EyePatch Case Reviews: iPhone Camera Cover Case

At the ASecureLife office, we're always looking for new ways to make our lives a little more secure, which is why we were excited when EyePatch reached out to us about their new product: a phone case with built-in camera covers. The EyePatch focuses solely on phone cameras, in lieu of making camera covers that are adaptable to both phones and webcams.
Eyepatch Case
We had the chance to conduct a hands-on test of the EyePatch Case at our office over the last few weeks. The product is a silicone case, with a built-in switch that cleans your front camera when used. While the EyePatch Case is effective, it is a little bulky and there's not a lot of "style" to it. It is currently only compatible with the iPhone 5/5S or 6/6S — we reached out to EyePatch though, and there are plans to release models for some of the popular Android phones. We think with a few future improvements, this could be a really solid option for those concerned with camera security (read: NSA monitoring).
Our rating:
3.0 out of 5.0
3 out of 5 stars3.0
4 out of 5 stars4.0
2 out of 5 stars2.0
3 out of 5 stars3.0

    Summary : The EyePatch camera case is a great idea, and we're excited to see the updates their team has planned come to fruition, but unless you have an iPhone 5/5s or 6/6s and aren't concerned with webcams and other devices, it might make more sense to go with a stick-on camera cover.

    Pros and cons

    • Pro BulletCleans front camera lenses with slide of the lens cover
    • Pro BulletProtection from drops and scratches with silicone case
    • Pro BulletBoosted personal security with camera cover
    • Pro BulletLeaves no sticky residue
    • Pro BulletCover slides smoothly
    • Pro BulletDoes not interfere with charger or headphone inputs
    • Con BulletFeels bulky in pocket
    • Con BulletOnly available for iPhone
    • Con BulletObstructs some touch gestures
    • Con BulletObstructs some buttons

    Available Styles

    Currently, the EyePatch Case comes in three colors: white, black, and purple. The slider comes standard in white, but you can get it in yellow, blue, pink, or black for an extra $4.99 — exclusive to the iPhone 5/5S. The EyePatch Case is currently is available for iPhone 5/5S and 6/6S, but not the 6 Plus.

    If you’re rocking an Android or older iPhone model, you will not be able to use this product, yet — EyePatch Case has confirmed, however, that they do have plans to release versions of their product for some of the more popular Android devices, starting with the Samsung Galaxy series.


    • iPhone 5/5S EyePatch Case: $19.99
    • iPhone 6/6S EyePatch Case: $24.99
    • Fun Color EyePatch Slider (iPhone 5/5S only): $4.99

    What do customers think?

    Positive Reviews

    "Nice idea, works like a charm! The only criticisms I can level are that the case could be constructed of a firmer material and be a bit tighter on the phone, and the current case material attracts tons of lint and grips/sticks excessively when trying to remove it from a pocket. Small downsides to a great solution."

    - Alpha Pistola, Amazon - Verified Purchase

    Negative reviews

    "This is a hard review to write because I purchased this case to hide the camera in addition to being a case. The camera protector is perfect. It is very easy to slide back and forth. If I was reviewing that portion of it alone, I'd rate it 5 stars. However, this is also a phone case so with regards to the case itself, I'd give it 1 star. I would never use this case if it didn't have the camera protector. It's a soft case, flimsy and not high quality. It attracts dirt on my phone and because of the unnecessary hole in the back to display the apple logo, is getting scratched in that area. I'm not confident it will actually protect my phone from the next drop. Long story short, if I saw it in a store, I would have bought something else strictly on the quality of the case. Overall, I should rate it 2 stars, but I'm overrating it because the camera piece does what it is advertised to do. The case itself needs a lot of work."

    - Sarah S, Amazon - Verified Purchase

    Would we recommend the Eye Patch case?

    The EyePatch Case is a good idea, but it still needs some work. We're not sure we would be willing to sacrifice the lightweight feel of our phones for the bulky case. If the design were more sleek and stylish, or if we could add a small device to our existing case, we might reconsider. The good news: EyePatch Case has done a great job of listening to its customers' feedback and is making improvements for a better product. They're looking to up the style factor and increase durability while adding a wider variety of colors and a hard plastic shell — they also hinted at a version with a wallet built in.