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Best monitoring station?

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    Sayaka Lin

    I'm in the market for an alarm system and was wondering if anyone had an opinion as to the best and fastest responding monitoring station?

    I know all the security companies like to hype up their product offerings, but without a solid monitoring station to back them up, they're not helping anyone.

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    a seeker of security

    I think most of the monitoring stations in use are reliable. Honestly, I would focus more on the actual system that's installed. If your system can't communicate with the monitoring station, they'll never hear your "cry for help"…

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    In my opinion, not all monitoring services are the same. Speed of response and operator professionalism does vary. Personally I have had very positive experiences with Criticom (CMS) Central Station. They are typically fast, professional and friendly, traits I found lacking in some other national companies.

    I recommend that you find a professional, licensed security dealer in your area and use the monitoring service they offer.

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    I believe FrontPoint Security uses Rapid Response (based in NY), Protect America uses Criticom (according to their website they are "the largest wholesale alarm monitoring company in the United States, serving more than 4,000 alarm companies and their 900,000 customers"), but I'm not sure about ADT? Since they have an authorized dealer program, does that mean all ADT dealers contract with the same monitoring station, or is that not necessarily the case?

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    ADT has 6 monitoring stations spread throughout the country that are available to their authorized dealers based on geographic proximity. All the stations are run by ADT, the largest being the Aurora Center in Colorado. Others are located in Rochester, Kansas City, Jacksonville, and Omaha. It was in the 90's that they switched from smaller regional monitoring stations to these mega national centers.

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