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CPI Security Reviews: Should I Buy a CPI Security System?

CPI Security

Overall rating

2.5/ 5

CPI offers a good selection of equipment, 24/7 monitoring, and easy remote access, but the company’s negative customer service reputation and frustrating contracts bring the overall score down.

Customer service & reputation



Technology & usability

Security performance

CPI offers a good selection of equipment, 24/7 monitoring, and easy remote access, but the company’s negative customer service reputation and frustrating contracts bring the overall score down.

If you’re the type to make supporting local businesses a priority, you might be interested in CPI Security systems. While the company isn’t as small as a mom-and-pop diner, it offers a local touch that you won’t get from a nationwide company. The company donates to local charities and security alarms are monitored from the regional headquarters in the Southeast.

CPI Security is one of the largest security providers in the Southeast. This means you get the benefit of working with a company that is invested in your area, but you also get the resources and support you’d expect from an industry leader.

The idea of supporting a local company is nice, but is it right for you? Read our review to learn more about CPI Security.


  • Customizable package options
  • Cellular monitoring
  • Free professional installation
  • Home automation add-ons
  • Remote access and control
  • Mobile notifications
  • No-False-Alarm guarantee
  • Monitoring from regional headquarters
  • Company donates to regional charities


  • Long contracts—minimum 39 months
  • Expensive early termination fees
  • Availability only in certain regions
  • Poor reputation
  • Lack of transparency

What makes CPI Security unique?

CPI Security offers most of the same things any traditional home security company would offer, but it stands out by offering customizable packages and free professional installation. This means you have more control over what your particular setup is like and that your up-front costs are lower than if you had to pay for installation.

CPI Security service area

Another benefit of CPI Security is the opportunity to work with a company that is part of your local community. CPI Security is licensed in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Alabama, and Florida.

How does CPI Security compare to the competition?

demonstrating security equipmentAlthough CPI Security has some good things to offer, it suffers in comparison to some of the larger national security providers. Our highest-rated home security companies, Frontpoint and Link Interactive, both offer shorter contracts and lower prices for monthly monitoring.

CPI Security is also at a disadvantage because it operates only in a small region of the country. This means that you can’t take your system, or contract, with you if you move out of CPI’s service area.

While these are minor drawbacks, the biggest concern about CPI Security is the company’s poor customer service reputation. Our research turned up a lot of negative reviews from upset customers.

How much do CPI Security packages cost?

CPI Security offers two monthly packages—the basic Security Package and the slightly more expensive Smart Home Door Package.

PackageSecurity PackageSmart Home Door Package
Security PackageSmart Home Door Package

Security Package features

  • Cellular monitoring
  • inTouch mobile app
  • Text and email notifications
  • Audio verification

Smart Home Door Package features

  • Cellular monitoring
  • inTouch mobile app
  • Text and email notifications
  • Audio verification
  • Secure video network
  • Remote video feed access
  • Video alerts

CPI Security also gives you the option to customize your own package. The monthly cost of your package will vary depending on which equipment you choose, but this could be a good option for those who want all the options that come with the basic package and a few of the options included with the more expensive package.

Equipment options

PackageSecurity PackageSmart Home Detector Package
Door/window sensors5 sensors included5 sensor included
Motion detector
Control panel
Yard sign & decals
inTouch doorbell camera
Touchscreen door lock
Door/window sensors
Motion detector
Control panel
Yard sign & decals
inTouch doorbell camera
Touchscreen door lock
Security PackageSmart Home Detector Package
5 sensors included5 sensor included

Additional equipment available:

  • Glass break detector
  • inTouch thermostat
  • Remote garage door control kit
  • Smart plug for lighting control
  • HD indoor camera
  • HD outdoor camera
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Key remote
  • Medical pendant

Customer reviews of CPI Security

To be honest, there aren’t a lot of positive customer reviews about CPI Security. Most of the positive reviews focused on the free installation and the individual installers. Some customers also mentioned the convenient remote access.

The common theme among negative reviews was frustration with CPI’s customer service. Customers were also bothered by the company’s long contracts and high early termination fees.


