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    A company called Apex received an unheard of F with the BBB, so they changed their name to APX to hide from the F rating. After a year or so APX also received an F rating with the BBB, so now they have changed their name again to Vivint in a effort to hide from the BBB. Customers beware, do your homework.

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    Vivint originally began as Apex. However, due to the fact that there is a company operating out of California with the same name (so to avoid legal issues) they dropped the “e” and went with APX. Then in 2011 after VIVINT rolled out with a lot of new technology (namely the 2gig panel, which is the only system that is cellular with 2-way voice), they began to get into the home security automation game.

    They then decided to launch a national advertising campaign and realized that with thousands of companies using “APX”, and with the image of the company focused around home automation and not just home security, they thought it would be best to once again not only change their name but the entire image of the company as well. As far as BBB goes anyone who truly knows about BBB knows it’s a joke and isn’t the most reliable source.

    VIVINT employs thousands of door to door salesmen who sometimes may use over the top or dishonest tactics. Obviously there are going to be complaints, but how is the experience as an actual VIVINT customer? Besides the fact that they have the best and most advanced system available made by a company called 2gig (side note: 2gig has won best panel 2 years in a row. Other companies are now using 2gig products because they are much better than the old school GE and Honeywell products. VIVINT owns 2gig). VIVINT customers enjoy the best customer service rated by J D Powers.

    So VIVINT in a nutshell:


    • 2gig go control panel: cellular and 2way voice
    • Home automation: thermostats, automatic locks etc.
    • The BEST costumer service
    • Fastest growing company


    • Pricey ($49-79 a month)
    • Lengthy contract
    • Door to door sales: unless you play your cards right you can get a lot for free.

    A thing about BBB…why is ADT an A and VIVINT a C? ADT employs dealers that go door to door and handles the nasty sales side. There are hundreds of companies that use the ADT name but don’t represent the “ADT” you see on the BBB. Just like the cell phone booths in the mall are not actually Verizon and T-Mobile. Look up the ADT dealers BBB for the facts on local ADT dealers.

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    These companies claim to offer the latest technology and that only their products do this stuff. Beware from the start. Facts:

    1. Vivint/APX have C/F BBB ratings which says a lot unlike the poster above.
    2. 2gig doesn’t make the system, they just design and market it. They use a company in China to manufacture it. Vivint owns 2gig so they try have us believe it’s the latest and greatest when in fact everything is old school but their system.
    3. If you install a Vivint 2gig system in your hometown you are stuck using them. If you’re unhappy ADT and many other central stations won’t monitor the Vivint system (ie. the hardware is incompatible so you’ll have to buy all new hardware when switching providers).
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    Vivint is refusing to cancel our home security even after I provided Official PCS orders and supporting documents that Vivint requested. In June 2008, my wife and I were greeted by a salesman, Trevor Moses (Agent Reg#: 32921) who worked for an home security company. Unfortunately we were mislead by his sales tactics and signed an agreement to have APX ALARM (Currently VIVINT) to secure our home. My wife mentioned that I am serving in the military and that we may leave for another AF assignment before our contract expires in 2013. Moses simply stated that all we have to do is call Vivint to cancel our home security services due to my Air Force obligations and that it would not be a problem.

    Just this past August (3+ yrs later), I was notified of a new assignment, in a different state. My wife made a call to Vivint to request assistance in terminating our home security due to my permanent change of station (PCS). She was told that we have to fax a “NOTICE OF CANCELLATION” form that was provided and a copy of my official AF PCS orders w/ a date (Report no later than date [RNLTD] indicating when I will physically be on my new duty assignment. I wanted me and my family to get a started w/ our move to our new location. I scheduled to have my final outprocessing done on late AUG from my previous duty station. I didn’t want to get charged for the month of SEP since we were no longer going to live in our home so my wife called Vivint again to see what we can do to avoid getting billed for the month of SEP.

    Again my wife was told to fax documents previously stated and to also include a memo of my situation and plans of what we were going to do after AUG. I typed up and signed an official AF memorandum and faxed all supporting documents on late AUG. We were told by Vivint that once all paperwork has been faxed to them, that it will take 24-48 hrs to review all documents and that we will be notified of their decision to cancel our home security by the end of AUG.

    A few days passed and we called Vivint to follow through w/ our request. When we called, they stated that they did not receive anything. Vivint suggested that I email them all documents to their email address: support@vivint.com. I did what they suggested but when we called again, they did not receive it. By this time we were staying in a motel that we are still currently staying in, slowly transitioning to base housing. Upset and frustrated, we called and spoke w/ Vivint Rep Justin who worked in Account Resolutions. While on the phone w/ Justin, my wife emailed all documents to him. Within a minute, Justin received it.

    Justin stated that he was going to forward our request to the “Special Cancel Dept” and that he was going to contact us to update us on the status. He indicated that if it does not get approved then Vivint will cancel our agreement on my RNLTD, 30 SEP 2011. We never heard from him again. A couple days later I called Vivint again and spoke w/ Paul, ext#: 3452, email: PSaltas@vivint.com.

    Just like Justin, Paul did the same thing. Paul stated to me that he was going to personally “hand-carry” our paperwork to approving authority and that he was going to contact us once that happens. No calls, no emails, nothing. I called again the following night and spoke w/ Jared Morris. He was giving me the same story and I wasn’t having it. I demanded to talk to someone above his position but after 10 min of talking to him he miraculously found out on his computer that our request to cancel before SEP 2011 was denied. He also went on and verbally stated that THEIR POLICY was for me to SHOW PROOF that me and my family will live on the military installation and only then will they be able to cancel our contract.

    I was furious and I demanded to speak to whoever the supervisor is. I was placed on hold and finally Spencer Hutchings answered. It was the same words coming out from his mouth just like the other incompetent employees that work there. I demanded to see their verbal policies on an official document but no one can provide us w/ one. It sounds like they’re making policies as they go. Nothing indicates in writing that military orders needs to be submitted in order to cancel but I did submit my orders anyway. Nothing indicates that Vivint needs some form of document stating the military member is living “on-base.”

    All their so-called policies are all verbal and BS and all they policies vary from employee-to-employee or should I say “pawn.” I’ve made a BBB complaint and I’m about to make another complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. I will do everything in my power to cut all ties to this terrible, fraudulent company. I will also try to warn others of Vivint, especially my brothers and sisters serving in the Armed Forces.

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    Christopher Nelson

    Since many of you seem to to pretty clueless regarding 2GIG and Vivint…

    Vivint uses 2GIG equipment, Vivint (or its parent company Blackstone) does not own 2GIG

    The Vivint panel can be taken over, and monitoring by many others, for more info on this…see

    2GIG DIY Forum (http://www.2gigforum.com)

    And for background on Vivint, how to cancel them, etc see:



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