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Do burglar alarm signs deter intruders?

Home Forums Home Security Security Systems Do burglar alarm signs deter intruders?

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    Kegan Corra

    Are there any studies that prove that a home is less likely to be burglarized if it has a burglar alarm sign in front of the home? I know I’ve read that security systems greatly reduce the chance of being burglarized, but does the criminal look in the window in these studies or does he just go off the sign out front?

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    I’m not aware of any studies, but in my opinion it is probably better than nothing to have an alarm sign. I would never tell someone that it will definitely deter a burglar. It is pretty easy for a burglar to walk right past the sign and look into your home. An experienced criminal will know what to look for (motion detectors, a keypad, and door/window sensors), and at that point your sign won’t be very worthwhile.

    What it comes down to is your comfort level. Will you sleep better at night or relax more on vacation knowing that your home is “protected” by an alarm sign and not an actual functioning home security system? Personally, this would give me no comfort whatsoever, I’ll stick to a monitored home alarm.

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