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Advanced technique of intruder detectors for alarm systems

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    Intruder detectors decide the reliability of the alarm systems. To avoid the interference, anti-detection of fault alarm and missing alarm, multiple techniques are used in detector designing.

    1. Micro-wave sending time will be staggered when one more detectors are operated synchronously.So, maximum 4 pcs MW & PIR detectors can be installed in one room.
    2. PET immunity: the infrared signal detected will be stored and compared with human body signal and excluded pet movement alarm.
    3. Two infrared sensors are used to detect motion.
      1. The signal detected will be stored in RAM and will be calculated by logical addition,
      2. Then the result and original signal will be compared to judge whether or not it is true alarm.
    4. Anti-detection design: When the detector is set at anti-detection mode, CPU will analyze the weak signal detected and if it found it is anti-detection,
      1. It will active the micro-wave sensor to detect, and logical calculate both signals to judge.
    5. Auto temperature compensation design to avoid environment temperature change.
    6. Two infrared sensors are built-in. Motion sensors detected are same polarity and RF,
      1. Electric magnetism, static electricity interference are opposite polarity.
      2. So, it can anti interference.
    7. Micro consumption current designed for long life battery usage.
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    Updated Security Alarms will overcome the fault of missing alarm and fault alarm problems and make the system more reliable. That is what the home & business security systems required.

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    a guest

    The posts from "vedard_alarms" appear to have been first written in Chinese and then translated word per word into English by someone who doesn't have an understanding of the English language.

    The result is that the comments are gibberish which are not understandable and are completely useless as far as providing any information to readers.

    I'm not knocking this Chinese manufacturer – – I'm just stating that if this post is an indication of the service that you can expect from this company in English, or any product literature such as instruction manuals, it does not bode well.

    As far as first impressions go, this one is a dismal FAIL. 

    I will politely suggest that there are plenty of established North American alarm suppliers and manufacturers from whom you can purchase security products with customer support in English.

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