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Is Everykey the Future of Passwords?

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    Maru Quevedo

    I just found out about the Kickstarter campaign for Everykey. Basically, it is a wrist band that uses Bluetooth to act as your password to login into websites. My first concern is that if you lose or misplace the wrist band, you are in serious trouble. But they have a setting so your phone will immediately locate you if the wrist band is out of range and you can call them to disable it. So that is good, but then my second concern is whether I want to wear a wristband just to access passwords? Seems like a lot of work. I like their future vision where it will be able to unlock doors and change lighting settings, but I don’t know how far away that is.

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    I’m keeping an eye on Everykey because they are based out of Cleveland, where I live. It is great to see local innovation! I’m feeling similar about their current offering though because I’m not sure how I feel about wearing a security wristband everywhere. For me, LastPass works great and I just need to remember one password. I wish Everykey the best though and whenever they integrate some home automation features I think they will be onto something great.

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