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Does Bitdefender cover both virus and spyware removal?

Home Forums Online Security Does Bitdefender cover both virus and spyware removal?

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    Lukas Schmeter

    I grew up in a time when there was only a couple antivirus options available. The Norton Internet security suite was prevalent, and after some research I think I finally decided to use NOD 32, which I still used to this day. However, with all the Snowden privacy revelations I’m looking for a more comprehensive security suite, and I’ve been hearing good things about Bitdefender. Does Bit Defender cover both virus and spyware removal?

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    Hi Lukas,  thanks your question! BitDefender does indeed cover both virus and spyware removal. In fact, that only touches the tip of the iceberg of what Bitdefender, and most Internet Security suites that are available on the market today, can accomplish. Unfortunately hackers and spammers are constantly coming up with new ways to penetrate systems and pull off scams, so security software has gotten quite complex.

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