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What’s the Best Nanny Cam App?

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    Trusty Brandy

    I’m preparing to have my first child in and in doing so I wanted to go ahead and prepare for her arrival with everything I need so I’ll be ready when she gets here. Looking for an app that I can download to my old iPod Touch that I could use as a nanny cam instead of buying one. Anyone have any reccos? Thanks!  -Brandy

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    Brady, congrats on your upcoming baby! I saw a Kickstarter the other day for a product called Rico that is a little robot that you can put an old smartphone device into but it’s not expected to hit markets until Fall 2015 so might not be in time for your new child. Another app that I’ve heard of but not used is called iCam, might be worth checking that out too it’s only $4.99 in the App store.

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