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What should I look for in a business security system?

Home Forums Home Security Security Systems What should I look for in a business security system?

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    Maru Quevedo

    I have been doing a lot of research for a security system at my home, but I also have a small retail operation. Are there “business specific” security systems, or are the security systems basically the same? I guess I’m concerned about having a few video cameras, but I can’t really think of anything too different from a residential system. Should I consult a local dealer for my business? Does anyone have any recommendations for a local security system dealer in Columbus Ohio?

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    The answer to your question is really going to depend on your personal preference. If you only have one small retail location, I think you will be perfectly happy with a standard home security system from FrontPoint, Protect America or LifeShield. Based on my retail experience, you are probably going to want:

    • A Camera for the register, and a camera for each entrance (don’t forget the back entrance if you have one)
    • A Motion Detector in the main area of your store
    • A Glass Break Sensor (if you have windows – most retail storefronts do)
    • A Door Sensor

    If you had a huge warehouse or some other unique situation, I would tell you to speak to a local installer. If you still our not sure, check our our guide to security solutions in Columbus, we have a few local installers that we recommend.

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