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Analysis of Application Protocols Will Not Function

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    John Willam

    I’m using the security software NOD 32 (v4) by ESET Security. I’ve used it for years (since earlier versions), and have never had too much of an issue, until this morning. I get the error “Analysis of application protocols will not function. An error occurred while starting services. Analysis of application protocols (POP3, HTTP) will not function.

    I had recently installed Windows 7 (64-bit) SP1, along with a string of critical updates, then did system restore to an earlier date (because I incorrectly thought the update had messed up my monitor settings), and finally proceeded to undo the system restore. I had to hit update one more time and then everything appeared to return to normal, but maybe this screwed up NOD 32?

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    I had a similar thing happen to me recently. After a lot of digging and research, I can tell you that this is just one of the quirks which happen from time to time between NOD and Windows 7. I know it can be very frustrating and a bit of a pain, but this is the situation right now. I actually think that is mostly because of some MicroSoft issues, but who really knows how these things really work?

    It seems that your programs are all back to working properly and that is definitely a better experience than most people with this issue have! I do not think that the updating and restoring did anything to hurt your NOD 32 program. Actually, if you look on the support forums and sites there are lists of known compatibility issues longer than your arm. As long as everything is working now and keeps working, I would not really change anything else.

    Why is it that we always seem to have so many issues when downloading and or installing a new or different version of Windows? Each time I need to do this with one of my programs I always hold my breath and actually even expect there to be some kind of issue that I will need to deal with. Sometimes, it takes 5 minutes to fix, other times a whole day. Once I even had to take the machine to a true tech person. That was a crazy time!

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    While I imagine that your idea is possible, the real question is whether or not the NOD 32 is running all right now. If it is then there probably is nothing to worry about. I know you probably want a little more reassurance than that, but the bottom line is that sometimes technology is funny and even a bit flaky. A program may have worked perfectly for years. Then one day it will just starting doing funny things. The next day it is back to its old steady and reliable self.

    Having said all that, I will take a shot and say that the issue may probably be in your Windows 7. After all, this is the new program that was installed. If you look at all the support pages, there are always a number of issues related to windows and their installations. In fact, it can sometimes seem that whenever a new version of Windows is released the tech guys all brace in anticipation. They know that oftentimes Windows products will be rushed out to market before full testing and debugging has been completed. So, in many cases a new installation can cause problems similar to what you have experienced. Actually, your problem was quite mild by comparison to what could have happened.

    All in all, I would say you were pretty lucky. You still have your Windows 7 and it is working. You also have your NOD 32 running properly with no more hiccups, presumably.

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