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Do Criminals Target the Elderly?

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    Maru Quevedo

    An elderly family friend is living on her own.  I need to make sure she knows how to stay safe.

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    They are usually motivated by the idea that they can get away with crimes more easily. You can take some precautions in order to minimize the likelihood of becoming a victim of those who prey on the elderly.

    What Do Criminals Want Who Target The Elderly?

    Usually, money is the end goal of these types of crimes. Drug addicts, as well as the most desperate criminals, come to the realization that it would most likely be not as difficult to burglarize the homes of the elderly even when they are home, because they are less able to put up a fight. However, this does not preclude physical harm from being inflicted upon the elderly. In fact, many crimes have been reported in which elderly victims were severely beaten, and not because they put up a struggle. Many city police forces classify these types of crimes as ‘hate crimes’ now, because criminals select an elderly person, harm that person physically, and usually do not rob them or only rob them for a token amount of money and goods. If anything should make you cautious about strangers, it is that.

    Be Wary of Anyone Asking to Get Into Your Home

    Elderly people usually live by themselves and are oftentimes grateful for company. Or, they tend to be more trusting since they feel that someone will not harm them. Unfortunately, these attitudes oftentimes lead elderly people into a false sense of security when someone comes to the door wanting something, like a drink of water or to use the phone or the bathroom. If this happens to you and a stranger comes to your door, the best way to avoid a robbery or attack is to call the police immediately. While it may be harmless, it may also be the new breed of criminal that purposely and deliberately targets the homes of the elderly.

    Crimes Can Be Virtual

    Phishing scams and other SPAM emails with false promises have taken a disproportionate toll on the elderly, many of whom do not know how to use the internet as well as their younger counterparts. Elderly people are often not in classrooms or work environments with other people who can inform them about the latest phishing scams. These scams also occur over the telephone, which offers the element of surprise and the ability to call elderly people specifically, often pretending to be a desperate grandchild in need of a money wire and to not tell mom and dad because they will be so upset. The best way to combat identity theft is to familiarize yourself with the ways of identifying scam emails and phone calls. Police and financial experts also recommend that elderly people who may become victims have a family member co-sign their bank accounts so that they cannot withdraw large sums on their own.

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