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Zander Insurance Review: Affordable Identity Protection with Limited Coverage

Overall rating

3/ 5

Zander has an excellent reputation and very low prices (especially if you want family coverage). It also has good recovery services if your identity gets stolen. The company loses points for limited customer service hours, lack of credit monitoring and other preventive measures, and lack of a mobile app.

Customer Service & Reputation



Account Access

Zander has an excellent reputation and very low prices (especially if you want family coverage). It also has good recovery services if your identity gets stolen. The company loses points for limited customer service hours, lack of credit monitoring and other preventive measures, and lack of a mobile app.


  • Low prices
  • Positive reputation
  • Particularly affordable family coverage
  • Expense reimbursement during recovery
  • 36 months of follow-up service after case is resolved


  • No credit monitoring
  • No mobile app
  • Less coverage than other services
  • Not much preventive protection
  • Limited customer service hours

The recent Equifax data breach reminded us that identity theft is a very real, and very plausible, threat. If you’re one of the many Americans scrambling to find a way to protect yourself, you may have looked into Zander—the Dave Ramsey-endorsed insurance company that also offers identity theft protection.

We recently researched and ranked the best identity theft protection companies—and while Zander didn’t make the top three, it is still worth considering in certain situations. For example, it may be a good option if you have a lot of dependents or if you aren’t looking for preventive service.

Keep reading to learn more about Zander’s identity theft protection services.

What stands out about Zander’s identity theft protection?

Businessman and TV personality Dave Ramsey endorses Zander Insurance Group’s identity theft protection service. His endorsement gives the company both increased attention and credibility in the industry.

While this endorsement is significant, a few other things make Zander unique.

  • Low prices: Zander’s service costs significantly less than most other plans from competitors.
  • Affordable family plans: Zander’s family plan costs less than it would cost to cover two individuals on separate plans. This plan covers an unlimited number of dependents, and those dependents can be up to 25 years old.
  • Excellent coverage of recovery expenses: Zander covers not only the cost of restoring your identity but also lost wages ($30,000 maximum) and lost funds due to electronic transfer (up to $1 million).

How could Zander improve?

As mentioned earlier, Zander didn’t make our top three when we ranked the best identity theft protection companies.

A few specific things kept Zander from making the cut.

  • We think Zander could give customers better protection by offering credit monitoring.
  • Zander doesn’t have a mobile app. If the company developed one, customers would have faster, more convenient access to their accounts. That would make it easier for customers to take quick action if they notice something has gone wrong.
  • Zander offers less monitoring than other identity theft protection companies. We think customers would benefit from things like social security number monitoring, court records monitoring, and change-of-address alerts—services offered by other ID theft protection companies.

How much does it cost to get identity theft protection from Zander Insurance Group?

Zander Insurance Group offers some of the most affordable identity theft protection you can find—particularly if you need coverage for the whole family.

Individual plans:

$6.75 per month (or $75.00 per year)

Family plans:

$12.90 per month (or $145.00 per year)

What the plans include:

  • Identity restoration services
  • Coverage for many types of identity theft—financial, criminal, social security, medical, and IRS fraud
  • Benefits to cover lost wages or vacation time
  • Up to $1 million in coverage for electronic funds transfer loss
  • Reimbursement for up to $1 million of expenses incurred during recovery from identity theft
  • Assistance accessing free credit reports
  • Assistance placing fraud alerts or setting credit freezes

Customer reviews

Both positive and negative reviews of Zander focus on customer service. Positive reviews cite positive experiences with representatives, while negative reviews mention that it can be difficult to reach Zander’s customer service agents.

Positive reviews also focus on Dave Ramsey’s endorsement and the affordable family coverage.

Positive reviews

“I have finally spoken to zander and the representative was extremely helpful and has rectified the situation which I had been attempting to resolve for the last 4 days. extreme conditions, the Equifax breach and the call center in the hurricane, have caused considerably long wait times. I am satisfied with the resolution.” – Donna, September 11, 2017, Best Company

“For the price it really can’t be beat. I feel very secure with Zander’s family plan. We had a scare a couple months ago, but Zander gave me the peace of mind I needed. We check our credit reports on our own anyway, so I’m not very concerned about that. It definitely helps that Dave Ramsey endorses it.” – Stephanie, September 17, 2017, Best Company

“Dave Ramsey is right. The coverage is impressive. The Family plan is superior to 2 separate LifeLock plans. I’m very satisfied.” – CB Seibert, October 28, 2016, Best Company

Negative reviews

“The website promises 24/7/365 access to a certified specialist. What you get is being put on hold during normal business hours. The other 16 hours Monday-Friday and 24/7 Saturday and Sunday is an answering service. I have being trying to speak to a Zander employee for a week without any luck. I have left repeated messages on the company number, answering service and sent emails. All I have gotten was a email on Sunday stating they would call me which they did one time while I was at lunch a week after my first message. Their message to me was to call them back. Not what I thought I have been paying for.” – Gary, September 26, 2017, Best Company

“Zander sucks. I had my id, phone, and a credit card stolen in Hawaii, and I couldn’t get a hold of them – I was told that I would be on hold for 20-30 minutes or I could leave my number and they would call me back and I wouldn’t lose my place in line. I left my number and they called a day later, while I was still in Hawaii and left a message. Then I called again and this time I stayed on the phone after the same spiel of 20-30 minute wait. I put my phone on speaker and waited for over ONE HOUR. So I left my name again, and sent them an email telling them I thought they were a scam. I received a call over a day later on my cell phone and I didn’t answer because I didn’t recognize the number. Finally, a week later, my husband called and cancelled. They didn’t even ask for verification of who he was or anything like that. WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.” – Angie Lambert, March 20, 2017, Best Company

Should you sign up for identity theft protection from Zander Insurance?

If you’re only looking for recovery services and identity theft insurance, Zander is a solid option.

However, in most situations we’d suggest a company that offers credit monitoring and other preventive services that can help you avoid (or quickly catch) identity theft before it results in significant financial losses.

To learn more about your options, check out our review of the best identity theft protection services.

Do you have any experience with identity theft or Zander Insurance Group? We’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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