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Beware AccountNow Credit Card Holders!

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    Jack Charlie

    I saw something really terrifying today, people.  I have been an AccountNow customer for years.  I have had several cards and there were even times when I had a card and bought a new one just to have a gold one and a black one.

    Now I am by no means P Diddy or the owner of Virgin Mobile, but it feels nice to open my wallet and see a gold card or a black card and pretend for a minute.  Well, today I was kind of distracted as I logged onto AccountNow, a website I have logged on countless times in the past, and I felt myself type in AccountNow.Co and hit enter.

    When I did a site popped up and I tell you, these thoughts passed through my head pretty quickly.  When the site popped up, I thought it was an alternative site like you know how some sites have a “.org” and “.biz” version to make sure they don’t lose customers.  But, something just gave me a really funny feeling with this site.  Like, I think it’s a scam, phishing site.  I’m going to call the company and verify this for sure and post again soon with an update.

    I just think the site looks like pale in a weird way like it was fashioned to look like some version of the real site.  I got as far as typing my last name in the box before I realized, “Oh, my goodness, what if….?”  I hurried up and deleted my information as soon as I could and was so grateful that I had not hit send.  I have to say though that I’m not sure that this is not a real affiliate site of the company and until I verify that, they are innocent until proven, you know?

    Just to be on the safe side though, I carefully typed in the real address into my web bar, double and triple checking it to be absolutely sure.  Then after that, I bookmarked the site.  I will never risk typing that in again.  I’m starting to think that you should do that with all financial sites.

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    When most people see something pop up on their monitor, most people take the pop up at face value. Most pop-ups can be dangerous and I urge people to use caution. When you type in the name of a site incorrectly, you are rerouted to another site. It’s confusing for people who don’t know the error they made.  According to me, all of the sites that are not kosher are guilty until proven innocent because I made the mistake of subscribing to some of those sites. Now, these messages appear in my spam mail. If a site doesn’t look right to you, do not visit those sites.

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