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Eloan is Nothing but a Bunch of Crooks!!!! Scammers!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

Home Forums Financial Security Eloan is Nothing but a Bunch of Crooks!!!! Scammers!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

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    Jack Charlie

    I recently applied for a payday loan through Eloan.com, because I thought they were a reputable company.  In signing up for them, I was automatically signed up for a some credit counseling program called My Cash Guardian that stole $30 from my bank account, and two other loan companies that I didn’t authorize.  They tried to put money in my account against my will and keep harassing me.  I keep getting contacted from various shady payday loan companies and no one that calls me is American.

    I’m not being racist when I say this.  It’s just very scary when someone you can barely understand calls you and tells you that you are entitled to a payday loan.  They then proceed to read you your full address, phone number and social security number and ask to verify is this you and how would I like the $300 they want to give me deposited.  I’d be angry if an American asked me this, much less someone in a country I don’t know.  I can’t believe that ELoan is giving away people’s information to companies like this.  I had to post this warning because it’s outrageous that they would do this to me.  I had respect for ELoan.  I thought of them as like a major company like American Express or Visa, but maybe I was just biased because they had commercials on TV.  I guess they really aren’t credible.  I feel so frustrated about this.

    One company called me and said that they were sending the police to my house to arrest me because I took a payday loan from them and didn’t pay it back.  Now, in all of this, I didn’t get one single payday loan, not one!

    One company, Star Cash Processing, sent me a payday loan offer.  I looked at the webpage they directed me to and all of my information was already filled into a form.  I looked them up online and there were dozens of posts about how if you click any button on their website, they will deposit the loan into your account without your authorization, and then keep deducting the loan amount over and over again.

    It’s been 3 months now, and I’m still getting calls from people that sound Middle Eastern or Indian and texts from sketchy sounding companies.

    Just one month ago I was getting about 1-5 harassment texts every day.  I was not approved for the payday loan through Eloan, and I did not accept any of the sketchy side offers.  How can Eloan get away with selling my information like this to such criminals?  Where can I report these scams?

    I feel like Eloan should pay some sort of restitution to me for giving out my information like this.  I feel violated and I can’t even get the information back.  It’s out there in the hands of a bunch of strangers in America and in other countries.  How can they do this?

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    I can't believe this.  This concerns me so much.  I mean this means that eLoan is basically selling your information to big time, grimy crooks.  I thought they were legit too.  I mean, those Madison Avenue commercials do a job on the psyche I guess.  Cartoon girls with pink hair and girl power seem trustworthy I guess.  All joking aside though, this is not funny.  Like I mean this is not funny at all.

    The first thing that I would do is jump off this forum and hurry up and post your story on Yelp and any other site like that.  Make sure though that when you post it, you don't cut and paste the same exact text on each site or your story won't keep coming up in the search engines.  Unfortunately, duplicate content affects the wheels of justice too apparently.

    Your next steps would be to call the Better Business Bureau and the Fair Trade Commission.  I think that both companies will be willing to take action on your behalf.  Collect a copy of your phone records right away and be sure to send all of the emails you received after signing up with these creeps.  I have a feeling though, eLoan is such a big company that they've already found your little post here and made some changes.  This is a pretty big site, with a lot of users, so it shouldn't be too hard to find the bad press.  Did I say bad press; I mean hideous, disdainful press.

    Lastly, I would contact several newspapers, TV news programs and bloggers that are in the payday loan niche or a niche that would be interested in your story as an anti-payday loan story.  Do as many interviews as you can.  This story sucks.  They are horrible for doing this to you and I really think that they should pay you some money.  Actually, now that I say that, the first thing you should do is talk to a lawyer, because I just think this sounds really outrageous.  I think that you should receive some money for this.  From now on, if anybody calls you, then you need to take their information and save all voice messages.  Try to get some money out of this first, and then take the other steps.  If anybody is due damages in a situation like this one, you are.

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    Lalita Burton

    Well I was the victim of fraud as of 5/21/2013. What was your outcome did you receive any results or additional information?

