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DIY vs. Professional Installation

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    Erick Carlson

    Trying to understand the benefits of installing an alarm system by yourself (DIY vs professional installation)? Why wouldn’t I opt for a professional installer who knows what they’re doing to install my security system for me?

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    a seeker of security

    Deciding whether to have your security system professionally installed or doing it yourself can be a tricky decision. You need to consider a number of factors which can include the price, time involved and even whether or not you feel comfortable doing the work at all.

    The first thing to really think hard about is the price. Sometimes a professionally installed system comes with a huge cost, in some cases up to 1,000 dollars. On the other hand a self installed system will be much less, sometimes under 200 dollars or even less.

    Beyond the cost, it is important to think about what is actually involved in doing the work. Think about the actual components involved and the time you think it will take to install them. Actually, most of the system is quite easy to do, so almost everyone should be able to do the work involved. The time will come from actually going around your home and deciding where to place the various sensors and components. Unless you really have a huge home, the entire process should not take more than an hour or two.

    Of course, even if your system is self installed, you still need to think about whether you to go with a monitored solution or not. Monitoring is always highly recommended, since you will then be sure of continuous round the clock attention by a dedicated staff.

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    a seeker of security

    Installing your own basic security system is no longer something that must be left only to the professionals. In fact, most of the components today are already programmed ahead of time. In fact, the hardest work you will likely need to do is make decisions about where to place the sensors.

    The base station is basically the brains of your system. To get this working you simply need to plug it in and turn it on. In a few rare instances, you might need to actually call the security system in order to initialize your new system. The base station may simple be a peel and stick process or there may be a few screws like installing a new light switch.

    The next major part of the system is the keypad. This is what you should probably put somewhere close to the front door. It is used to arm and disarm the alarm (using your security code). Installation is a simple peel and stick process.

    There will also be sensors and magnets to put on your doors and windows. Installing these is very simple and complete instructions should come with the parts. There are also a number of motion sensors which will be placed throughout the inside of the home. These are also peel and stick simple; it is deciding where to place them that may be a bit tricky.

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