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Should I do an employment criminal background check?

Home Forums Personal Security Should I do an employment criminal background check?

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    Trusty Brandy

    I have been interviewing people for a new position we have at our company but I want to make sure I do not hire a sketchy person. It’s an entry level position so I have gotten lots of people with not much past work experience so it is hard to tell much about their professional potential. I want to believe the best in everyone but I think it might be best to run an employment criminal background check. Is this a good idea? Can I trust these companies like US Search and PeopleSmart? Has anyone ever used any of these companies? I’d love to hear some stories of how they have been useful or really disappointing for other companies.

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    Hi Brandy,

    We are lucky enough to have a Private Investigator who writes for us from time to time and he recently reviewed the industry of online background check companies. You can read his review here which includes lots of helpful details on the pros and cons for each company as well as their pricing and background so that you can make the best decision for your needs. Given you are looking to investigate a potential employee, the most commonly used service for this sort of research is Integrascan because it is has specific checks you can run for employers. Hope you find the right candidate for the job!

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