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    Gina sullivan

    When I got the first phone, I thought it might be good to have some extra cash.  So I called Eloan and talked to a man that I could hardly understand. After he took my info, I asked if his company was 100% AOK. He referred me to their website, so I told him to stop the transaction and I would go see the site. I scrolled down down the page and found out it was all a SCAM.

    I called the company back ASAP and re-confirmed that I didn't want to be involved.  Hours passed and it was dinner, when a call came in for the same scam. I told the man I wasn't interested. He then called me a [expletive]. I told him to please stop all calls and transactions, and he still called me a [expletive].

    Please STOP now and don't get involved.

    IT'S A SCAM!!!!!!!

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    I totally agree. Yesterday, I was supposed to get a personal loan from Eloan. I was told to deposit $91 to them for the fees. I did that, and within an hour they called back and said that the bank would not allow the deposit. They said I would have to send it through Western Union and pay $238, and they said they would refund the $91 with the loan . After an hour, they said that the creditors would not release the funds unless I paid a $215 insurance fee to assure them I would repay the loan, so I did that. They called back and said to wait on the call from the insurance company, but the insurance company never called. I woke up this morning and called the insurance company, and they said the US government wanted me to pay $300 dollars. I was furious, refused to pay any more money, and demanded a full refund. They got upset and said they would send me a refund in 20 days via cashiers check. I'm so hurt, because I'm a single parent trying to get ahead. I only have $105 left in my bank account, because they took it all, and now i have to wait three weeks for a refund. Can any one help? I have been scammed out of $544.

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    Wow!! I thank God for people like you guys. Had I not taken the time to read the complaints, I would have been had. I gave them my account number like an idiot. I am going to close it first thing Monday.

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    Thanks everyone for these comments. I go to a university, and I am trying to pay for school by myself. Eloan called my parents, and it sounded like a good idea until i did my research. They wont get any money from me.

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    Grace Chang

    Hello everyone. I wish I had seen these complaints before I even did anything with Eloan. I live alone and a lot has happened within the past few years since my mother passed. I am in debt with multiple credit card companies, so I decided to take out a loan to just pay one company instead of four – for peace of mind. No more late fees and all that stuff.

    I applied online and this person (accent comes from somewhere in India) called me one day and told me that I was approved for a loan up to $19,000. I was excited because I really thought someone just saved my life. I said I needed about $15,000 to consolidate debts. So they took information, including my bank information. They wanted me to pay insurance for it for THEIR peace of mind, because my credit score was low. They wanted me to pay it through a re-loadable card, because they said that they can't take out money right now from my bank. So I paid. Then they contacted me again saying that they tried to wire the money in my bank and it was denied with error so they wanted to send it through Western Union. Oh, and they charged me another $118 to wire the money, but they said they will refund it with the loan since they couldn't transfer it. They said I had to pay the sending fee for Western Union, so I paid them $495. Then they said they already sent it. Just a few minutes later, the "IRS" called me demanding money for tax of the $15,000 that I'm supposed to receive through Western Union. So I said: NO, this doesn't make sense. I then canceled the loan and demanded my money back. They said okay, but it would take two weeks and I would receive a cashier's check. Then a few days later, Eloan called me back and said they can't refund the money, because it's already out there and IRS took the money and it's now in the US Treasury. They said that I had to pay the tax in order to get it from them. If I don't pay the tax, their company is supposed to pay half the loan, and I'm supposed to pay the other half and they will take it out of my bank account monthly. I was furious at this point but remained calm. I reported them to the FBI, the internet crime division. I will be calling IRS soon, and close my bank account.

    I'm sorry to hear that there are a lot of people that they took money from. People who work so hard for what they have and are just trying to improve their lives. It's ridiculous. We will get justice.

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    Lucretia Brown

    First they called and said I was approved and I had to go to Wal-Mart and place $310 on some type of card with a green dot on it. This foreigner kept expressing the point that they had no complaints against them. Mmmm, I found all this to be odd. So I did my research and found numerous complaints and I didn't understand why I had to go to Wal-Mart and put money on a card then wait an hour to get a loan. They need to be shut down and reported to the FBI.

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    E Loan contacted me and told me I was approved for a loan of $2,000. They got my money and never gave me any of the loan that I was promised. All I want to know is whether I'm entitled to the money I paid them?

