Fraudulent Credit Card Charges – and Blizzard

Are you seeing charge attempts on your credit card statement from blizzard ent*wow sub and (London based online payment provider)? We just recently had these show up on one of our business credit cards, and after online access to our account was denied we called in and our credit card company informed us that they suspected these were unauthorized charges. In particular, due to the small amount ($1), they appear to be charge attempts - that is, if the $1 charge had gone through, the perpetrator would then proceed to charge larger amounts, knowing that they could successfully charge the card.

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How does credit card fraud happen?

There's a number of ways credit card fraud can occur, not the least of which is identity theft, where someone gets a hold of the right combination of personal information necessary to pose as you. 

Personal information subject to identity theft and fraud includes your name, address, phone number, bank and credit card numbers, social security number, etc. There's a number of ways credit card fraud can occur, not the least of which is identity theft, where someone gets a hold of the right combination of personal information necessary to pose as you. Personal information subject to identity theft and fraud includes your name, address, phone number, bank and credit card numbers, social security number, etc. However, in this case we feel the charges were executed by random number generators. You'll notice that not all charging systems are secure - they don't all check for the same information - ie. name, number, expiration date, and security code. If any one of these items is missing, the transaction's level of security decreases significantly.

Credit card number generating software

In this event, and in other reported events we've come across since researching this issue, it appears that all that is necessary in some instances is correctly guessing your credit card number. While fraudsters might be using so-called credit card number generating software, the odds of the software correctly guessing your number and related information are small. It is more likely that your credit card data was compromised during an online transaction.

Contacting Blizzard and Click and Buy

The blizzard ent*wow sub appears to be from Blizzard Entertainment, developer of the popular World of Warcraft computer game franchise. In the online version of the game, customers are able to purchase subscriptions. If you have a Blizzard credit card charge, their support phone numbers are 1-800-592-5499 (U.S.) and 1-800-592-5499 (Canada). More numbers, for other countries, are located on their website support page.

The could be attached to any vendor that uses Click and Buy's online payment system. These include but are not limited to Apple iTunes, Skype, msn, T-Online, Electronic Arts, Meetic, Playboy, SanDisk, Yamaha, UNICEF and more. While we were unable to track down a phone number for Click and Buy, we found a complaints page that links to their contact form.

Does your credit card company have fraud prevention measures in place?

If you are visiting this page because you have charges similar to these on your statement that you don't recognize, call your credit card company and put a hold on your card immediately, if you or they have not already done so, and have them send you a new card. In our case our credit card company recognized the charge as potential fraud (but not the blizzard one). When our account access was denied, we called in and answered security questions to a fraud prevention agent that was able to answer our questions and help us track down the problem. Fortunately, a hold was placed on our card automatically when the charge was attempted, and no further charges were allowed. Unfortunately, not all credit card companies have the same security measures in place. We asked how many of these incidents they receive and they said 5-6 per day. That means these charges are being attempted constantly, and odds are your card will be hit with one sooner or later. Call your company and make sure identity theft and fraud prevention procedures are in place now.

Protect Your Privacy

As a PC user, you'll want to locate and erase personal information traces left on your PC that might be used for malicious purposes. This includes data in temporary folders, cookies, browser’s history, recently visited documents and past deleted data through its user friendly interface. This is all information that malicious users can use to take advantage of you and violate your privacy. Don't give people access to your sensitive data!

Why Clean Your PC?

  • Do you usually make your purchase through Internet?
  • Are there too many obsolete cookies in your computer?
  • Are you afraid of being tracked when you are surfing the Internet?
  • Do you think it is so untidy with so much browsing history in your browser?
  • Do you worry about your personal information,like your chats, the files you delete?
  • Are you seeking a way to make what you have done while using computer never known by others?

Use anti-spyware tools to eliminate any traces of personal information on your PC that may be used maliciously by hackers, or anyone else that may gain access to your PC via the Internet, your home, business, etc. Most tools let you run a free scan, so why not ensure that your information is safe from prying eyes?

Prevent Identity Theft and Start Protecting Yourself

In addition to scanning your PC for personal data, we recommend that you take the time to research identity theft and the dangers it presents to your privacy and security. Browse around the various articles we offer (they're all free) and learn how you can protect yourself, both online and offline, from identity theft. Knowing how to keep your identity safe and protected is the first step in preventing fraudulent activities on your bank account or credit card.

There's tons of services out there that offer "identity theft" protection programs for recurring monthly fees. But if you know what you're doing you don't necessarily need all those extra cost services. After all, why should you have to pay more to protect something that should be protected by the company that is in control of your information in the first place?

Click and Buy and blizzard ent*wow sub Credit Card Fraud Continues - Update: September 24, 2012

We went back to check in on whether and blizzard ent*wow sub have learned from the negative consumer and industry-wide feedback they have received and the answer is a resounding NO! From consumers being overcharged on iTunes and unresponsive customer service emails sent to overcharging credit cards with no explanations provided and FAQs on their websites that answer none of the issues that consumers are actually experiencing. The question we have is how on earth are the companies and these scams still in existence in this day and age of instant feedback and consumer sharing via Facebook and twitter?!?

Been Ripped off by Click and Buy or Blizzard? Share Your Story to Stop Credit Card Fraud

Have you suffered as a victim of click & buy's or Blizzards's scammy business methods? Or maybe your credit card fraud happened at the hands of another fraudulent company.

Share your story here by posting a comment so that others can read and be warned of who they should beware when making purchases online. With more consumers shopping online every single day and Christmas just ahead of us, this is the time to spread the word and save someone else's day. Do your part to stop credit card fraud today.