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bike theft security tips

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    Safety Surfer

    A bunch of my neighbors have had their bikes stolen recently! I don’t want to store mine in my apartment because it’s so small but don’t want to have my bike stolen either. Does anyone have some safety tips on how to lock up their bikes? What locks or methods do you recommend to keep your bikes secure?

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    Sadie Cornelius

    Sorry to hear about your stolen bikes! Not fun at all. I’ve had my bike stolen a few times as well and it’s such a pain. I did do a bunch of research and the best thing you can do is get a Kryptonite U-Lock with Flex CableKryptonite U-Lock with Flex Cable (Amazon Affiliate). Put the U-lock through the front wheel and frame then use the cable to go through the U-lock and the back wheel. That should do the trick! Stay safe.

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