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ADT, hit by lightning, liable for repair

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    I bought a new home with ADT equipment installed, called the representative, (whose card was included in my home builder’s pkg), and everything was fine — until…. my home was struck by lightning. I have USAA insurance, who has an alliance with ADT, and in my case, the repair should have been covered 100% by USAA. However, because it was not annotated on my contract that I was a USAA customer, I was liable for all repair costs. And that includes not only the estimated amount of the repair, but an additional charge of $111 for the first 30 minutes of the repair time, AND, $28 for EACH ADDITIONAL 15 MINUTES!

    Never mind that I have been paying for protection that I no longer had, due to the damage. I also asked if I could get USAA listed on my contract, just in case of another disaster. I was told “No Way.” I was not a “new” customer. I canceled, paid for the remaining year of service, and did research, and found Smith And Wesson. It is a cellular alarm system; which just happens to be….. “Cellular – Cellular alarm systems are our alarm systems of choice. They communicate with your central station using a wireless signal that runs over a two-way cellular network (not the same network your cell phone is on, so your alarm system won’t go down if your cell phone experiences a dropped call).”

    Quoted from this very website, and on the same page. We could not believe the savings, the customer service, the quick response; everything about this company in North Dallas is amazing. I recommend them 100%! I am even going to do all I can to have ADT replaced by Smith and Wesson by our home builder.

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    My alarm system has been hit by lightning THREE times in one year. It was hit the very day they installed it and they tried to tell me it wasn’t their fault. I told them I wasn’t paying a dime for something I hadn’t used. Then we finally agreed to pay half on the panel with a stipulation that if they replaced it and it needed more repair, I would not contribute. They agreed, I paid $50 and then they ended up having to replace EVERY piece of equipment. The installer said he’d never seen anything like it. NOTHING else in my house was damaged.

    Two months later, same thing. Not as extensive damage but still took out one key pad and a few other pieces of the alarm system. Called and had it out with ADT, but between ADT and the installer they kept pushing the blame back and forth, and telling me I’ve just had bad luck with the two lightning strikes…give me a break. Well last night it happened again, another lightning strike, another dead alarm system and mind you the alarm system is still the ONLY thing affected.

    My house is taking direct hits from lightning because of this alarm system. I’m talking loud booming noises, my battery clock flew off the wall, the lights sizzle and crackle, and the whole neighborhood can hear when my house gets struck by lightning. In fact a neighbor is the one who called me and said “I think your alarm system has been hit again”, sure enough I called home and my husband said it had…

    BAD LUCK YOU SAY????? Not related to the alarm system??? I am supposed to contact Customer Relations today but I will also be contacting a lawyer! So to “No More ADT” I can sympathize with you very much. I would love to just cancel but we have a 3 year contract for which I’d have to pay 75% of the remaining balance. Terrible company and service and they don’t care how the contractors/installers treat their customers. Would NOT recommend to anyone.

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    Seems very odd that there are multiple stories out there connecting ADT alarm systems and lightning strikes. Anyone else? Makes you wonder if it can still be a coincidence.

    Thanks for sharing your story. We’re sorry you had to go through this and wish you the best in finding an alarm company that meets your needs. Please post back with your experience!

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      Around 5 years ago, when we lived in Pennsylvania and had our security system through Guardian; our home was hit by lightning and took out over half the wired sensors, and the main keypad, etc.

      It cost us over $1000 to repair because of their 15 minute incremental repair charges! I say $1000+ because it was covered by our homeowner’s insurance, but we had a $1000 deductible. We agreed to get it fixed, but we didn’t know until after the fact how much it was going to cost. Looking back, I wonder if the security systems that are pre-wired actually attract lightning???

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