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Are Security Stickers Any Good?

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    Keith Jaxson

    I am getting more and more concerned about the safety of my home. I have been thinking about getting an alarm or security system, but they seem a bit expensive and I do not really want to have a contract where I am committed for three to five years (and would maybe have a problem if I wanted to move during this time). I wonder if maybe just getting a cheap little sign or sticker saying or indicating this home is protected by hidden security cameras or systems, or maybe even guard dogs, would be an effective alternative? Are security stickers any good?

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    As I look around at various homes I wonder just home many other people have the exact same idea as the person who asked this question. It does make a lot of sense to just use a sticker or sign and claim to be protected, even if you are not. I suppose that if you are not ready or willing to actually get a full blown security or alarm system, then having something is better than nothing.

    From what I understand, the main thing is that you want to make a potential burglar or criminal think twice about entering your home. It is also worth mentioning that the criminal simply wants to find an easy target. They do not want something where they are going to have to fight through a deadbolt lock (that is long enough to prevent the use of door frame spreading tools and equipment) or have to try and defeat a security system before the police arrive. I am actually inclined to believe that the sticker alone approach may just work. It would also be even more effective if you did actually have a guard type dog, but I guess that is for another post!

    I also thought about my own personal reactions to seeing similar signs and stickers on other properties. Sure enough, each time I saw a security company sign or something indicating hidden cameras or dogs I would stop for a minute. Then I would try to look for them. I imagine a burglar would look even harder to find them. Seeing none, I wonder if they would give up or continue to investigate whether the property was even worth the time.

    According to current statistics on burglaries and robberies, most of these criminals are younger males. I would imagine that someone fitting this profile would not really be willing to stick around and invest the time required to really determine that there were indeed no cameras, dogs or any type of security system.

    Another way to think about this is that it is also free advertising for the security companies themselves! Consider the fact that this sign will be seen by all types of passers by for months and probably even years. At least a few of them might think they should consider getting a system themselves and call the company. Certainly this will lead to at least a few sales.

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    a seeker of security

    First, criminals are not that stupid and if they want to rob your home, they will, no matter what sign you have outside or alarm system you have. Breaking a window is easier than getting in the door. Doors are false security, windows are a super easy way to get into a house.

    Criminals are constantly learning from each other and they’re always one step ahead from prevention of break-ins. They also know about the fake cameras and stickers. The downside of displaying the sticker is that now they KNOW you have some valuables you want to protect.

    So, what to do?

    Install a simple motion IR system in your place with an alarm. They can still take a few items in a hurry but they won’t hang around too long.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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    These days, I think the Internet provides would be thieves with a bit too much information.  The reason I say this is because, basically they can probably look on any home security web site and see the stickers that you put up on your home.  They can see that they sell for $9.99 at various retailers and quickly deduct that they are pretty much a bunch of junk. 

    I tell you this because I think stickers would just be giving you a false sense of security.  Back in the 80s or something, tactics like this might have worked, but you can find just about any product online these days.  All they would have to do is type the wording of your sticker into Google and they will get millions of results and stores that sell something that says that.  It would only take them a little while before they found the exact sticker you've got on your home.  It would only take a few minutes after that for them to laugh, get a grip on themselves and proceed to rob you if that's what they intended to do.

    I think stickers are a really bad idea, and I think you should just go ahead and invest in a security system.  If you feel unsafe enough to ask this question, that to me signals that you need to get something so that you feel secure in your own home.  There are a lot of affordable options out there, and there are even some that allow you to pay month to month with no long term commitment.  I would search in Google for "security system $10 a month," or something like that.  Just put in whatever you can afford.  Once you do that, you might start finding things for $10 or $20 a month.  Make sure you read the reviews before you commit to anything. 

    I have also heard that some DIY systems are pretty inexpensive and that they are pretty easy to install.  The directions are supposedly not complicated at all.  I have personally not tried any DIY systems, but I think in your case, it would be worth looking into.  In the meantime, at least adopt a scary looking dog and get some real cameras and a personal alarm button that summons police quickly or something.  Get what you can afford until you can get a full system.

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