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    Lbell Jemison

    Eloan is a scam, be very aware of someone who can't speak English and offer you a $2000 loan. They will try to convince you to go to CVS, Walmart, Dollar General to put money on green dot card for first payment.

    I'm glad I was smart enough not to fall for this trickery., but I'm sure they have scam many good people looking for a loan.

    Run from these people as fast as you can if you want what's left of the money that you work so hard for to stay in your account. Eloan will take it all and give you nothing!!

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    Money Gone!!

    Well here is another fact about E-Loan! Someone by the name Dan called my phone claiming to have qualified me four a $15,000 loan, but I told him I only need $3,000. So he told me pay an $84 processing fee and the funds would be in my account in 45 minutes. He called back and said they couldn't wire the funds because of my credit score and that I would have to pay a insurance fee to receive the funds, so I did.

    Dan (if that's his real name) had me pay an additional $360 on another Greendot re-load card and I did. After this transaction the money still wasn't in my account! Dan called again and said that it's a problem with my account and I can receive the $3,000 by Moneygram or Western Union. He said Western Union was quicker and it would be ready in about 40 minutes. I would have to pay the Western Union charges of $405. So again I did and waited 45 minutes and was told that the money was wired.

    I went to Western Union and they had no record of the transfer! That's when I called back and I was hot as a fire cracker at this point! They tell me that the IRS has a hold on the wire, so they give me a number to what's suppose to be the IRS. I called and was talking to an IRS agent by the name Alex Cooper and he asked why am I recording a loan through Western Union instead of my bank. He then asked me if I was trying to avoid paying taxes on this loan and I said no! He said we have a hold on this money transfer because we think your trying to avoid taxes. I argued with him and told him that I needed the money for my daughters college fees but he keep saying I am trying to keep from paying taxes on the loan. We argued for a while and he raised his voice and said he will be suing me and to never call him again. That's when I knew it was a scam, I lost a total of $945! I lost all my paycheck and couldn't purchase my daughters book, computer, or clothes for college. I don't know what I am going to do at this point! Why doesn't the FBI investigate this E loan scam? They are posing to be the IRS among other things and oh yea, out of all of the different people I talked to no one was American! Just wish I could get help on stopping this scam and get money back, I don't no what am going to do now, I am drained of money!

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    They stole $450.00 from me and they keep requesting more. Don't get yourself caught up.

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    Eloan sounded too good to be true, so I did my research also, and these posts have saved me from losing money. I advise those who have been taken to report this to the attorney general's office of your state–that's what I am going to do, and the only payday company I will do business with is the company that gave me a reputable loan/Plain Green. 

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    dennis w

    I told the towel head MF I was gonna call him every 5 minutes to tie up his line.


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    I would like to share about my recent experience from this E-LOANS. I never thought I will be one of the victims. I apply for a loan online. This people from E-Loan called me saying that I was approved for $ 2000.00. Like others said you can barely understand this people when they talk. They sounds like from middle eastern. Anyway. She said her name is Kelly ext.1245. So I think until they don't get their money from you they will continue talking with you just to be sure they got you.

    So she said because of my credit score are low the credit people need me to send them this amount of $ 183 dollar for them to help me out get this loan that was approved. She said everything is ready to go they just need this money to show them for my first payment and that was her explanation to be. Because I have no idea that this scam has been going on I trusted them. I keep repeating myself to her that I don't have money to spend you know that is why I am applying for this loan. She said no you will get it back together with the $2000 dollars in 45 minutes it will be in your bank. Again trusting this person. She said go to Wallgreens or CVS and buy that green card then load the money on that then call  me so I can get the number from that card.

    So I when since she said I am going to get this $183.00 dollars back in my account in 45 minutes. I called her back and give her the number. She said don't show this to anybody keep it in safe place. She said wait for my call. I will call you after 1 hour to let you know that we transfer this money in your bank account. We start all of this conversation from 8:30 in the morning so. At 12:00 p.m I called her and I am starting to get worried about it. I have the feelings that this is not going so well but its to late because I already send the money. So I called her now at this time I can not get thru anymore. Very hard to get her, I tried so many time before I get her.

