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England has Security Cameras in the Streets?

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    Jack Charlie

    I was watching “Law and Order UK,” just recently and saw something interesting.  I never watch that show, only regular “Law and Order.”  I’m not opposed to it or anything, I just don’ know much about England and never thought to give it a shot.  Well, I watched it and it was really good.  One thing I thought was really strange was that over in England, they seem to have this thing called CCTV.  They actually have cameras in the streets like in movies in the future and stuff.  Like all of the cameras are connected to the police too?  I could not believe this when I saw it.  I wonder if anything like this would fly in the US?  I don’t even think most average US citizens know that this is what they are doing across the pond.  What can you tell me about this stuff?

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    Well, yes, it is quite a bit different than the USA.  Although, I really cannot say that I feel it’s horrible or anything.  When I hear of the things that go on when I'm watching my local news, I'm horrified.  I mean if you're not doing anything wrong and living foul, then what do you have to worry about the cameras for?  Also, people cannot be falsely accused if there's tape.  I also like that people can't carry guns over there.  I'm not totally sure whether they can carry knives or not though.  Overall, though I think there’s less violent crime though.

    What I do know is that since they have introduced CCTV to such a large part of the UK, there was a decrease in crime on the public transportation system of 23%, in parking lots of 51% and overall it was like a 7% decrease throughout the whole country.  That is significant to me.  In other areas without cameras, there was no drop at all in crime.

    Many people believe that these cameras are responsible for offender conviction and detection.  The police will always collect the CCTV camera footage after a crime has been committed.  You probably saw them re-enact that type of scenario on "Law and Order UK."

    The systems are also being used successfully to track terrorists and they have been using these systems for these purposes since the 70s.  In addition to the cameras that you would see posted, there are also cameras recording out of mobile police vans used for surveillance.  These cameras have functions like automatic license plate recognition. 

    Even though these cameras are an integral part of England, they are still not accepted by everyone and there is some political resistance to them.  Opponents contend that they're not that effective, but logic tells you that this is wrong.  Most of their "results," are based on information gathered in less than scientific ways.  Some people think it's a waste of money because it's expensive.  There are stronger arguments there.  The cheapest kits are pretty low-quality.

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    CCTV is very prevalent over in the UK, and while some, including myself, have concerns about the effect on privacy and the presumption of innocence in the long term, the short term benefits are difficult to argue against. Apparently, in 2009 Scotland Yard used CCTV evidence in one way or another in 95% of murder investigations. There's some more interesting statistics on deterrence and crime solving, very much like the one's security43 mentioned above.

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