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Is Bank of America Affected by the Heartbleed bug?

Home Forums Online Security Is Bank of America Affected by the Heartbleed bug?

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    Jonas B

    Great coverage of the Heartbleed virus. I still can’t believe this crazy bug went undetected for two years. Actually, I’m more surprised that seemingly few hackers were aware of it either, and fortunately didn’t do much about it.

    The main account I’m concerned with is my Bank of America banking account. Was B of A affected by heartbleed? And if so, has the system been patched? If it has, it’s easy for me to change my password, I just wanted to make sure.

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    Most banks and brokerages have reported that they are not vulnerable to the Heart bleed bug. However, if you’re still concerned it wouldn’t hurt to give your Bank of America branch a call and confirm that your data has not been exposed. Lastly, it’s never a bad idea to change your password on a regular basis, so this may provide a good time to do so.

    We’ve given the Heartbleed bug extensive coverage in our article if you’re interested in learning more. It discusses other popular online services and websites that have been affected, as well as if and when patches have been issued to resolve the problem.

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