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ADT Protects the White House

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    ADT is not the best, as plenty of articles on this site and the Internet in general will attest to. ADT will lie to make a sale, pull the bate and switch tricks. Corporate might have a contract on the White House but the rest of them are snakes. Just my personal experience.

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    Maru Quevedo

    It is certainly unfortunate that you are having such a difficult time working with ADT. Customer service is one aspect of the alarm system industry that certainly requires much more attention than it currently gets. Hopefully you will not let this experience jade your future decisions to protect your home with a working alarm system, perhaps through an alternate provider if you remain in the same area.

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    ADT commercial account managers, customer relations, and service installation teams are unreliable and unprofessional. This translates from the ground up and from the top down.

    The ground level sometimes does shoddy work, can’t get here quickly enough, or shows up at unscheduled random times for no reason with no clue about the job because they don’t communicate well internally. They are at times untrained, rude, and cocky to their clients (who are keeping them in business!). To be fair, some are diligent workers and some are just not very competent or professional. Their problem-solving can take a “shoot-from-the-hip” style where half the time they shoot themselves in the foot and shoot the clients time and resources hour after hour trying to solve problems they created by not having a coherent game plan. Thus, they’re on the phone with their own tech support, on hold forever, trying to help them know how to do basic procedures that could have been delineated in a short work order procedure list that ADT has never bothered to create for their techs. Things are not very organized, and nobody seems to care. They often wing it and hope it works, and half the time it doesn’t and it’s painful. And this is just the ground level.

    After having repeated problems with service at the ground level, I thought that account managers and service managers would be conscientious supervisors of their employees and correct problems to improve their company reputation (you know, ADT, the big name in security). To be fair, again, sometimes they have good moments, but unfortunately they are often followed by long runs of disappointing performance. And at times account managers have been able to reduce costs for me after long waits and delays and missteps. But by and large, what I found was that account managers were kind in person and on the phone, but were often very ineffective in actually getting things done in a timely manner and doing what they said they would do. I think this is partly because ADT’s upper management is squeezing these mid-level account managers to death by loading so much work on their plates that they are drowning and can’t take care of their clients. What a way to do business and save money. Delays, delays, I call, what’s up? Excuses, excuses, I will have this to you by tomorrow. Nothing. Nothing. More promises. More of nothing. I’ve got a job to do and I was getting worn out trying to babysit the work orders that needed to get done at my location. Contract delays, technician delays, and a service manager who is disconnected and seems very unconcerned about meeting your needs.

    So I thought to myself, surely upper management would care enough to see how many problems are happening from mid-level down to the ground-level. So I contacted upper management for some type of recourse and eventual improvement. A token email later (without any willingness to talk on the phone and hear problems and find solutions) told me I was probably going to get more of the same. This was borne out through later contact I made regarding further problems that was never acknowledged… no reply. Management style = avoid problems and maybe they’ll go away. Note to management: they don’t go away. They persist.

    Here’s the kicker. ADT probably realizes it costs companies way too much to have a new security company take over their contract. This is because no other security company will assume and maintain another company’s hardware, so it would require a total replacement. I know this because I took a lot of time to do the research because I was so frustrated and dissatisfied with ADT’s performance. Since they probably realize this is the case with most of their long-time clients, the message seems to be: “What do we care if you don’t like our service. Where ya gunna go?” So, recent events have been the last straw and now I’m letting my voice be heard.

    To me, businesses succeed and grow because they build and maintain great products and services, and they feel responsible toward the clients who are paying them money and keeping them in business. I knew I had no leverage to change the situation with ADT, and everyone from upper and middle management to the ground level could do whatever they wanted (treating their clients’ time and resources and requests with negligence, excuses, delays, and empty promises) and still expect to get the same amount of money from their clients. This is because ADT has become so big and their clients have invested in them so deeply that to pull the roots and start over with a new company would be way too expensive. So what I’m doing now is the only thing I can do: by word of mouth and in writing, I can let others know how poorly-managed and unprofessional ADT often is (with a few good exceptions) so they will not also fall into the same trap my company has over the years, and perhaps if enough of this gets out then one of two things will happen… 1) ADT will change their business approach and feel accountable towards their clients and sharpen their management and training techniques so that they actually create a great company with happy clients, or 2) ADT will eventually lose business because nobody will want to deal with them anymore. Maybe my commentary can be a small drop in the pond that gradually causes larger ripples over time. For reference, our company is located in the Washington, DC area and is serviced by ADT’s Springfield, Virginia offices. This is the only geographical location where I have direct experience with ADT, so it’s possible they are managed better in other areas.

    My parting note is this: I can understand mistakes and I am okay with people making honest mistakes since it’s a natural part of business and life in general. What I can’t understand and won’t support is a business making chronic mistakes time and again with continual neglect of client’s time and money and a refusal to address problems and find long-term solutions. This is what ADT has sadly chosen to do as I have addressed my displeasure with them over time, and this is why I finally deal so harsh a critique of them now. I hope they will change their approach toward their business and client relations, and I feel sad for the good people who work there who are not living up to the reputation of what a good security company should be.

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    I wish I never would have signed a contract with them on 7/22/11. Today on 11/5/11, they come back out to my house and say my bill should be a $1 more a month and the “clean up girl” will not give me a copy of the new contract and did not want me to date the contract. Awful people!! RUINED MY WHOLE DAY!!!

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    You can’t be serious. I have found that ADT’s techs are the least competent in the industry.

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    I disagree with you, I was in the process of getting a ADT alarm system and called and scheduled to get it installed by Gaylord Security (an authorized dealer). And guess what? The technician never showed up. The next day I got a call from them saying how they were sorry they couldn’t make it out that day, if they could go today. I immediately told them to cancel the order because if they can’t show up on time to do the install on the scheduled date and then call the next day, imagine if you have problems with your alarm system. How long they are going to take to come fix it or help you with any other issue? I’m so glad I found this website which mentioned Gaylord security as one of the incompetent authorized dealers for ADT, they suck!

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    Thanks for your feedback forum readers. We invite you guys to chime in on our ADT Reviews page as well!

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    Lukas Schmeter

    C’mon guys, obviously ADT is the best. They protect the White House, that’s why they’re number one. ‘Nuff said.

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    When a man jumped the fence at the White House a few weeks ago and was able to walk in through the front door, the Secret Service was nowhere to be found. And just this week, Congressman John Mica from Florida suggested adding some simple, inexpensive technology be added, like a security system from ADT. You can read more and watch a video of Mica speaking about about protecting the White House.

    I am not sure ADT is the best choice but Mica’s point is right – if a security system can detect a glass break or door opening in my home, than can likely do the same for the President’s home, right?

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