    Around 1:30 I finally got this Kelly online again. I ask her very nicely and said so what is going on? The money is not in the bank yet. You said in 45 minutes it should be on my account. She said really it was already send she reply to me. I said no because I just check my bank nothing is there please tell me what is going on. She said give another 30 minutes then call me back maybe by that time its in your bank. Ok I did after 45 minutes I call her back again and tell her its still not in the bank. So past 2:00 p.m when I talk to her again she said: because we are not affiliated with your bank you need to send $ 60.00 for the wire transfer. I question her why do I need to do that. She said you want your money don't you, in the point I was already very angry with her on the points because I realize now they are playing this game with me. She said all you have to do is send the $60.00 dollars and you will have all your money in 45 minutes.

    You have to pay for that wire transfer because its your money. So she said go do the same as you did for the $183 dollars you send earlier. So again I explain to her I don't have any  money anymore to send you. She said don't worry you will get everything back I promise you. So stupid of me I went and do it again send the $60.00 they need from me so for now I already spend $243.00 dollars that I should be paying my bills with that money but because she make me believe that I will have all that money in my account in that day.

    So I called this Kelly back again and give her the number of that card. She said wait for my call in 45 minutes to let you know that I already did the wire transfer to your bank. So I waited again for her. Past one hour already I did not received a call from her. So I have to call her back once again. After 20 minutes on the phone, I got her online. Now it almost 5:00 p.m in the afternoon. So I said why you did not call me you said you will call me to let me know what is going on now. Its 5:00 in the afternoon and I have to go to work. I have been with you since 8:30 in the morning for this loan. She said you know you need to pay the insurance for the $2000 dollars for this loan. I said what? She said yes $200 dollars. The lender don't want to release this fund if you will not pay the insurance. So that time I am very very angry with her. So I am recing my voice now to her. I told her why you did not tell me all of this from the beginning of our conversation. I told you that I don't have money to send to you from the beginning but you promised me that I will get this money back once I will send the $183.00 dollars to you. Now you are asking me another $200.00 dollars where do you think I will get that?

    She said you want this money don't you. So that time she make me very upset now. I yes that is why I am applying for the loan because I needed money, not to have someone take advantage from your situation. She said if you don't sent the $200.00 dollars so we can not do anything about it. So I came to my senses and asking her if I can talk to her supervisor. She said no problem. So he got this man that barely can speak English putting him online to talk to me. The same explanation he said I need to send the $200.00 dollars before they can send the $2000 dollars to me. So I told him just I am not interested anymore I want my refund back which is the $243.00 dollars I send them. He said after 60 days.

    My God how can anybody do this to us, who is taking advantage of our situation. Please, please I am crying for help. If anybody hear us we are a victim of this company. Help us understand how they can have business running like this. I am very stress with this current activities that just happened in my life. If I send them the money and they can get it in 30 minutes why I should pay the price in waiting for 60 days before I can get my money back. I really wanted to get my refund back from this people. And hoping that this company will be banned from making business here on the internet.

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      I figured it a scam but I did give them my bank acct number will I be ok? Sounds like they haven’t taken money out of any ones acct.

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    Whew, thanks for the eloan.com review people! I will be staying the heck away from that scammy outfit.

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    I just got scammed by them. I had the same thing happen to me that happened to Madelyn. I called Better Business Bureau in my state, and they put me through to the where this company is located Rosemont IL. Aldo put in touch with the FBI. I got scammed out of 1005. I feel so stupid.

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    Your message: trying to find out the status of my refund from the Eloan.com company that lies constantly about everything. Promise after promise that my $3,500 loan would be in the bank for 4 days, well needless to say the loan never hit my bank. The Eloan company suckered me out of $785 and promised me on June 4, 2014 that I would have it within in 21 days and I still do not have the refund as of July 21. It has been well over a month and I am still waiting on my refund and I need it badly. Because of a company that lies and steals from people on a daily basis has caused my credit to get worse than what it was. They will not even answer my calls nor return them. I really need that $785 so i can get caught up on my bills.

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