CPI technician J*** M*** was prompt, professional & thoroughly repaired & tested our home security system. – Sam Odum, August 4, 2017, trustpilot.com

I’ve had CPI for approximately two years now. Couldn’t be more pleased with the service and comfort of knowing that my home is protected. Love the Intouch connections where I can monitor my house from anywhere in the world. – Richard P. Burgess, Sr., August 7, 2017, bestcompany.com


Stay away they will rip you off. I had the system installed on my home. We then sold and moved. We decided that we no longer wanted the security at our new home because of the wires and crappy install that they did at previous house. Since we still are within their coverage area we have to continue to pay for 5 years from the original install date at the previous residence. There are better companies with better service out there that won’t rip you off. – Travis, July 20, 2017, trustpilot.com

I’ve been with CPI for 7 yrs now. Techs are very friendly and helpful and provide excellent service in person. I concur with the review about undisclosed fees…they are not open about them. I moved my service and had to pay more than I felt was reasonable. I like their usage of Alarm.com’s hardware integrated into the InTouch system. It’s really easy to install but tech support will swear that they are the only one’s that can install the equipment and all of it must be purchased from them or it will not work. I don’t like being lied to so they can charge me installation fees and overcharge for the equipment. Ebay sells all their products at a fraction of the cost. Service other than that is good but lying to me is what pulls my score down to average. Stephen Parker, August 16, 2017, bestcompany.com

Do we recommend CPI Security?

We put a lot of stock in customer service, so we’re hesitant to recommend CPI Security considering the company’s extremely negative customer service reputation. If you aren’t worried about customer service and want to support a local company, CPI Security may be an option for you, but in most cases, we’d encourage you to choose a national company like Frontpoint or Link Interactive with a better reputation.

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14 responses to “CPI Security Reviews: Should I Buy a CPI Security System?”

  1. Hi Pat, congrats on the move! Typically, when cancelling, security companies will have you pay the remaining balance on your contract. Moving out of their service area usually does not exempt. This is what CPI is most likely seeking with the $1,000 payment. There are a few monitoring companies that are no contract and state they have no cancellation fees. Unfortunately, CPI is not one of them. I definitely think it’s worth calling them to try to see if anything can be down to bring the amount down, or completely exempt you from paying, however, I cannot say with certainty that either will happen.
    Best of luck,

  2. Worst experience ever with this company. They continue to charge me even though I have sold the home over 6 months ago. They continue to harass me. Find another company to get service with

  3. A terrible experience completely in line with the reviews you will see online on this company. They sent a letter offering $1800 of equipment with their intouch system. I called and the salesman and I spoke for over 1 hour confirming all the elements I wanted – mainly the cameras. We agreed on a price after multiple trips to his supervisor to get it approved. It was 9pm by the time we ended and he said the contract would take 2 hours to be sent to me since underwriting has to approve. When the paperwork came it did not list the equipment we agreed on – lots of errors – so tried to call but their office was closed and the installers were coming and needed me to sign this paper work right away. Did not feel comfortable doing that without corrections – called office multiple times asked to speak to a supervisor – they would put me on hold for 10 minutes than call gets disconnected. Finally original salesman calls me back apologizes says go ahead and sign the paperwork – you are not held to it and they will correct all on site(He knew I was on a time crunch to get this installed right away.). 1 hour later calls me back and says I discounted your order too much (!! – not true) so if you want this system you need to pay an additional $200. I was astonished – how do you ask for more money after agreeing to a contract. They kept me on hold speaking to their ‘CFO’ to get it approved for the original price(which had already been approved by their ‘underwriting’!!!). Finally a supervisor comes back and says it is approved but I need to pay an additionak $99 activation fee(WHat?!!! never mentioend beofre or on the paperwork). Finally the installer shows up the next day and says you need $500 more of equipment (we have a completely wired in system they were taking over ) and it was essential I buy that. Then he says he cannot install the cameras as there was not outlet right at the spot they needed at any of the locations and they cannot pull wires or cut sheetrock to do it (professional installation?!!! – if the outlet is right there maybe I can plug it in myself?!). A security company that does not have any integrity in their offers or dealings – changes stories, constantly trying to get more money, difficult to get a hold of people there and their professional installers cannot install….. Do not usually post but 25 calls in a span of 36 hours with this questionable company and felt obliged to share – BUYER BEWARE for sure.

  4. We used to use ADT. The only means of communicating with clients is the phone. If you can’t get to the phone, then you can’t communicate if there is a true emergency. With CPI, you can speak to someone through a two-way and tell them exactly what’s wrong. They can also see if there’s an intruder and tell the intruder to get out and that the police are on the way.

  5. Do not use this company. We have experienced the same situation with moving out of their service area and having to pay them monthly after new owners declined taking on our contract. Customer service is atrocious and when I asked to speak to magament the rep got belligerent. There are so many options out there, use a competitor and do not be sold that they are a “smaller” company. Yes, they are great initially and set up is fantastic, but if you move from tri state area, you will find them you are inflexible and aloof.

  6. I had 2 accounts with them. I moved out of 1 building so I still owed them on that contract. They combined it with my other business. So now they not only doubled the cost per month but also added the time. So Double charging and double time on contract. STAY AWAY NO MATTER WHAT. HORRIBLE SERVICE, OVER CHARGING AND EXTREMELY RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES.

