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    I've got my card with Capital One. I don't have privacy issues (there is the occasional email, but I'm not getting hammered with junk mail – or if I am I'm not making the Capital One connection), but they're website is a pain in the butt to use. I can't get it to load in Firefox at all. The Chase interface was much cleaner and more intuitive.

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    T Fuss

    My personal credit card account recently got switched from Chase to Capital One. My first reaction was, great – Capital One – the company it took me eons to get to stop having them mail me all their spammy junk mail.

    But with my welcoming packet came a privacy opt out notice. It says “30 days to take effect.” We’ll see.

    Anyone here have their credit card with Capital One? Are you getting inundated with spam (surface or email)?

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