Cove Home Security Review

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3.3 out of 5 stars3.3
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3.3 out of 5 stars3.3
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    Cove is a newer name in the home security market, and we wanted to know how its systems stacked up against competitors like SimpliSafe, ADT, Vivint, and Xfinity Home Security. Cove offers competitive no-contract monitoring and affordable equipment, but you don’t get many third-party equipment options to beef up your security system. That said, if you’re looking for an affordable and basic security system with flexible monitoring, strong customer service, and an ultra-easy DIY setup, Cove is definitely worth a look.

    Cove pros and cons 

    • Pro BulletEasy installation and setup
    • Pro BulletAmazon Alexa and Google Home integration
    • Pro BulletAffordable equipment
    • Pro BulletNo-contract monitoring option
    • Pro BulletExcellent customer support
    • Con BulletLimited smart equipment options
    • Con BulletNo in-app home automation integration

    Compare Cove cellular monitoring plans 

    Data effective as of publish date. Offers subject to change.

    *Pricing shown applies if equipment is purchased up front.

    We like Cove’s no-contract approach to monitoring. If you pay for equipment up front, you don’t have to lock yourself into a two- or three-year contract with aggressive cancellation fees looming over your head. Both plans are affordable compared to competitors like Frontpoint or Vivint.

    We’d recommend going with the Plus Plan so you get mobile access and Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration, which all make it possible to operate your system from your phone. Plus, for each month you’re on the Plus plan, Cove gives you a $5 equipment credit so you can keep building your system.

    The Cove plans above show the price you’ll pay per month if you pay for your equipment up front. If you’re not able to pay for all your equipment when you sign up with Cove, you can put $0 down, but you’ll pay for the equipment with a higher monthly monitoring rate. Financing your equipment raises your monitoring fee by about $10 per month. It also locks you into a potential cancellation fee of $200 to $400 (the cost of equipment) if you decide to cancel with Cove in the first 36 months of service.

    Data effective as of publish date. Offers subject to change.

    Cove features and equipment 

    Cove equipment

    Cove systems are made up of a proprietary touchscreen panel, sensors, and YI cameras.

    The equipment selection is extensive enough to give you everything you need in a basic home security system––like intrusion sensors for your doors and windows, motion detectors, a key fob to simplify arming and disarming the system as you come and go, and up to three YI cameras to keep an eye out while you’re not home. Here’s a list of all of Cove’s available equipment:

    Cove equipment panel
    • Cove touch alarm panel ($184)
    • Door/window sensors ($15)
    • Motion sensor ($30)
    • Security key fob ($25)
    • YI indoor camera ($40)
    • Glass break detector ($35)
    • Smoke/heat/freeze detector ($30)
    • Flood sensor ($20)
    • Panic/medical alert button ($20)
    • Carbon monoxide detector ($50)

    Limited third-party compatibility

    Currently, Cove systems are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home assistant with the Plus Plan. If you have an Echo or Google device in your home, you’ll be able to control your Cove system via voice command, which saves you a trip to the control panel every time you want to arm, disarm, or make any changes to your system.

    Despite Cove’s solid equipment selection, its app lacks a bit in third-party equipment options, like doorbell cameras or smart home devices. None of that is much of an issue if you just want a security system, but if you want to build out a more sophisticated smart home security system, Cove might not be the best option.

    Home automation is in the works
    Our Choice
    Cove is working to release a Zigbee-compatible smart home hub that would open up Cove systems to a wide variety of smart home products.

    Simple setup

    The setup and installation process is one area where Cove really shines. Before shipping your security system, Cove preprograms your equipment and boxes it neatly for a painless installation when your system arrives. Our team was able to get a Cove security system set up in less than 15 minutes—and with no muttering under our breath that any part of the process was difficult or overly complicated.

    The systems come ready with charged batteries so all you have to do is plug in the control panel, sync each piece of equipment, and place the devices where you want them. We really liked that the control panel walks you through the process as though a professional is there with you during the setup process. And you can get any questions answered quickly with Cove’s text or phone support.

    Customer service

    Cove offers a lot of customer service resources for current and potential customers. That includes phone, text, email, chat, and social media support. Cove also has a YouTube channel with dozens of videos showing customers how to install new equipment and navigate the Cove control panel. If you have issues or questions not covered on Cove’s YouTube channel, you can probably find it on the customer support page.


    Cove is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. MT via phone, live chat, email, and its social channels. Cove also has after-hours support for emergencies.

    During regular business hours, Cove customers can text in questions and photos to get quick solutions to equipment or software issues. The text-in feature is pretty unique and we really like it as a fast and user-friendly way to diagnose and quickly solve any issues you might encounter with your Cove system.

    Cove customers can text questions and photos to get quick solutions to equipment or software issues.

    Contracts and cancellation policies

    Cove has contract-free monitoring, so you don’t have to worry about locking yourself into a long contract. Cove’s no-contract monitoring is an especially solid option for renters who might not be living in the same place for more than a year or two.

    One catch: if you finance your equipment through Cove, you’ll have to consider the cancellation policy, which ranges from $200 to $400 if you cancel within the first 36 months of your monitoring. After 36 months there is no cancellation fee. Of course, if you paid for your equipment up front there is no cancellation fee with Cove’s month-to-month monitoring structure.

    Cove also offers a super reasonable 60-day cancellation policy. If you decide to opt away from Cove in those first 60 days, you’ll get a full refund, which is a solid policy compared to other security companies.

    Our recommendation

    Cove doesn’t have the most cutting-edge equipment, and it currently lacks in widespread third-party equipment compatibility. If those are your priorities, you might be better served with a security system like Vivint.

    But if you’re looking for a flexible, affordable DIY security system that covers the basic security needs, Cove is a great option. With cheap month-to-month monitoring, easy setup, and strong customer service, Cove has found its niche in the security market.

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