  7. I signed up with CPI at the end of Feb. The salesman was wonderful and answered all of our questions. I was told on two separate occasions to call back at anytime to switch my draft from my bank account to my AMEX. I received an email from them saying I owed $5.18. I called to find out what I owed it for (prorate for a couple days in Feb) and to get it and all future drafts charged to my AMEX. After emailing and calling for two days, getting hung up on, transferred numerous times, told several times that they would call me back and finally getting the billing department, they told me that they don’t allow drafts to be charged to credit cards. This is after the first months draft was charged to a Mastercard. They never expressed any sorrow or tried to come up with a solution to my request. They simply wanted to know who told me that so they could tell him never to tell anyone else that. Had I known that I would be lied to, given the runaround and simply disrespected as a customer, I would never have signed up with this company. ADT is a much better company with much better customer service!

  8. Terrible company. They locked me into a long contract and wouldn’t let me out even after I sold my house and moved out of state. Worst customer service ever. Stay away from CPI – they’re HORRIBLE.

  9. THREE DAYS AFTER reporting a service disruption (outage) we STILL do NOT
    have a functional home security system — even as our monthly
    “monitoring” fees continue to be deducted from our bank account…!!!

    I am LIVID. I just spoke with yet ANOTHER customer service rep, to no
    avail. We are “down” for an expedited service call, but SCHEDULED for NO
    EARLIER than tomorrow (after a FOUR day outage) — to repair a
    dysfunctional, NON WORKING home security system (go figure). These

    These guys are
    TERRIBLE, and CONTINUE to “spit in my face” with “scripted”, rude,
    rudimentary responses to EVERY line of inquiry. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE,
    HORRIBLE customer service (or extreme lack thereof).

  10. Horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE customer service. We’ve had a “dysfunctional” system since we installed CPI, and coincidentally, with a 2 year agreement; which CAN’T end SOON ENOUGH. We called on Sunday (1/10/16) to report a system error — received a call back on MONDAY, with a PROMISED “expedited service call” — TUESDAY morning (1/12/16), and the system is STILL not working. Horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE customer service…!!!!!!!

  11. Do not do this these guys are crooks. They have a cancellation policy of 60 days. No contract no nothing just charging 60 days for services not rendered. Do not do business with them.

    • We truly appreciate you taking the time to share some feedback on CPI Security! Reviews like yours help our community make informed security purchases. We are sorry to hear you had a bad experience with CPI, but would love to help you in any way possible if you’re looking for a different provider.

  12. I had Intouch installed the 2nd week of Feb. 2015. I have had nothing but problems with the equipment and customer service (including technicians). 1) You cannot use a strong password on your wireless. i.e. no symbols, dashes. 2) Technician must have your password to connect the cameras. 3) If you change the password the cameras do not work and you must sync them yourself. 4) Equipment does not consistently work. There is interference, distortion of videos, etc. 5) You are not made aware of how the InTouch software works. It is trial and error with a lot of online reading. No manuals, guides, or instruction. 6) When you call in after hours, you are transferred to the “monitoring” team. They do not no the equipment and give you suggestions – anywhere from “put black tape on all of your leds” to “disconnect your equipment, reboot, call us back” and likewise. 7) Told the technical support will call you back in the morning. They don’t call back. You have to call them.

    For me this cycle repeated several weeks in a row. I told them to remove the equipment. They stated a Quality Assurance person would have to evaluate the situation and come to my home. I was told he would call me back. That was last Friday, today is Wednesday, and HE never called. I contacted them again and was transferred to the equipment manager. He told me I needed a DVR and it costs $495. I said, “NO, I want the equipment removed, and someone should have told me that there could be issues.” Scheduled for the end of the week but I am do not feel confident it will work out – fixed or remove the equipment.

    I have over 37 videos (of 93) that are inaccurate – either the equipment is defective or someone from their software end is messing with the videos. I showed one to a tech who was trying to reinstall new cameras without success. She saw my concern. Two hours later the video clip did not have that concern on it. My fault for not downloading immediately. Since then, I download the clips. The question I ask myself everyday is: How can I be sure the alarm and sensors will work when all I have had from day one is problems.

    I seriously would NOT RECOMMEND this company, or any company that uses their software contractor.

    • I can’t get out of this “relationship” SOON ENOUGH…!!!!

      Horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE customer service. We’ve had a “dysfunctional” system since we installed CPI, and coincidentally, with a 2 year agreement; which CAN’T end SOON ENOUGH. We called on Sunday (1/10/16) to report a system error — received a call back on MONDAY, with a PROMISED “expedited service call” — TUESDAY morning (1/12/16), and the system is STILL not working. Horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE customer service…!!!!!!!

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