be plugged in at all times)
  • I experienced some video lagging and glitches (could be a poor internet connection)
  • Area coverage (if you have a large house or closed off rooms you’ll need several Canaries)
  • Can only connect up to 4 devices in one location

Canary key features

Canary is an all-in-one home security system controlled from your smartphone app. It sends alerts to your device with HD video and audio. It can also send alerts to your Apple Watch. Once you are alerted you can sound the alarm, contact the police or ignore it if it’s nothing to worry about.

What can Canary do?

Below are some of the key things Canary can do to help monitor your home.

  • Stream and record HD video and audio
  • Send alerts when motion is detected
  • Sound a 90+ dB siren
  • See at night with automatic infrared LEDs
  • Monitor air quality, temperature and humidity
  • Access timeline to see the past events
  • Set up to 4 Canaries for one home to monitor multiple areas

Canary equipment quality and details

The Canary is sturdy and doesn’t feel like it’s made out of cheap plastic. It has a cool-looking light on the bottom that glows to signal what mode the Canary is in.

  • Green: Armed
  • Yellow: Disarmed
  • Grey: Privacy

It fits comfortably on a tabletop or book shelf, but note that this camera must be plugged in at all times. So it can be difficult to conceal. While the glowing lights are cool, it could also draw attention to a burglar and tip them off to the camera. However, if you place this by your TV it blends in well and appears like it’s just some type of gaming system.

Canary customer service

Canary offers 24/7 phone customer support, which we love. If you do experience a hiccup, it’s good to know that Canary is available at any time to help if needed. They also offer email and live chat support in addition to a Help Center and FAQs. So whatever your preference is, Canary has got you covered.

We never had a reason to contact customer service, but according to customer reviews, users are pleased. Canary users have described their customer support experience as professional, responsive, good, fantastic, and more. Of course, there are instances where the customer service is described as less than stellar but overall, the reviews are positive.

Technical requirements

Before purchasing a Canary, make sure you have the following technical requirements.

  • Broadband internet connection (1 Mbps upload recommended)
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Available power outlet
  • iPhone 4S or newer
  • Android 4.0 or newer

Canary pricing and plans

You can purchase a single Canary camera for $199 or a Canary Two-Pack for $379.

Storage plans

Canary offers four different storage plans according to how long the footage is saved before it’s deleted. For example, the 12-Hour plan shows video history of the past 12 hours, not 12 hours total of footage.

  • 12-Hour (Included): 12 hours of video history, 3 video downloads, 5 video bookmarks
  • 2-Day ($49/year or $4.99/month): 2 days of video history, unlimited video downloads, 25 video bookmarks
  • 7-Day ($99/year or $9.99/month): 7 days of video history, unlimited video downloads, 100 video bookmarks
  • 30-Day ($299/year or $29.99/month): 30 days of video history, unlimited video downloads, unlimited video bookmarks

What comes in the box?

Below is a list of things that come when you purchase a Canary.

  • 1 Canary
  • 2 Canary stickers
  • AC power adapter
  • Micro-USB cable
  • Secure setup able
  • Quick start guide

Features and tech specs

Below are the specifications for the Canary including view angle and dimensions.

Resolution1080p HD
Monitor FootageMobile App
Monitor Footage
1080p HD
Mobile App
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Requires 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection
  • Height: 6 inches
  • Diameter: 3 inches
  • Weight: 0.87 pounds
  • Available in black, white, and silver

How to install Canary

There are three main steps to setting up your Canary:

  1. Download the Canary app onto your smartphone
  2. Launch the app and create an account (remember to use a unique password)
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions, which will guide you through the setup

Our experience with Canary

We were astounded by the quality of video the Canary provided. We tried installing it in a second place but had difficulties getting it past the “Updating Canary” section. Perhaps the internet connection wasn’t as good—we’re not quite sure, but it also could be a flaw in the Canary. Overall we were pleasantly surprised by the video quality. The app was simple to use and the device isn’t gaudy looking. In fact, it has a glowing light that beams below it and someone who visited our home thought it was a techy diffuser when they saw it. So hopefully burglars think that’s what it is too!

Canary reviews: What customers are saying

Positive reviews

The negative reviews are from earlier buyers when the firmware of this device was buggy. I have been using this since December 2015 and in my experience it has been flawless. I have adjusted the sensitivity so my cat does not trip the alerts but it does trip when anyone else enters the home. So far I have enjoyed the peace of mind and the temperature/humidity/air quality sensors are great peace of mind when we leave on vacation in the winter. The ability to check in on my home 24/7 from all over the earth is amazing peace of mind. The quality of the camera is excellent in both night and day and the field of view is excellent. Beats the competition 100% -Knowledge, Amazon 3/5/2016

This is an awesome device. Simple to use and setup. It has a very cool air quality monitor. Not sure if it will notify you if smoke or other hazards arise. This system will detect when you or family members are away and if you are it will send you a notification to view, call or sound alarm. -Franciscoglz, Best Buy 3/26/2016

Negative reviews

Won’t connect to my smart phone! I have a nice, new phone, and yet they can’t sync up? After reading some reviews on the app itself, it appears that is a common problem. RETURNING ITEM & ASKING FOR A FULL REFUND! If they ever get this thing working properly, I’d buy it again, because I like the idea. But they’ve got some work to do. -Eric C., Amazon 5/18/2015

Wouldn’t connect to my router. Spent an hour on the phone with tech support who constantly told me how inferior the product was. WTF? He transferred me to a supervisor who then disconnected me. Needless to say, I returned it. -Reggie66 Best Buy 1/22/2016

Is Canary better than other DIY options?

We are thrilled with the video quality and app performance of the Canary but there are a couple other DIY options we consider to be better. Since Canary doesn’t have door or window sensors and no battery backup we still prefer SimpliSafe.

Do you think Canary is enough to stop a burglar?

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