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Dropcam and Nest Integration

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    Maru Quevedo

    I purchased a Nest thermostat recently and so far I really like it. I’m interested in a Dropcam and I see that they are owned by the same company. Do they somehow sync up and “talk” to each other? Their website makes it seem like this is possible, but I’m not seeing how it actually works.

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    I’ve had a Dropcam for almost a year now and recently got a Nest Thermostat. I didn’t really expect them to communicate in anyway, but when I went to the Nest website I was surprised to see the claim that “Dropcam works with Nest”. How it works is that Nest can detect when you are not home and if an “alert” happens during that time (movement on the Dropcam), you will be automatically notified. With just Dropcam alone, you either receive those alerts all the time (even when you are home), or never at all. So it is a pretty cool integration.

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