Do Fake Security Signs Work?

As you shop for a security system, you’re likely to experience sticker shock at least once. This might lead you to think: “I’ll just buy a home security sign and some stickers for a few bucks so burglars think I have a security system.” Is it really that easy?
Quick answer

Fake security signs won’t always work, so we don’t recommend using one to keep your home and family safe.

Fake security signs and window decals might seem like an easy way to make burglars think twice before breaking into your home, but they offer as much protection as a velvet rope.

To be clear, fake security signs and stickers aren’t without some benefits. They tend to be:

  • Strong visual deterrents against would-be thieves
  • Cheaper than buying a real security system
  • Easy to install

Even if you buy real security decals for a popular security system to complete the illusion, there’s still a chance a thief will break in anyway. If this happens, you won’t have any other defenses to scare off trouble and alert the police.

The goal of all security system and video surveillance signs is to prevent trespassers from damaging or entering your home. When security signs are backed by an actual security system, you can get help immediately.

Fake sign alternatives

Home security system

Instead of wasting money on a fake security sign, we think it’s worth the extra cash to get one of these alternatives:

With professionally-monitored security systems like ADT, you get a service that reacts to security threats in real time using a variety of sensors. When an intruder triggers an alarm, the monitoring station sends the police to your home. As an added bonus, you don’t have to wonder if your home security signs look real.

To find a home security system that fits your needs and budget, check out our reviews on home alarm systems and cheap security systems.

Security cameras

Security cameras can discourage intruders and capture crucial video evidence during a break-in. In fact, many of them come with motion detection and can send alerts to your smartphone so you know if something happens.

You can even get dedicated video surveillance signs and window stickers stating that you have security cameras in your home for added visibility to uninvited guests. While you can get fake security cameras, these are about as effective as fake security signs.

Our Choice

For less than $30, Wyze is one of the most affordable security cameras with live video streaming and HD video.

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Video doorbells

While video doorbells aren’t as flexible as security cameras, they’re ideal for keeping an eye on your front door. If you get a lot of deliveries during the day, a video doorbell is a good candidate to prevent package theft.

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Outdoor security lights

Outdoor security lights have a lot of advantages. The light activates each time it detects motion, so it surprises and illuminates criminals sneaking onto your property. Outdoor security lights work even better if you have a dog that barks anytime it goes off.

“Was the light automatic or did someone spot me and turn it on?”

While security lights aren’t foolproof, they can leave trespassers wondering: “Was the light automatic or did someone spot me and turn it on?” This alone can encourage a speedy retreat.

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Window bars

If you have a small home with only a few windows, window bars can be an affordable option for boosting your home’s security. This type of security measure is surprisingly easy to install and won’t get in the way if you need to climb out the window during an emergency.

While adding bars to your windows can seem like overkill, it makes home look like a fortress and reduces the number of places where someone can enter your home.

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Fake security signs and stickers may be an easy, cheap alternative to real security devices, but they leave too much to chance to protect your home and family.

We recommend these alternatives so you don’t have to bluff your way to better security: