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Best Home Security for Elderly Folks Living Alone?

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    What special precautions should my elderly family member take to keep herself safe?

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    a seeker of security

    One of the biggest questions that elderly people have is how to make sure they are able to keep themselves safe. In many cases, their grown children and grand children ask these questions as well. After all, today we should ALL certainly be very safety and security conscious. But the question remains as to whether elderly people need to take an additional or special precautions in order to protect themselves.

    Certainly, elderly folks must be even more vigilant than others, since many would be crooks and burglars do see them as an easy target. Making sure to follow the basic safety precautions will go a long way to help. These include:

    • Always keeping doors locked. Do this even when you are home. Studies have shown time and again that robbers, rapists and all sorts of undesirables often are able to simply walk in.
    • If you arrive at your home and find a door (or window) unlocked and/or open, immediately leave the area. Do not even attempt to call the police or other help until you are in a safe area. There could be someone waiting for you inside.
    • Consider installing a peep hole. Make sure it is one that gives a clear and wide view of the front porch or immediate entrance area. Then always check whenever you have a visitor. Sometimes the bad guys will try and hide just out of range of the peep hole, so never let anyone in unless you can see who it is.
    • Do not open the door for anyone you do not know. Ever. This means delivery people, sales canvassers, people trying to sell girl scout cookies, etc… You never know when it could be a ruse.
    • Have the exterior of your home well lit. Typically a burglar or someone up to no good will look for a place that they will not be seen well.

    Following all of these tips religiously should go a long way to keeping an elderly person safe. However, another option would be to install a home security system. There are many systems which can also monitor for any kind of medical emergencies. There are systems which have a mobile push device that an elderly person can wear. If they ever need help, authorities will be notified with the push of a button. There are even systems available that can monitor vital signs such as heart rate, pulse, blood pressure and the like.

    Taking all of these factors into consideration, it certainly seems that an elderly person will be very able to remain safe and yet still live alone. The important thing is just to really remain vigilant about these tips and ideas. Doing so will go a long, long way to keeping not only elderly folks, but everyone, safe and secure in their homes.

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    It seems possible today to find out just about any type of information online. Home security companies are no exception. There are all kinds of reviews and even company websites. Each one seems to focus on a slightly different aspect of what the company offers or how they conduct their business. Unfortunately, one of the things to keep in mind is that happy people rarely post reviews online. Therefore, seeing a few negative reviews for any company should be taken with a grain of salt.

    I think that if you are diligent, you will be able to find some solid and even unbiased information about whatever company you are considering. You may have to hunt for it, but there are unbiased editorial reviews out there. Just search for those which provide a pros and cons list as an indication of their fairness.

    Once you have a general idea about the level of service a company provides, you may want to check out there own website and then start reviewing whatever reviews are out there (both positive and negative). The site should give you an idea as to whether the services and features provided are in line with every other similar company out there. Then, the reviews will provide a clearer picture of how good a job they actually do in providing that service. Ultimately, you can find good information, but you need to really search for it.

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