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Block unwanted callers on your iPhone

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    Kristina Vallejo

    I’ve read some comments on this site regarding unwanted/scam calls, which lead to discussions on whether to pay for a service to block those numbers. If you have an iPhone with the latest iOS update, you can block those calls directly from your phone in just a couple of easy steps:

    1. Go to your recent call list and click on the “info” icon next to the unwanted call – it’s the blue “i” with a circle around it. This will open the contact for editing.
    2. Scroll to the bottom and click “Block this caller”
    3. Done!

    If you want to unblock the number, just follow the same steps and click “Unblock this caller.” It seems to have worked for me so far, as I have not received these types of calls lately. I even tested the block/unblock feature by blocking my brother’s mobile and land line numbers, then I asked him to call me. It all works well.

    I hope this information is useful!


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