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2GIG Security Review

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    I think that something needs to be said about the company 2GIG and their newest technology. Security companies have been limited for years on what they can actually use, just because certain companies were doing nothing to innovate equipment and the same technology had been around for years and years, and things were actually getting cheaper looking, feeling, and sounding (honeywell vista and lynx, ge simon, and dsc for the majority).

    Finally someone out there got innovative and got thinking about what could be improved and what people actually want to have in their home, and not just “ya, this is what is available so take it or leave it”. 2GIG works with plenty of different companies across the nation and their touchscreen panels, 2 way voice cellular technology is awesome. I’m not trying to put in a word for a security company, but rather the company making the equipment.

    It’s not just about calling the cops if a door sensor is triggered, it’s about having something nice that works with our tech savvy lifestyles. Look at the success of Apple. Wouldn’t you want something similar to an iPad on your wall? That if you turn off your alarm from your alarm.com app on your iPhone, your front door unlocks, your thermostat temperature changes, and your lamp in your entry way turns on automatically? That is innovation. That is the future of home security. Any old Joe schmoe can set up an old system that can dispatch the police in the case of a break-in and call the fire department in case of a beeping smoke detector. Big whoop.

    I want something to fit me and my technology loving personality, and that is actually affordable! Crestron is a huge, super nice home automation company but all their stuff is thousands upon thousands. 2 GIG is simple, convenient, affordable, attractive, innovative, and to me, exactly what I want.

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    I hear what you want – – here’s some advice to help make sure that in addition to your requests, you also get what you need.

    If 2 GIG is your preferred alarm panel, then FIRST start out with a proper design of your SECURITY system by referring to my article “What is the Best Home Security System.” THEN you compliment your alarm system with interactive features and accessories, such as touch-screen keypads or email and SMS TEXT message notifications sent directly to your cell phone.

    Don’t begin by looking for the bells and whistles instead of the correct procedure of including these extras onto a solid foundation. Interactive features which provide the ability to arm or disarm your security system using any computer or Smartphone from anywhere in the world can be added to any alarm panel now.

    Most consumers sound just like you – – they do not seem interested in or attentive to their security needs. They are fixated on low prices and “gimmicks”.

    You fit the demographics of the perfect prospect for some fast-talking salesman selling the new “iFridge”. The “iFridge” is sleek, elegant and designed to fit into any modern home decor. It’s loaded with technology and innovation such as a touch-screen display on its front door which connects to the internet so that you can download recipes or order food on-line from your kitchen.

    Heck, it’ll even automatically prepare your weekly grocery list, saving you the time, since the “iFridge” can recognize when you’re running short on eggs.

    “Techno-nerds” will be buying thousands of this new product – – only to be disappointed when they eventually discover that the “iFridge” does a really crappy job of actually keeping their food cold.

    Consumers automatically assume when they’re buying a new fridge that they’re purchasing a product that will keep their food cold. Consumers also make the mistake of assuming that ALL alarm systems provide security.

    It appears that you’ve made your choice regarding alarm manufacturer. But if it’s badly installed or if you lack sufficient alarm sensors and equipment, your “technology loving personality” might be in for a rude surprise if your home is ever broken into and your 2 GIG alarm system didn’t perform as you assumed.

    By the way, criminals also LOVE technology in the hands of consumers who aren’t focused on security.

    The GPS mapping system inside a car which is stolen from a movie theatre’s parking lot will automatically direct the thief to an unoccupied house (while the residents are away watching a film inside the theatre) if the car’s owner has programmed their actual street address into the HOME button of the GPS.

    If the car owner has also left a remote garage door opener clipped to the car’s sun-visor, the thief doesn’t even need to kick in the front door!

    An alarm’s wireless remote control keyfob, or an interactive cell phone, which has a ONE-TOUCH button to disarm the security system instead of having to enter a more secure 4 or 6-digit access code can also be used to easily gain entry to your home if the keyfob or cell phone falls into the wrong hands.

    Most consumers do not recognize these security short-comings or the potential risks they pose.

    You certainly won’t hear about this from a sales-person intent on pushing product.

    The most probable explanation for the fact that remote garage door openers do not require input of an access code is: Consumers would not purchase them because they would be looked at as being too much bother, trouble and / or inconvenient.

    There’s also no demand from consumers for this type of secure product.

    While I also embrace your love for technology, I’m trying to ensure that it isn’t used against you. At the same time, I also want your alarm system to work as intended.

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    If you’re aware of the associated risks to this security short-coming and can live with your cell phone as is – that’s FINE.

    If not, you should password protect your cell phone so that it’s locked once you complete a call. Or, find an interactive service provider which requires input of an access code on your cell phone to disarm your home.

    But if you’re unaware of how criminals take advantage of technology to use it against you, (as explained in my reply to the “Techny-type who wanted innovative features), you are exposing your personal security to compromise.

    If a client asks me for a wireless keyfob that he’s heard about to disarm their alarm system remotely, I explain to him that I prefer to DISABLE the one-touch disarming button, as it presents a security risk if the keyfob falls into the wrong hands.

    Not all security companies behave the way I do.

    This is why you see interactive services that provide cell phones with a ONE-TOUCH DISARMING BUTTON being advertised nationally and promoted constantly with no explanation or publicity about the importance of locking your cell phone.

    As is the case with remote garage door openers and GPS devices, consumers LOVE convenience, while remaining blissfully unaware of the security risks these “gadgets” could pose.

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