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Extended Vacation Security?

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    Maru Quevedo

    We are going out of town for 3 months…I know, I know, preposterous on a security forum, lol, but we can’t avoid it.  Anyway, we want the place to stay as secure as possible.  We have a house sitter coming over several times a day to walk the dog and spend time with her and keep the house clean, however, the only one we trust has to go home at least 4 nights a week.  What are some other things we can do to keep our property safe?

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    You want to go on vacation, but you also want to make sure that your home stays safe.

    Is a home security system the same as an alarm system?

    Contrary to popular belief, a home security system is not the same as an alarm system. An alarm system is designed to alert you and the police, fire, or ambulance by siren and via test message, cell phone, or internet alert when the system is set off. An alarm system is part of any good home security system, but by no means is it the only component that will keep your home safe while on vacation.

    Discuss your vacation with the neighbors

    Believe it or not, this is the first step in creating a home security system. Letting your neighbors know that you will be gone will alert them to anything that might be suspicious, such as a pizza delivery service comes by (you are away from home, so what are they doing there?), or even a tree branch that appears like it is falling a little too close to your porch after a recent storm. Not only does talking to your neighbors help you stay safe, but it builds camaraderie in your neighborhood, and your neighbors will be likely to turn to you when they go on vacation, creating trust.

    Motion sensitive lighting and guard dogs

    Your first line of defense are outdoor alerts, such as a dog that will bark when someone is in the yard and a motion sensitive light that will turn on when someone is near your back door or windows. Many times, this part of the home security system will be enough to scare away a would-be burglar. And the neighbors will also be on alert for that as well.

    How the alarm system works

    The alarm system is certainly the next line of defense if someone actually breaks in, or if gasses are filling the home or if there is a natural disaster or flood. Door and window sensors will go off when someone breaks into the home that does not know the security code. Bulletins will be sent to the local police in addition to the sirens, or to the correct response team that can help your home while you are away. Options will even alert you via the internet or your mobile phone, so you can keep abreast of the situation.

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    a seeker of security

    I think you can use CCTV or hidden cameras around your house. These days different types of security alarms are also available on the market. You can install them in different locations for different point of views.

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