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Are corner houses more likely to be burgled?

Home Forums Home Security Are corner houses more likely to be burgled?

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    The X-Man

    Is it really true that corner houses more likely to be burgled? I heard that from a few people I know but wasn’t sure if it was true or not or if it was just a rumor!

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    That’s a great question! You know it might be more common because those corner houses are easier to get in and out of easily and make a quick dash to a busy street.

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    Melissa Young

    Of course, corner houses are more likely to get robbed. We used to live in a corner plot in Toronto. Since we were exposed to traffic, I never thought burglar would break in so easily. But yeah, our house has been robbed three times! A corner house will be easy for them to get out quickly. People will not doubt them easily as everyone is busy doing their own job.

    But we did stop this happening by installing a video surveillance system at home. It is an amazing thing! It alerts me whenever someone tries to break in or whenever someone approaches home unexpectedly. I have even stopped a burglar from breaking in!

    So our corner house is no more a problem. What if the burglar comes, it let me know at the spot! It’s no matter where your house is. If you have done all the security things, then there is nothing to worry about.

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