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    T Fuss

    Is it just me or is Facebook not getting the memo when it comes to privacy protection? Their new “photo tagging” system that lets your friends tag photos of you is not a bad feature, but to have the “default” privacy option be that people are allowed to tag your photo without your permission is ridiculous.

    I think it’s only a matter of time before privacy legislation has Facebook paying some hefty fines…

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    a seeker of security

    As a regular Facebook user, one of the things which I have really been thinking a lot about recently is the privacy policies which the site has in place and how they really are put into practice. Certainly, many users have a lot of anger at Facebook right now. They feel as if they do not have any say in the actions and activities of the site. The fact of the matter is that almost every time Facebook changes their privacy policy they give users the opportunity to either opt out or continue using the old standards.

    With some of the recently contemplated changes, Facebook even gave users a chance to vote on some proposed changes. The end result was that only a fraction of one percent of users even bothered to vote on the proposed changes. That is too bad, because Facebook had even promised to make the vote official if they could have 30 percent of users participate. Personally, I wonder if Facebook was maybe doing this to gauge the level of apathy or involvement of their users. According to these results, the site has an incredibly apathetic user base.

    Another thing to think about is the larger social implications of such a large and pervasive social network. Since everyone knows about Facebook, it is very easy for potential privacy violations to occur. One of the things that I have read about is having employers look at your profile and then making actual hiring and firing decisions based on what they see. There have even been reports of employers actually asking for the passwords during an interview!

    This is a clear invasion of privacy, and certainly one that no one can claim to lay at the door of Facebook themselves. However, if we dig a little deeper into the situation, maybe the employers are not totally to be blamed, either. After all, the biggest reason why they are even wanting to take a look at your profile is so that they can have a better insight into who you are. I suppose this is understandable, but I also think that many job seekers will not like this. Then again, I also think that many people will just simply comply like sheep rather than actually think about what a request like this actually means.

    Aside from this, there have a number of serious privacy issues created by Facebook themselves. Of course, Facebook always seems to be reassuring users that their privacy settings or personal information is completely safe. I think a very revealing fact in this whole privacy and security drama is the fact that back in 2011, the company agreed to settle charges brought by the FTC that were in violation of Federal law. Of course, the flip side of the coin is that most users are way too passive about doing what they should to protect their own privacy. If everyone exercised more common sense, much of these concerns would disappear.

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