Xfinity Home Security Review | Bundle Cable and Internet with Security

Plans start at $24.99/mo.
Pro Bullet Package bundling if you get internet or cable service through Xfinity
Pro Bullet Real-time mobile notifications
Con Bullet Customer complaints about unreliable customer service and hidden fees
The bottom line

Comcast Xfinity Home is a convenient option if you already use Xfinity for cable and internet. But with many customers complaining about hidden fees and patchy customer service, something more comprehensive may be a better fit.

Comcast is pausing home security sales until professional installation services can safely resume. If you’d like to get on the waitlist, fill out this form.

As an existing Xfinity customer, you can bundle a home security package with your existing services starting as low as $24.99 a month. At that price, Xfinity offers everything you’d expect from the base package of a security-only company, plus real-time text and email alerts, which security companies normally charge more for. This seems like a deal... until you consider Xfinity’s track record with customer service.

Internet companies have never been known for stellar customer service, and Comcast is no different. While Xfinity Home customers are happy with the system itself, reviews indicate that its customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

We think having any security system in your home is better than having none at all, but unless you care more about the savings of bundling than about good customer service, we’d suggest going with another company.

Xfinity pros and cons

  • Pro BulletPackage bundling if you get internet or cable service through Xfinity
  • Pro BulletReal-time mobile notifications
  • Pro BulletBroad compatibility with several major home automation brands
  • Con BulletProfessional installation required for most equipment
  • Con BulletCustomer complaints about unreliable customer service and hidden fees

Xfinity Home security plan

Xfinity offers one basic security package, which requires a two-year contract. Monthly fees depend on where you live but start between $24.99 and $29.99 for the first year. After that, you’ll pay between $34.95 and $39.95 for the second year and beyond.

That monthly monitoring fee includes 24/7 professional monitoring along with real-time alerts and remote access via your mobile device—a feature usually not offered by security-only companies until the mid-tier package.

You’ll likely put down about $100 for an installation fee. Sometimes the fee can be lowered or waived entirely, depending on where you live, so it’s always worth asking about.

Compared to companies that offer only home security services, Xfinity’s monthly monitoring is a bit more affordable and may be even cheaper when bundled with internet, cable, or both.

Xfinity Home price

Starting at $24.99 per month, Xfinity Home’s monthly monitoring fees are higher than similar cable companies that bundle home security. Many of these companies charge additional fees for home automation features like thermostat and light control, but Xfinity’s monthly cost includes monitoring of all additional devices and features, with the exception of continuous video recording and storage, which is an extra $10 per month.

Compared to security-only companies, Xfinity’s services are a bit more affordable—especially when bundled with internet and cable. But it comes at the price of relatively poor customer service.


Xfinity’s cameras provide a live video stream that you can access from your mobile device. It also lets you record and save up to 10 days of video footage at a time for an additional $9.95 per month per camera.

Xfinity has also partnered with some major home automation brands, including Nest and Kwikset. Between those partnerships and its own products, Xfinity is able to offer a pretty comprehensive selection of home security devices. The company has even added glass break detectors as an add-on option since our last review.

Between partnerships (with Nest and Kwikset) and its own products, Xfinity is able to offer a pretty comprehensive selection of home security devices.

It’s always good to see companies expand their compatibility like this—it tells us that the company is interested in offering the best products to its customers, and that it’s flexible enough to include more partners as technology improves and develops.


Every Xfinity Home monitoring contract comes with a basic equipment package, including the following devices:

  • 3 door/window sensors
  • Motion sensor
  • Touchscreen controller
  • Wireless keypad

Customizable equipment options

Beyond the basics, Xfinity Home also offers customers flexibility when it comes to customizing its home security equipment with à la carte options. Here’s what it’s offering.

  • Carbon monoxide detector $89.95
  • Door/window sensor $49.95
  • Indoor camera $89.95
  • Indoor/outdoor camera $129.95
  • Light switch $89.95
  • Motion sensor $69.95
  • Thermostat $129.95
  • Powerline device $59.95

Professionally installed equipment

Xfinity requires most of its equipment—including all of the above—to be professionally installed. So if you add on some of these items later, you’ll have to schedule a home visit and pay an additional fee for installation. That can get costly, especially compared to our top security-only companies, many of which offer solely DIY installation.

Self-install equipment

Still, Xfinity offers some self-install equipment so as not to break your bank:

  • Wireless keypad $89.95
  • Glass break sensor $129.95
  • Smoke detector $89.95
  • Remote siren $99.95
  • Sensor pack (four door/window sensors and one motion sensor) $199.99

Comcast won’t install those above devices, nor the equipment you purchase from the major home automation brands it’s partnered with. But you’ll be able to control Xfinity’s self-install offerings and your other home automation brands from your Xfinity app, which gets high ratings in both the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Xfinity app control

The Xfinity app offers real-time alerts for security issues in your home and lets you control lights from your smart lighting system, check and adjust your thermostat, view live video from your cameras, and more. And because your system isn’t app-dependent, your home will remain secure even if your app runs into issues.

Customer service

What customers are saying about Xfinity

Many customers have good things to say about the hands-off installation process and the value of Xfinity’s services. They mention that having someone come over to install the equipment and explain how it worked helped them understand their security system in the long run.

Other customers say getting in touch with customer service can take hours. There are also complaints of hidden fees, services being disconnected with no warning, and unauthorized charges.

Our take: Xfinity Home is best if you’re bundling

If you’re looking to set up new internet and television service, bundling Xfinity’s home security services is an easy way to give your home a decent security package. It integrates with a lot of other home automation systems, comes with a decent equipment package, and allows you to customize whatever add-ons fit your needs.

>>If that sounds like what you need, check out Xfinity Home’s security plan.

But because of the hidden fees and unreliable customer service, we wouldn’t recommend Xfinity to anyone looking for a more comprehensive home security system. We think most customers would be happier using Vivint, Frontpoint, or another company from our ranking of the best home security companies.